Gold Class Challenges and Story Lines

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Gold Class Challenges and Story Lines

Postby The Avatar on Sat May 26, 2012 3:37 am

Okay, I'm posting yet another topic on class challenges (Yeah, I really love the things). Right now the class challenges are great but they have a few problems.

First, there are the gold challenges. I'm not here to rant about how "imbalanced" or "unfair" some of them are, in my opinion the problem is inconsistency. I think that every gold challenge should give you the item used in the silver challenge (like fighter does already). It works in almost every situation with only a handful of exceptions namely Rogue, Paladin, and Wizard. For Rogue, you could add a shop that sells wall crunchers, as that gets rid of the problem of having to constantly restart till you blow the right walls up and it gives a use for gold. For Paladin, you could make it so the naga built some self-dedicated destroyable altars (He has the stats of a Demigod anyways, so why not?). For the Wizard you would need to make PISORF a guaranteed spawn. Of course there are some cases where the item would only be marginally useful (like Bloodmage), but it would still help.

Secondly, half of the old challenges story lines are not connected since they moved the item to silver, while others make no sense at all. For example, the monk story line has you fighting a meat man that stole an artifact and then all of a sudden you're continuing a pilgrimage that you never started without explanation. What? The other main story problem is some of them it doesn't make sense that you got the item at silver. Take Warlord for an example. The great Bleaty isn't dead, yet you still have his item. How'd that happen? Most of the stories just need minor edits to make sense, but right now they're incredibly confusing.

Thanks if you actually read this wall of text.
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