Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby pokeytax on Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:57 pm

Blunglin wrote:I sorely miss being able to move with the arrow keys, as I have repetitive stress injury and a hard luck story.

This is really important. Please add arrow keys and numpad support. Having to use the mouse is not fun.
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby flap on Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:02 am

Zalminen wrote:
dislekcia wrote:1. You mean you want to get MORE info out of enemies? What would you like to know?

Well, the first time I wanted to do a mouse-over was to check what on earth does "Coward" actually mean.
Sure, it was pretty obvious after I attacked but there really should be some way of quickly checking stuff like that.

Indeed, it is a request that had been made already for the E3 preview. I am in a similar situation right in the puzzle "positioning". The zombie has the "Slowed" icon. I'd like to know what it means exactly (the only way at present time to get that description would be the player to have it)
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby metroid composite on Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:47 pm

I'd also like to know what "fast regen" means. Precisely what it means. (Is it double regen? Triple?)

Hmm...I've been struggling a little with getting good use out of Glowing Guardain post-nerf. Humility is still an excellent boon and makes me want to go Guardian. Buuuut I feel like if I'm going Guardian I basically need to save up 80 piety just so that I can use my potions. (Actually wait, if you have 80 piety, might as well use that 20 piety healing boon, as it's 50% HP/MP healing, so using it four times heals slightly more than 4x potion+4x mana potion). 80 piety seems like a lot of piety just to do something you were going to do anyway.

Although...hmm, maybe I've been doing it wrong; maybe what I should be doing is converting all the potions as soon as I worship GG. 8x potion conversion gives me 40 piety, I think, so I just need to get another 40 to get back to the amount of healing I would have previously had. This would also handle another aspect of GG I've been struggling with (having 0 peity when you start worshiping GG is scary; you really want at least 5 to start doing stuff).
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby platypotamus on Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:06 pm

I find it pretty odd that GG is arguably the worst god to worship as a priest, due to their 100% health potion effectiveness. Pretty definitively as a halfling priest, since you end up with so many health potions.

I also find sanctify awesome, but kind of tedious. In one game as a non-priest (can't remember which class!) I found myself going back to the altar before nearly every kill to turn it on (this enabled me to get to both absolution, and have enough piety left over to heal during the boss fight).
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby dislekcia on Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:35 am

The GG is sorta supposed to be tedious... Maybe we should give you a charm when you ask for the absolution boon that you can click to enable it and spend the piety, but it'd take up a slot and if you convert it, well - that'd just be a bad idea.

I actually just had a game where I started worshipping Mystera as a gnome rogue, hopped across to the GG in order to convert glyphs and kill magical enemies, then converted back to Mystera for the final boss battle so I could quaff potions. Worked pretty well.
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby Blunglin on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:02 pm

Here are a few more bugs I ran into & minor (?) tweaks I'd love to see. Looking good!

1. endiswal description text is cut off “This effect will...”
2. foot prints draw over character
3. pressing 1 does not activate the puzzle wand
4. player looks like a monster in the third Explorer's League puzzle, where everything is in a column. Since the character is not in the center of an unexplored region, maybe it needs a little something visually to stand out.
5. I wish the borders of the screen were not the same color as the unexplored tiles after I have explored the region directly adjacent to them.
5. Hooray for puzzles and the Explorer’s League!
6. I'd really like to be able to move with the keyboard, and not just the mouse.
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby aguydude on Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:37 pm

dislekcia wrote:
aguydude wrote:My own random notes:

1. This was mentioned during the last release, but it's kind of frustrating that there is no way (or not one that I could figure out) to mouse-over the enemy information. Maybe just have an extra row of tabs for any adjacent enemies?

2. There is no obvious way to cancel a spell in mid-cast, though there are non-obvious ways to do so.

3. Glowing Guardian's Humility boon is broken. The initial potion supply is enough to give a starting piety boost, and constant hits of humility mean a player will end up constantly leveling up (and gaining piety for courage in the process). Cheap level-ups more than offsets it slow regeneration, especially with how easy it is to earn piety. Hitting 100 piety is rather easy, but Enlightenment isn't even that exciting when your character is effectively level 15+ and happily getting easy healing via protection. Maybe if its cost increased by 5 each use it would be less broken...but even then Glowing Guardian would probably still be way overpowered.

4. Switching between upgrading the castle and preparing to enter a dungeon was confusing the first time it happened.

5. Seeing items that can be put into lockers while preparing to enter a dungeon is very counterintuitive.

6. It's very annoying that I cannot see my item choices for a dungeon roll-out until I click on a specific building.

7. I wish I could see if a slot was magical, physical, or both even when an item was in it.

1. You mean you want to get MORE info out of enemies? What would you like to know?

2. Good point. We should probably make clicking the glyph again cancel it while the spell is active, or pop up a "cancel cast" button somewhere.

3. Fixed.

4. Granted, still not final UI.

5. It was worse before - you had a whole sell interaction stage with the kingdom. It was bad :(

6. Would you rather see all the options the same way all a building's classes are shown? Might have some space problems later, particularly the Witch.

7. Border colour isn't intuitive enough? Noted.

1. Well, a monster's info says that monster is cowardly. It'd be cool if I could mouse-over the word "cowardly" and be told what it means. Yeah, it's obvious enough, but it'd still be nice.

2. I like the idea of clicking the spell again to cancel it. Targetted spells should probably also be cancelled if the user clicks on themselves or on an empty square.

3. I miss it a little :P

4. -

5. Simple would be to just let the user equip stuff that isn't in their locker. More intuitive than the approach you take now, at least. Alternatively, just don't show the the section for items that are not in the locker. I prefer the former.

6. Hmmm. I think there'd by room for a 2x3 or 3x2 block of items if the buildings were less clustered. A 6x1 block of items would pretty much fit now.

7. It's a bit subtle; I never noticed it until you mentioned it.

dislekcia wrote:The GG is sorta supposed to be tedious...

Bad game designer! Shame!
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby Blunglin on Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:55 am

more bugs and annoying feature requests, enjoy

1. the race/class selection menu still isn’t drawing correctly for me. Only the icons appear, and they overlay on the town map.
2. no new puzzles available in Explorer’s Guild when prompted that this was so after upgrading mage tower to lvl2
3. stone skin tooltip always reads 10%, even if I use ENDISWALL on two walls in a row. The other tooltip that describes the physical resistance updates with the stacking percentage. I'm confused by the two icons here.
4. lvl 10 wraith boss in northern desert had no discovery text or name, just an empty dialog with “OK”
5. when I beat the goo boss and returned the scroll, I clicked through 6 dialogs. I enjoyed the text in these dialogs, but felt assaulted (!!) by pop-ups
6. It would be nice if when viewing a building for a race that isn’t upgraded (such as the Dwarves frathouse), I could see what exactly I would gain by spending the money. So, with the Dwarves, I’d like to see what their class bonuses are and such.
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby Blunglin on Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:53 am

1. pressing ENTER on the login screen has no effect
2. changing OS volume with my keyboard button pulls me out of fullscreen mode, probably b/c it displays a volume overlay graphic? (Microsoft Nautrual Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 w/ software on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit)
3. can’t mouse over enemy status icons to discover what they do
4. I've crashed within the first few moves of the last 3 dungeon attempts (full screen and not, different classes). I've pasted the crash info from a full screen mode as a berzerker in the western jungle dungeon when first trying to move by clicking on a mana tile. First saw a flash of some error info, then a Visual C++ Runtime error. I clicked the dialog to get more info before closing that chrome tab app instance and got this:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: chrome.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4e3c84cf
Fault Module Name: mono-1-vc.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4d5989ee
Exception Code: 40000015
Exception Offset: 000010c8
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 1f91
Additional Information 2: 5bdf9e8a3e6034c556e4ae53001928cf
Additional Information 3: f6ee
Additional Information 4: 623e3902692ff0e3d73fd0e647867441

The Unity plug-in in the DD game frame for the page now displays the dead plug-in icon.
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Re: Random notes while playing the Beta so far (spoilers)

Postby Blunglin on Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:56 am

more notes:

1. class and race menu don’t display properly, only icons display

2. can’t access any dungeon preparations

3. priest predicts death and dies against zombie with 60 hp left when priest can do 30 damage with first strike. What am I missing?

4. Tikki Tooki Dodging boon tooltip (before purchase) reads as both giving 5% and 10% bonuses

5. Tikki Tooki Quicksilver boon does not list (before purchase) numeric increase in dodge rate given by potion

6. Tikki Tooki Reflexes boon is ambiguous (before purchase) about when you get the extra attack

7. I wish I could find out what the gods would reward/punish before worshipping them, and wasn’t tempted to just look on the Wiki. I tend to just not bother with them, if I am feeling too lazy to look it up, since I can’t make interesting decisions w/o lots of time wasted on trial and error.

8. I can’t seem to make use of the information the Taxidermist provides, since there aren’t usually hints about where the various bosses are of the right type.

9. It would be nice if my damage number changed color when it was boosted by an effect like BYSEPS, so I would know immediately that it was already calculated

10. The wraiths are hard to see and not as cool looking as the old skeles

11. Guardian of Magic reads “counters fireball”; BURNDARAYZ doesn’t mention “fireball”

12. PISORF has no effect on lvl 6 Wraith with its back up against the wall, lvl 5 rogue (dark brown wall in southern swamp). Turns out this is just me not being able to figure out that the brown tile was a ditch. Now that I know it, it still doesn’t really look like a ditch to me.

13. the game is fun, thanks
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