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Postby rdtheta on Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:17 pm

haha, yeah that would be good in HoS, if you got to that point and still had lots of monsters left to throw. Again, this one is really swingy in terms of balance: maybe monsters' stats are such that you would never get past level one or two for running out of attackers, or maybe it would be super easy. probably the latter, with fireball helping out.

And going back to the phoenix thing, I don't know if the game keeps track of which stat bonuses came from which thing, but if so a way to deal with Troll Heart etc is to just have them erase every rebirth. So troll heart still helps as you level each time. Alchemists Scroll is then a matter of strategically using your potions on different rebirths as needed. Namtar's is...well this solution doesn't really fit. And I should probably stop worrying so much about a fake monster class!
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