I beat the game!

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I beat the game!

Postby xspeedballx on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:33 am

It is not the first time I did this. But the first time in a long time(after long breaks and tons of retuning). I used a halfling rogue(and prayed and got a tri-sword). Hard Gaan-talet feels quite well tuned. It took the very last of my resources to finish the boss off(everything was dead, 2 alters desecrated, no relevant amount of piety left, all potions used, every item converted to get the last hit).

I also got my first vicious win too(also not really my first, again first with this profile and in a while). Probably one of the easier ones to pull off but it was a Halfling Zerker in VHoS. I took advantage of the ledger to prop up lots of early kills. Now I need to plug away at "Muu..." so I can open Dragon Isles.. berzerker in Labyrinth is terrible...
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