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[alpha version] Changeling

Postby flap on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:02 pm

Wouhou !

I have gone to the alpha version lately, and tried for the first time the "Boss Hive" dungeon. And I am very proud to have managed to unlock the Changeling in 8 runs (4 retirements, 4 victories with the following classes : fighter, wizard, assassin, and transmuter).

So, I would allow myself to consider that I am an alpha veteran.

But to be honest, I am still really crap with alpha gods.
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Re: [alpha version] Changeling

Postby Darvin on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:14 pm

The gods in the Alpha were fairly straightforward. Time for a brief trip down nostalgia lane:

Best god is Pactmaker. Find him as early as possible (preferably at level 1), get his positively absurd 10 MP boost, and proceed to own. Glowing Guardian clocks in second; pick him right at the very end of the dungeon during the boss fight; you'll usually have enough piety to purchase a boon right away if you join late, so it ends up being two full heals.

If you're not into first strike or death protection then Jehora is a solid standby. You have to find him early, but he's easy to work with and offers great benefits. Also keep in mind that the Assassin "light foot" special technically doesn't count as first strike. Binlor is a little narrow, and mostly useful for the free ENDISWAL glyph to bust walls. He can also be useful for an auto-promote to level 10, which makes for an interesting gambit (particularly for Transmuters)

Dracul and Earthmother are both incredibly double-edged, but can be quite powerful if applied properly. Because Dracul bumps your level up, you'll lose out on bonus XP, and his health reduction on boon use can be difficult to manage, but he's got kickass powers at his disposal. Earthmother risks trapping you, but if you can set up a level 1 stoneform she makes the Pactmaker look like a chump.

Tikki Tooki is way too expensive to join by the time you've reached the late stages of DD. It will take you ages of scumming to rebuild your savings, so he's not even worth consideration. Taurog is difficult to work with and seldom worth the loss of your spellcasting power. Berserkers only. Mystera is universally loathed and by and large Assassins are the only ones who can manage having their attack power reduced to 1. However, if you're at the very end of the game and have already expended all your health potions you can join her to greatly boost your spellcasting power for your last push.

If you liked the alpha, you'll definitely enjoy the full version of the game. Hope to see you around in the future.
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Re: [alpha version] Changeling

Postby flap on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:41 pm

Thank for that info. Indeed Pactmaker is damn easy and one of my Boss Hive victory was with dracul, but I am still not very comfortable with them, and don't like the restrictions some bring. That guide might be helpfull.

About the full version, actually, I had pre-ordered a special edition 2 days after sells started. Also I have been around long before work on that new version had started.
But, well, I promised myself not to play before the graphical kingdom evolution is implemented, which explains that usually don't have much to say, and keep rather quiet.
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Re: [alpha version] Changeling

Postby Naoya on Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:39 pm

Ah, good ol' alpha days. Where Cydstepp Rogues roflpwnd everything and lifesteal worked with your dmg rather than your level... and Vampires more or less were the player equivalent of debugg mode.
Never liked the bosshive, as Rogues were my favorite class back then and had a fair chance to instadie :P
I still tend to freak out everytime I encounter Super Meat Man.

Ontopic: Congrats to unlocking changeling - you will love the full Game.
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Re: [alpha version] Changeling

Postby Lujo on Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:44 pm

flap wrote:fighter, wizard, assassin, and transmuter

Wow - Fighter ^^

And, err, you might not like the current Transmuter if it was your "Take a dungeon apart" default class.

And I find it a bit strange to not see Monk on that list, I remember it as the only class I could play before turning to the wiki. Also the first class I beat everything with, and then I found out there were actuall strategies with him :D

He's also not what he was, which is probably a good thing :)
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