Please help with Hard Dungeons

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Please help with Hard Dungeons

Postby zeemeerman2 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:10 pm

I've been trying for months now to complete hard dungeons without any success. Just trying to focus on one at a time for a long time now, I can't finish the Labyrinth. With some luck and some preparations, I might be able to finish the main boss, but the additional boss is just overkill.
I hear people say, "Oh, just use this and that preparation, use that race/class combination and that deity, and then it's a piece of cake. If anything, it's not hard enough!"

Problem is, I have unlocked everything I can unlock up to Normal difficulty, as far as I know. All is balanced to the point where you have unlocked all those things it seems, and with each update there is a nerf the diminish my chances even more.

I'm not going to "quit" like in many rants from people from other games, and as I seem to be a weaker player, I don't even want to finish the game as fast as a hardcore player, I just want to finish the game, even if it takes much longer, or at least be able to continue with my adventure without dying every time I try.

My unlocks:
- All classes up to tier 3
- Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, and Orcs
- Level 2 Bank
- Level 3 Blacksmith
- Level 1 Bazaar
- Level 2 Witch
- Deities: Dracul, Glowing Guardian, Mystera, Taurog, Tikki Tooki
- Locker items: Tri-Sword, Hero's Helm, Blue Bead, Agnostic's Collar, Fine Sword, Gloves of Midas
- Explorer's Guild all puzzles finished except for the last one, Soko-Trolls 7

I can't unlock more things, because therefore I need to finish a quest, and that is too hard.

If for example, I could search for aid at a Archwizard, who will nerf the dungeon before I enter it to one difficulty level lower (Hard to Normal, Normal to Easy), or nerfs only the boss one difficulty level lower, or removes the extra boss in a dungeon with multiple bosses altogether, but asks a great cost to do so (e.g. 1000 gold, plus all gold you get from that dungeon, plus all the lockerable items you have when exiting the dungeon). Or maybe a temporary buff towards your stats (e.g. Thief deals an extra 30% damage for the first two attacks against a new monster, Paladin's Halpmeh costs one less mana, or glyphs increase their conversation poins by 50%). Things like that still let you think about what you do, but still give you a bit more chance, even if just statistically.

Lots of things you can do, without even touching the game balance for the hardcore players, nerfing the monsters but also the rewards while making it an option to do so. Even if that option only comes to play when you fail X times.

I really like the design of the Labyrinth, don't get me wrong. I just don't get the feeling I can learn anything new anymore. I use the experience catapult as much as I can, although using IMAWAL in the Labyrinth can also mean you just ask for problems. Maybe I need to use that at the Labyrinth, but it just seems so counter-intuitive there.

So, if anyone can give me tips to complete that dungeon, I might get wisdom I also can use on other dungeons. Thanks for reading.
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Re: Please help with Hard Dungeons

Postby Gorgon on Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:29 pm

The Labyrinth used to be much harder. In his current form, Rex has only 309 HP, so attack him normally until he gets " enraged" and then use fireball (it's really easy when he has <150 HP).

Also, try not to get stuck. Get the bear mace from the blacksmith and keep a ENDISWAL/PISORF/WEYTWUT glyph to prevent you from getting stuck.
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Re: Please help with Hard Dungeons

Postby The Avatar on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:59 pm

There is a god you can unlock that will SERIOUSLY help this situation. If you find a subdungeon with ENDISWALL where, if you keep mining, there is some gold? Keep on mining. You will get a god who will make destroying walls super easy. Then just prep him in the church, and viola, you'll be able to move freely.
We made an expansion and it is awesome. Really, you should check it out, especially if you're looking for some extra challenge.

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Re: Please help with Hard Dungeons

Postby Darvin on Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:34 pm

As far as deities go, one of the big ones you're missing is Jehora Jeheyu (found in the north). Generally speaking, Jehora Jeheyu is by far the best-rounded deity and he works with pretty much any class no matter how late or early you discover him in the dungeon. The Glowing Guardian, Mystera Annur, and Tikki Tooki are also highly regarded but are considerably more specialized. One of the big advantages of JJ is that at the cost of 25 piety he will stop punishing you, so once you've bought him off JJ is literally all upside and no downside!

As for Locker Items, there's one big one that you really want: the Crystal Ball. I believe that comes from the second Den of Danger. That item is basically on par with the vicious artifacts, so it's a must-have. I'm not sure what your current status is on the "complicated task" quest line, but you really want to have the Schadenfreude potion unlocked in your shops. It's effectively a full mana restore, so it's exceedingly valuable, especially for elves.

As for Labyrinth, there are a few tricks with Rex. First, when Rex chases you he never appears at a diagonal. He will always appear above, below, or beside you. If you position yourself so you have an escape route at a diagonal, then Rex will never actually block you off. The WEYTWUT, PISORF, and ENDISWAL glyphs of course are all great choices to carry around to help you escape from Rex.

Second, he has relatively low HP and no magic resist, so the answer to blasting him is magic. Prepping a Crystal Ball is advisable. If you begin fighting him about level 7, you should have no difficulties whittling him down. For the sake of argument, we'll say you're an Elf Assassin with 40 damage, 18 mana, and a charged crystal ball. Hit him once (40 damage), hit him with 3 fireballs (86 damage), activate crystal ball and hit him with three more fireballs (96 damage), now go and attack a monster to level-up (6 burning damage), annd toss three fireballs at him (98 damage). Rex is now dead and you didn't use a single potion.

Finally: I do occasionally write guides on the Wiki. If you have any requested dungeon you'd like me to fill out, I'll do so.
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