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Cheezy bit of fun

Postby Lujo on Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:15 pm

Here's a cheezy bit of fun for anyone who wasn't aware (would be funny if I was the last guy to figure it out).

You first go kill the troll in havendale bridge for the sensation stone and locker it. Or kill Cha'Dylan if you're lucky enough to find wonnafyt. Or take one out of Gaan'Telet.

Then you prep it, fewer glyphs and the transmutation seal. Pick an orc.

Transmute the stone, and then convert a glyph - presto, bunch of gold and +8 base damage at lvl 1. Costs a pretty penny, but you can go places with a bunch of gold and +8 damage for so little effort :)

EDIT: Alternatively just pick a hafling tinker and fewer glyphs and then use one blue seal on one glyph, convert another, then do it again. That's 8 healing potions, for warmonger runs. Ought to be fun in easier dungeons.
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