Who is using the Trisword?

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Postby Lujo on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:30 pm

At Darvin:

Yeah, strangely enough. I'm not really saying its not powerful - in theory it's what you said. In practice the fight is over before you can capitalize on the benefits way too often (in my expirience). A utility effect of some sort would have me picking it up more often.

Sidestepper wrote:Back in the day, when the Sensation Stone was worth 300 (I think) and orcs had stacking bonuses, we called the conversion seal + stone + orc combo the "Storc." Or at least some of us did. Or maybe it was just me.

I do feel you on the issue of the wraps and the fierey sword having the same problem as the Fine Sword and Trisword. Both are good items worth having but also do very nearly the same thing. I tolerate them both in my pool because the niche they fill is so good that it's worth having two shots but I still wish they played more differently than they did.

And this primarily, if both of them got a small different utility effect it would also be alleviated. Because right now we sort of have 2 iterations of a very powerful but niche ability.

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