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Puzzle Solutions

Postby DirtStar on Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:44 am

I'm posting this to see if anyone wants to have a topic with a compendium of the puzzle solutions. I don't know them all but I know several - I know it's the challenge that's supposed to be fun, not looking in the back of the book for the answers, but after lucking into several solutions I'm starting to have sympathy for the person who rage quits after 20 minutes of banging their head against a puzzle with nothing to show for it (there really should be some small gold reward for losing a mission/puzzle, even if it's just 1 gold. Losing after putting in that much time feels awful to come away with nothing).

I've seen several puzzle solutions spread out in topics but nothing that's centralized. Depending on feedback I'll post what I have (what I can remember) and encourage other solution minded people to post what they have.
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby Darvin on Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:41 am

We're eventually going to put stuff like this on the Wiki, but we're waiting until the puzzles are finalized before doing so. If you want specific puzzle solutions, I'll post them here on request.

For the record, we have been told by the devs that the halfling and gnome introductory puzzle packs will be changing in tomorrow's update.
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby Gavster on Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:47 am

Sounds like a good plan before I punch a hole through my monitor.
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby Nandrew on Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:39 am

Yeah, little nips and tucks have taken place on most of the puzzles, including quite a lot of god challenges.

Most of them will, ultimately, still have the same solution process, but map layout / monster resistances / glyph locations have been altered to make your number of options less overwhelming, particularly in the race packs.
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby Darvin on Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:50 pm

Halfling 1

1) use GETINDARE, attack goat, take powerup
2) use BYSSEPS, attack gorgon, then BYSSEPS again and attack again
3) use BYSSEPS to kill the two meat men
4) use BYSSEPS to attack the snake
5) kill the final meat man to level up
6) use BYSSEPS to attack the snake twice
7) use BYSSEPS, convert BYSSEPS, drink health potion
8) attack snake, use GETINDARE, finish snake

Thoughts on changes - I don't think this one needed changes, but it works well enough.

Halfling 2

1) fireball the goblin, use BYSSEPS and attack
2) use BYSSEPS, convert the glyph, then drink the potion and attack the goblin
3) fireball the warlock then finish with GETINDARE
4) just tank your way through the meat man and goblin
5) hit the zombie twice then GETINDARE for the finish
6) fireball the snake, then convert both glyphs
7) drink a potion then hit the snake, then convert your shield, drink two potions, and finish it

Thoughts on the changes: making the zombie magic immune cuts out confusion for people trying to use BURNDAYRAZ on it. Personally I'd have preferred the health of the monsters to be tweaked slightly so either approach works, but this way works too.

Halfling 3

1) attack the minotaur
2) without moving, use WEYTWUT on the minotaur; pick up the health pendent
3) stand directly above the minotaur, drink a health potion, and attack it
4) then finish with death protection
5) WEYTWUT to swap with the goblin; convert WEYTWUT
6) kill the dragonspawn and the meatman
7) drink one mana and one health potion, use fireball on the zombie then kill it
8) fireball and attack the snake once
9) convert BURNDAYRAZ, drink a healing potion, attack the snake
10) convert your mana potion and pendent of health, drink your healing potion, attack the snake

Thoughts on changes: fairly minor, but makes the actual solution a little easier to stumble upon. Realizing you need to convert your mana potion is the tricky bit.
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby Darvin on Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:38 pm

Gnome 1
1) GETINDARE kill the naga
2) pick up ENDISWAL, punch through the wall, convert it
3) attack the snake
4) convert ENDISWAL, drink the mana potion
5) GETINDARE kill the naga
6) attack the snake, using death protection and finishing with first strike.

Thoughts on changes - at this point, it's pretty hard to do anything other than the intended solution, and the only trick is realizing you need to attack the snake before leveling up.

Gnome 2
1) swap with warlock
2) kill goblin
3) convert WEYTWUT, use mana potion, punch through wall to get to the level 2 snake snake
4) attack and kill the level 2 snake
5) use ENDISWAL twice, then attack and kill the level 3 snake

Thoughts on changes - essentially removes the distractions. Works well enough.

Gnome 3
I'm actually blanking on this one. It does not appear to be changed from its earlier form, or if it has been changed not in a way I'm noticing. I'm getting close to beating it (6 HP off from killing the boss), but probably am pursuing a very different solution from what is intended. Either loosen things up a bit so alternate solutions work, or make it very obvious that the player is on the wrong track.

Will give it a shot later when I have some time and get the real solution in here.
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby Darvin on Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:03 pm

Taurog 1
1) Kill two warlocks and a goblin
2) request Taurog's skullpicker
3) kill the level 2 Warlock

Taurog 2
1) Kill the goblin and level 1 warlock
2) Use and convert GETINDARE
3) request Taurog's Skullpicker
4) kill the level 2 warlock

Taurog 3
1) request Taurog's Wereward
2) kill the level 2 dragonspawn and level 1 wraith
3) request Taurog's skullpicker
4) kill the level 3 dragonspawn - finish with GETINDARE
5) kill the level 3 warlorck - finish with GETINDARE
6) kill everything except the animated armor and level 9's
7) kill the animated armor
8) purchase Taurog's remaining gear and unstoppable fury
9) kill mance

Mystera 1
1) fireball a gorgon, kill a goat
2) purchase the magic boon
3) kill the two remaining gorgons, then the last goat
4) kill the minotaur with fireballs

Mystera 2
1) use WONAFYT twice
2) kill the four goats
3) kill ONE wraith
4) purchase the flames boon
5) use your mana potion to fireball the minotaur twice

Mystera 3
1) purchase "refreshment" and two uses of the "magic" boon
2) move to the very top of the temple and use WONAFYT
3) convert WONAFYT
4) use ENDISWAL on a wall next to Sir Mutton
5) convert ENDISWAL and use BYSSEPS
6) attack Sir Mutton, then WEYTWUT to swap places
7) purchase the flames boon
8) convert BYSSEPS and then fireball sir mutton
9) kill Beagle
10) convert WEYTWUT and then fireball sir mutton for the kill

Tikki 1
1) tribute Tikki Tooki to afford Tikki's Edge
2) attack, WEYTWUT, then kill a goblin
3) kill the second goblin
4) WEYTWUT the 2nd level goblin, convert WEYTWUT, kill him

Tikki 2
1) purchase the healing potion
2) Tribute Tikki then get reflexes
3) use the reflex potion to kill the level 2 meatman
4) pick up the gold, kill one meatman, then tribute for Tikki's Edge
5) kill the remaining meat men
6) drink the quicksilver potion, then finish the boss

Tikki 3
(note: this is NOT the intended solution, but I find it much less convoluted)
1) tribute six times, then purchase Tikki's Edge twice
2) tribute one more time and purchase a healing potion with the gold you just got
3) kill two meat men, then reveal the boss and hit him once
4) kill the remaining meat men
5) hit the boss, drink your healing potion, then hit him twice
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby Gavster on Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:09 am

Is Jehora's last puzzle doable?
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby The Avatar on Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:05 pm


Jehora 2:

1) Swap with Hobb.
2) Pick up the shield and kill the two closest imps.
3) Grab the Sword, Double LEMISI, Quaff the mana potion, and switch with one of the far away imps.
4) Convert BYCEPS and LEMISI.
5) Kill all 4 imps.
6) Switch with the remaining imp.
7) Attack Hobb and then Chaos Avatar.
8) Attack Hobb twice, Switch with him, Convert WEYTWUT, and then finish him.
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Re: Puzzle Solutions

Postby Gavster on Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:45 am

I dont know whether i just had a brain fart or the changes worked friday afternoon but I did halflings in no time. I was like oh hang on if i kill medusa first..
Bloody gnomes 3 though is annoying me. Still can't get anywhere near that one.
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