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Postby dislekcia on Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:05 pm

Sylex wrote:Thanks for the replies. One last issue I'm curious about, that I'm pretty sure won't be a problem. Better safe than sorry and ask anyway, though. The email I used for the DD account isn't the same as my steam account, and neither of those are the same as my paypal account. This won't cause any problems will it? or will I need to make a new DD account? Anyway, like I said, I doubt that will be a problem but it can't hurt to ask.

No, that shouldn't cause a problem. You'll be able to claim a Steam code via your pre-order email address (the one that you use to log in to the game), that'll let you activate the game on any Steam account you choose. The only other time that email addresses are relevant would be in then linking that Steam copy to your DD account so that you can do save sharing with the web version. And even then, you'd just log in to our server the same way you do via the web right now and it'll sync everything :)
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