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Postby Bloggorus on Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:10 am

Lujo wrote:And, erm, what you guys seem to want is a "Barrel Full Of Weasels Mode"! Which might even be easy to implement. Just hand anyone crazy enough to scumm up a broken enough GG Rogue to go through Gaan'Telet a Barrel Full Of Weasels, which can be taken into a dungeon as a prep which doesn't set off purist and have it incraese all the numbers on all the monsters (except level) on activation.

I'd also have you have to relocker it every time for being jackasses :D (From the kingdom screen, not Gaan'Telet) :D

This has been suggested a few times as an easy alternative to having to rewrite the game completely for difficulty.

Basically they are preps that hamper you in some way. If you manage to win the dungeon anyway, PAYOLA!

Seriously QCF, super easy to implement, endless shenanigans as a result.
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