Best/Worst matchups by class

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Best/Worst matchups by class

Postby Sidestepper on Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:19 pm

Some classes just destroy certain monsters. Some monsters just destroy certain classes. Let's talk about this! Gorgons/Goats/Bandits don't count as good matches because they are easy for everyone. Zombies don't count as bad matches because they are hard for (almost) everyone. I'm going to avoid dungeon-specific monsters unless the interaction is especially strong.

None. The Fighter has no special tools to leverage and is slightly disadvantaged against everything

Strong: Sorceror/Dragon
Weak: Goo Blob

Strong: Goblin
Weak: Meatman/Wraith

Strong: Wraith/Zombie
Weak: Nothing really. The Priest is flexible and is about average against everything except for undead

Strong: Meatman
Weak: Weakening/Corrosion/Resist Down hurts everyone, but hurts the Monk even more

Strong: Serpents
Weak: Wraith

None. The Thief's flexible powers can't be countered by any one ability. The Thief is moderately advantaged against everything

Strong: Meatman
Weak: Goblin

Strong: Meatman. Also, Swift Hands is the only satisfactory response to a high-level Animated Armor
Weak: Wraith/Zombie Zombie is hard for everyone, but the loss of poison is devastating for the Assassin

Strong: Goo Blob
Weak: Meatman
The Wraith can be either strong or weak depending on how much mana the Wizard has and whether or not killing the Wraith will result in a level up.

Strong: Goo Blob
Weak: Wraith, unless mana is very high

The Bloodmage's approach to resource management is so different that I don't have a good answer to this one

EDIT: Forgot the Church classes :oops:
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Re: Best/Worst matchups by class

Postby Lujo on Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:40 pm


As stated above, no combat advantages here.


As stated above, advantage over everything.


Advantage over Zombies, compared to other classes. Everyone else ussualy as problems with them, they're fodder for priests. Wraith's are fodder for everyone, but priests can actually go physical on them and not feel their resistance. They're also slightly better at tackling high HP low DMG enemies as theit higher health allows them to get more hits in.


Animated Armor - they are the second best at taking them down after assasin, with the cheap PISSORFF. Orc wizards are gennerally good against high damage / low HP enemies, like goats, again due to PISSORF.

Disadvantage against physical resist enemies as it lowers PISSORF dmg.


Great advantage over magic damage enemies (turn Warlocks and Dragons into fodder).

Goo gives them headaches, as well as Wraiths (anything with both physical resist and physical DMG)


Advantage over... Other classes.

Disadvantage against hard hitters with enough hp. Poisoners? I'm not sure they have a disadvantage against anything except bosses.


Advantage over anything and everything. Could take multile monsters on at once if the mechanics allowed it.

Disadvantage on levels specificaly tailored to making making their life miserable, with resist reducers, weakeners and really, really fat enemies, but can, in their current state complete anything.


Advantage over anything without mana burn.

Disadvantage over anything without mana burn, again, another class that can take on multiple enemies at once, and does as a rule.


Not sure. I purpusefully avoid cydstep even on non-minimalist profiles.

Disadvantage - missclicks. Seriously, you can easily lose a lot of gold and be saddled with money grind if you misclick at any point while you're steamrolling whatever.


Strong - hard to tell, but he's probably the only class that sneers at illuions and animated aromours.

Weak - bosses, and undead (no poison)


Strong - see Monk.

Weak - see Monk.


Strong - anything that falls down to a barrage of fireballs easier than to physical damage, otherwise see Monk.

Weak - quality early game threats. Late game probably nothing, or I've never ran into any troubles.
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Re: Best/Worst matchups by class

Postby Darvin on Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:43 pm

I think the Berserker is really the only one on your list that really has the extremes necessary to create monsters that decimate him and monsters he decimates. For everyone else, I don't think it's all too relevant. It's more a matter of the class being strong or weak.

(I'd also disagree that Warlords are weak against meatmen; a Warlord has a superb regen game against Meatmen if you get into the sweet spot, but you don't fight the same way you do his typical low-HP/high-damage fodder)
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Re: Best/Worst matchups by class

Postby gjaustin on Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:59 pm

Sidestepper, I mostly agree with your lists. There's only a few things I want to add, mostly being dungeon specific monsters that are incredibly good matchups.

Priests (and to a lesser extent Rogues) are amazing against Vampires.
Sorcerers are actually really good against Animated Armors thanks to high mana and mana shield
Rogues are weak against Goblins because of their first strike

You also left out the other 6 classes. I'm including several of the "not automatic" good and bad matchups anyway since some class mechanics make them more so than normal.

Strong - Goo (magic damage bypasses their resists), Animated Armor (knockback)
Weak - Golems (comparatively - Golems are pretty easy but their magic resist causes problems)

Strong - Meatmen, Goblins
Weak - Wraith/Zombie (poison immune), Dragon/Warlock (magic damage)

Strong - Bandits/Snakes/Wraiths (no poison/mana burn), Meatmen (low damage)
Weak - Goblins (first strike) and Zombies (comparatively)

Tinkerer - See Fighter

Transmuter - Bad against everything, but especially things with mana burn

Strong - Bandits/Snakes/Wraiths (immune to poison or mana burn), Gorgons (low health)
Weak - Zombies/Meatmen (high health)
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