Glitches with certain classes?

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Glitches with certain classes?

Postby hughmann on Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:50 pm

Hi, long time player. I'm not sure exactly if maybe I'm just missing some key info but several class features don't appear to be working right now.

Bloodmage- According to the Mana Potion Guzzling ability (forget the exact name) each time a Bloodmage quaffs a potion the Sanguine ability should increase. But no matter how many potions I drank the tooltip for Sanguine stayed at 15%. Likewise, while I didn't hammer the math out, the Bloodmage didn't seem to ever heal more than 15% from blood pools (I ended up using 11 mana pots so if the ability had been working blood pools should have been big time healing). Which means currently the Bloodmage is a class with only two abilities.

Paladin- The Paladin's ability states that he cannot lose Piety. However, in my run through as a Taurog worshiper I was regularly penalized for using Halpmeh. Still ended up with loads of piety by the end of the dungeon but the steady trickle of -2 piety for using magic indicates that the Monotheism ability is not working correctly (or at least not working the same way as tooltip suggests). I was not paying close attention to whether or not my Piety was really going down but I believe it was. Still, maybe it is just a problem with the God-log tab thing?
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Re: Glitches with certain classes?

Postby Halion on Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:41 am

Paladins still log piety losses, but their piety doesn't go down.
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