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Postby dislekcia on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:59 am

thaile wrote:Two request that I have currently would be.

1. Add a way to temp save and quit the game while in a dungeon. Sometimes I run out of time while in a dungeon and I hate losing all the effort and preparation gold because I had to turn off my comp.

In two minds about this one... The temp save might mean that people would save, load up the dungeon again and then play to explore it, close their browser and re-load the saved dungeon and then ace it because they know where everything is... It's a tricky thing to get right without leaving big holes in the game. We have theoretically built a system that could do it though, eventually.

thaile wrote:2. Would be to add a tooltip or something explaining how the guild store works. Took me forever to figure out your had to drag and drop the items you want to save. This is mainly because I didn't know you could drag and drop anything in the game.

You're right, that totally needs a tutorial to explain it (and the inventory a little better).
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