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Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:48 pm
by jjflash
that last boss would screw a rouge

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:41 am
by Crawly McCrawlsa
Avatar... you have too much time on your hands hahaha. The devs could just scroll through this list and double the size of the game.

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:44 am
by The Avatar
Unfortunately, a bunch of them might be unwinnable. I guess I would just have to stretch everything to a broken or almost abusable method to win...

...because win I must...

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:45 am
by The Avatar
Finally, the next finale!

The Well of Sorrows

Difficulty: Vicious

It seems your efforts to stop the tide of monsters is futile. As they continued twords you're kingdom, they made a brief stop to camp until morning. Unfortunately, they picked the Well of Sorrows, a cave know for the countless numbers of deaths near and around it. Now is your chance! Go in and slay the leader, before they destroy us all!

Special: Around level 3, all monsters gain berserk. Around level 7, all monsters gain knockback 100%. The level is structured somewhat like the Labyrinth. You cannot choose to enter the well of sorrows subdungeon.

Monsters: Bloodghast (see before), obsidian golem (see before), Wraiths, Bloody Ooze (see before), powerful disturbance (Mana burn, poison, lower resists 3%, gorgon stats)

Boss: The Being (powerful disturbance boss)
Do you know where you are, Hero? No mortal has entered this cave for ages because I haunted it torturing all who dared enter. You would still challenge me, The Being, creator of the obsidian demension, and soon to be ruler of this world? I accept Hero, and I shall show you the meaning of sorrow.
The Being

Hp: 400
Attack: 50
Special: Poisonous
"It seems you are stronger than I thought, Hero. Come I shall show you the Well of Sorrows!"
You are lifted off the ground and thrown into a hole. As you fall, you look down. There seems to be no bottom. Your heart feels leaden. The Being floats before you. You will never save your kingdom, or become rich and famous. Are you ready for round 2?
Hp: 500
Damage: 75
Special: Poisonous, Mana Burn
Yet another success. Too bad your not actually getting any closer to your goal. You can feel the pain, can't you? I can see it in your eyes. Let's see if you can survive this onslaught! This is getting ridiculous, there must be someway to stop this!
Hp: 600
Damage: 105
Special: Poisonous, Mana Burn, Corrosive
Hmm... You keep winning... How obnoxious. Well, this game is fun. I can't lose, and you, despie your best efforts, aren't helping anyone. Well, brace yourself, I'm stronger than ever! Nothing seems to be working. The farther you fall, the stronger he gets. If only you could escape. There is no escape mortal!" says The Being, as if reading your mind. In a last desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable killing blow, you dive headlong into the darkness. You see something ahead, but The Being is just behind!
Hp: 700
Damage: 125
Special: Poisonous, Mana Burn, Corrosive, Weakening
As you batter away The Being yet again, you get a closer look at the upcoming light. It is the bottom! You smash into the bottom, while The Being floats gently behind. You've made a good effort, but the games stop now. I am going to torture the last ounce of happiness out of your body, and then kill you. We end this here.
Hp: 800
Damage: 105
Special: Poisonous, Mana Burn, Corrosive, Weakening, Death Gaze 50%
Incredible, despite me in all my power you still defied me and fought on. Perhaps your race does deserve to live. Hero, you shall never know sorrow as I do, and you never will. Just know this: I am only the beginning, my master is gathering world ending forces, and he will not stop till every last one of you is slain. Be wary, Hero, this is not over" He disperses into smoke leaving behind a small black bottle filled with glowing cyan liquid.

Reward: Bottle of Sorrow 70 gold prep cost, small slot. Quaffing this potion grants you 10 max hp, 5 base damage, and 2 max mp at the cost of 25 exp.

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:55 pm
by jjflash
ok this is harder than namtar i like it
who is his master?

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:30 am
by The Avatar
World's End

Difficulty: IMPOSSIBLE

You have battered off many world ending threats since you met him, but you haven't forgotten The Being's words "I am only the beginning, my Master is gathering world ending forces, and he will not stop till every last one of you are slain." Finally, his master has played his final hand. A giant vortex, in the very center of the ground, is threatening to make your world implode. You know whether not you can stop the vortex, or even defeat the master, but you have no choice. This is your last chance, though your efforts could easily be futile.

Special: Draining means they take away 1 exp per level when you hit them, you may level down but hp and mp do not refill. The boss is fought in his own subdungeon, from which there is no return...

Monsters: Dominators (Weakening, Berserk 75%, meat men stats), Executioners (Death gaze 100%, Knockback 100%), Deathless (90% Physical resist, 90% physical resist, revives, bandit stats), Torturers (Draining, Gorgon stats), Enders (First strike, 20% resist all, counter fireball, goblin stats)

Boss: Tempus-Aeternum
So we meet, at the end of your world. I was hoping you'd come, but you cannot prevent the inevitable. Why do I do it, you ask? Simply because I am myself. I am Tempus-Aeternum, The Slayer of kings, to which all great empires must fall. Form the ashes of your defeat, a new empire will rise. And as yours shall, it shall fall. And history shall repeat itself, but I shall linger on... forever...
And so one age ends and another begins,
Tempus-Aeternum, Time Eternal

Special: 0% Resist all, goes up by 1% every time hit, upon reaching 100 reverts to 0
Hp: 2500
Damage: 50, goes up 2 every hit, upon reaching 100, reverts to 20
Upon reaching 1500 hp:
"You cannot stop me. Your efforts are pointless, and even if you were to stop me, you would need to stop time to prevent that portal from destroying everything. Unfortunately, you can do no such thing, and my portal can destroy anything! Only I can stop my portal, and I shall never help what I seek to destroy." You know what you must do.
Upon reaching 500 hp:
"Ha! You persist! You cannot destroy me, I am invincible. Even if you were to reduce my strength to nothing I have an infinite number of other powers I could use on you. You commit pointless actions, in an attempt to save a kingdom condemned by time? Time is the inevitable, unchangeable fate." Could this be true? Your iron resolved outweighs your doubts. You have no choice.
Congratulations, you have reduced my strength, but it is pointless. You cannot destroy me. You have wasted your time and effort into a hopeless cause, what a shame. You grab Tempus-Aeternum's weakened body, and hurl it into the portal. Wait, NO! You will destroy time itself just to save your pathetic kingdom? If I die, all will stop, ending everything. You are making a mistake! Do you really hate this world so much, that you would kill all instead of just letting your kingdom die? You have killed yourself. And even if you do survive, I will haunt you the rest of time. I shall torture you endlessly, after you die. You cannot destroy me, just send me deep into the nether. Await my return, Hero, because I will come back. You see Tempus-Aeternum touch the portal, and for a second, everything is still. You watch as his features are slowly distorted in the chaotic energy of the vortex, before he disappears. The vortex dissolves. Then, suddenly, everything jolts into motion as time is one with the world once more. The only remnant of Tempus-Aeternum or the portal is a small crystal shard.

Item: Time Crystal. Small slot. Gives you 4 undos that let you reverse time that action and gives you slowing strike.

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:43 am
by Gorgon
This one is literally impossible, the enemies have boss stats. But I think 'Tempus-Aeternum' is a little weaker than 'The Being'.

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:08 pm
by The Avatar
You can heal between the being's forms, so I think Tempus-Aeternum is harder. But yeah, the enemies are supposed to be hellish.

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:41 pm
by Gorgon
Here is my idea:

Yin-Yang distortion

Difficulty: VICIOUS

Unlocked after defeating the Yin Yang sub dungeon

After defeating the Yin Yang brothers, a big portal has appeared, threatening to destroy everything around it. The brothers suddenly disappear into the portal. It's time to fix your mistakes and close it.

Special: Revives - Transforms into a magic-resistant counterpart (much like the changeling)

Portal Changeling (equal to normal changeling, but has 'counters fireball' in its first form and poison/mana burn in its second form);
Portal Armor (Animated Armor stats, 1 death protection/level, revives and alternates between 100% Physical and Magic resist each time it "dies");
Yin Mage (warlock stats, Physical resist 100%, counters fireball);
Yang Mage (naga stats, magic attack, Magic resist 100%, corrosive, weakening blow);

Yin (Physical resist 100%, counters fireball, 500 HP, 50 atk);
Yang (Magic resist 100%, corrosive, magic attack, weakening blow, 700 HP, 40 atk);

Second form:
Yin-Yang (Physical resist 50%, Magic resist 50%, counters fireball, corrosive, weakening blow, 1000 HP, 50 atk)

Note: The bosses work like they do in the Yin Yang sub dungeon, if you have to defeat them at the same time or they will revive.

Note2: I don't remember wich boss is magic resistant and wich has physical resistance :D

Item: Metronome. Gives you alternating effects of +2% resistances/+1 MP every time you level up.

Re: Ideas for dungeons!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:17 pm
by The Avatar
Anything with 100% physical and counter fireball SO CHEAP! That, is impossible...