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How often do you use gnomes?

All the time!
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I use them as much as elves.
Rarely, I prefer using elves.
Rarely, I don't like magic races.
Never/No opinion.
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Postby Gorgon on Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:21 pm

Well, they nerfed gnomes with good reason, but now everything that we can use to break the game with gnomes has been nerfed.
-It's much better to recover HP with healing potions than with mana potions (with 150HP, 15MP; 4 healing potions --> 240HP, 4 mana potions + HALPMEH --> 24 MP, 180 HP);
-CYDSTEPP was nerfed some updates ago;
-Boost Mana was nerfed;
-Elves have received more attention.

So there is no reason to use a gnome over an elf (except on sorcerers). What do you think?
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Re: [POLL]Gnomes

Postby Darvin on Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:50 am

Now that you can't purchase multiple schadenfreude potions from the apothecaries, the comparison isn't quite so lopsided (with four schadenfreudes, gnome is a complete joke compared with elves). However, you absolutely need to worship JJ or Mystera to make gnomes work well, so it's hard to justify them over elves. It wasn't so long ago that the reverse was true, however, so I'd caution overreaction.
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