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One bug and one suggestion/question

Postby rdtheta on Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:11 am

Hello, forum. This is my first post. I tried to search a bit to see if others had brought these issues up already, but didn't find them easily. Sorry if these are all known.
First, the bug (that has prevented me from beating vicious Halls of Steel): game crashes on burning effect in another dungeon. This has happened to me twice. I put burning on the boss De-animated Helm (I don't remember if this was using fireball or the sword), go to the subdungeon I prepared at the thief den to make a popcorn kill, game crashes. However, it doesn't always happen. I'm not sure yet the full conditions.

Second: the question/suggestion, from the point of view of a new user (again, sorry if this is old news/has been changed in an update). I've now played through and got to the point of vicious dungeons (as must be obvious from the above), but I did so before visiting the forums. I started reading some forum posts because I was having so much difficulty on any of the vicious dungeons, and was wondering if there were strategies I was overlooking.
I was surprised to hear people talking about items I hadn't unlocked. This was confusing because I felt like I was near the end of the game, and these items were not listed as rewards of any of the quests I had going. So I checked them out found that I could have unlocked them from the very first by beating the Easy dungeons, which I had ignored. It never seemed to me to be a worthwhile thing to do because I was doing fine and enjoying myself doing the new dungeons as they opened up, and there was never a quest that suggested there was any reward for beating them!

So here's my questions, to forum people or devs: why are there hidden quest-like things attached to the easy dungeons? Why not have them be actual quests in the tavern like everything else?
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