Spirit Pact - Pondering the mistery

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Spirit Pact - Pondering the mistery

Postby Lujo on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:13 am

Errr, not looking to start any wars here, I'm genuinely academicaly curious. Also, I'd feel stupid for not talking about this one more time.

So, me and Darvin (and a few other guys I bet) are really interested to know why Spirit Pact is the way it is. Devs, could you enlighten us?

We agree that it's underpowered. Whether it's the piety to CP ratio, or the fact that it's only workable with enough worthless conversion fodder ala spoons (and those not exactly being commonplace), the consensus seems to be that noone's been able to figure it out in a meaningful way for the duration of the testing. I used it in the new Crusader Bronze, but that just made me feel bad because the only time I felt like using it made sense was in such special circumstances.

Me and Avatar suggested a subdungeon with nothing but a bunch of non-efficent but numerous conversion fodder to support it a little better at one point. That idea went nowhere (or did it?)

So what's the deal? What's the hazard of a more piety-to-CP efficent spirit pact? I've played a lot of CP powerhouses over the time of the beta, I've done VGT with transmuters and I can see potential abuse of CP with Goblins and Humans, and not much else (New Wizards potentially). But I still think that even a buffed Spirit Pact wouldn't break anythign major... Or am I wrong and you know this? Maths? Divination? Pre-implementation testing info you haven't shared?

Not saying anything needs to be done, just really, really curious... Plus, if anyone knows what the deal is or has an interesting theory - go right ahead, I'd love to hear some CP mongering theorycrafting. All's been quiet on that front for a long while, and most people haven't really figred out the Transmuter yet...
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