Temporary Locker Suggestion

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Temporary Locker Suggestion

Postby Pehaw on Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:32 pm

I just wanted to re-post this in it's own thread as it has some positive feedback.

Here is an idea I had that would alleviate alot of concerns raised by both sides for additional locker space. As players we really don't want to lose hard to find or useful items out of the lockers. The dev's idea is for people to have a unique kingdom and having all items available doesn't lend itself to making decisions in a the larger kingdom.

What if the items that you bring back from the last run, as in the lockerable items, were available as a choice for your next run. So basically a rotating locker. Since those items don't come back if you die, or convert them, it would keep people from not lockering their favorite items. These no real need to gate this to a certain quest/upgrade as the gold cost and mostly open locker of a starting player provides little incentive to use these slots instead of the locker, while still providing an opportunity to try a new item.

Also to prep an item from here could cost significantly more, not an outrageous amount, I would think at most 3-5 times as much to also keep the regular lockers desirable. You still have to do a few runs to find the item you want, but you wouldn't have to do runs to replace the item you usually use. This will also add to the meaningful decision. Do I just want to try this item a couple times or do I want to have it regularly available? It gives you chances to experiment but can be balanced to not replace regular lockering.

This system would give you less grinding, more freedom to experiment and still force you to make decisions by adding it's own unique cost/benefit.
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Re: Temporary Locker Suggestion

Postby Blovski on Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:43 pm

A very good idea : )
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