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Postby The Avatar on Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:52 pm

Well, I beat it in 1 try with the Vamp. The funny thing is I thought I lost, but then I realized that I had the death protection medal. As for the strategy, you want to get two more levels of lifesteal, then once you have a solid amount of hp grab as many blood tithes as possible. You should be able to get about 55% hp from bloodpools. Although for Naga City you want to get only Lifesteal and 1 or 2 tithes, as you won't be able to get many bloodpools. You'll need an agnostics collar. Get a Vampiric Blade and 4 blood hungers. SMM and Tomithy shouldn't damage you. GETINDARE is nice, especially for Bleaty, but it is not a necessity. I beat it in two tries of finding Dracul.

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