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Re: Soooo...Gaan-Telet purist...

Postby Lujo on Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:51 am

Lujo's problem is that he gets worked up more than genuinely being an a***-hole. When work goes slow, I get/take a sabbatical, I run out of things to do and devote way too much time and energy to DD, and it shows. I seem to balance any sort of constructive contribution with being... difficult :(

This community IS a godsend compared to other ones I've been involved with - some of them actually ruined the games by scaring off any sort of regular people. Even if I'm the closest thing we got to a true internet retard or troll, so we DO have "this one guy", it's great - because on the HoN forums I could be classified as an extreme carebear compared to the norm.

And I do actually care about this game on many levels. Token troll teammeate maybe?

(Oh, and having a tame Troll around, even if tiresome, is rather necessary for testing purposes (I think) - it's a perspective shared by a lot of the unwashed masses out there, and certain stuff is only really obvious is you look at it that way.)
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Re: Soooo...Gaan-Telet purist...

Postby Wargasm on Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:34 am

My usual forum role is the troll who scares off all the even worse trolls, because I make a sport of verbally eviscerating troublesome types before they start feeling territorial and scare off the decent posters. Sort of like a vigilante bouncer position, I guess? No need for anything of the sort here, though. So far, leastways. Once this gets a pile of Facebook attention or mentioned on Gamespot or something, we can expect the ramblin' retrogrades to show up.
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Re: Soooo...Gaan-Telet purist...

Postby Lujo on Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:55 pm

While were on the subject of giving ourselves ludicrous and dubious titles, here's a little more dubious self entitling. I guess I'm the "We built a bigger engine Russian" guy around here. America and Russia had a different approach to building spacecraft. Having determined that launching something into space would consume ludicrous amounts of resources, Americans streamlined the process, cut weight and eventually ended up with the slim, sleak shuttle design (think CYDSTEPP Rogue).

The Russians just built a huge damn engine (think piling resists on a TT poison monk). So I'm the "do everything backwards" guy.

Anywho, I'm also the resident spambot when I get worked up (will never happen again, promise), the "stop having fun guys" guy - actually comes in handy when there's a really fun runaway exploit, and also sometimes voice of reason (but everyone's been that at some point, there's been some strange dillemas during the course of this beta).

Also, I actually like the random name drops in the vein of "wait till Lujo get's hold of this", and "Lujo'll be happy with this update." I think for all the grief I caused they make a nice forum-in joke, and I can almost see whoever saying this reaching for a big stick while he's saying it and suspiciously/playfully looking around.
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Re: Soooo...Gaan-Telet purist...

Postby The Avatar on Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:46 pm


This is my first beta, though not my first forum, and I've always thought it's cool to have a totally different reputation online.

I speak chaos.
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