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Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:34 am
by The Avatar
Really? Dang.

Part 60: Now you have all gods. I hope you try out the extra altar prep. Goblin assassin is nice, but you aren't playing the SUPER ASSASSIN. I won't spoil the strategy, but it is totally counter intuitive, and it only requires one glyph past level 1. Thank you for thinking. That was going to give you mana burn. EM is nice in magma mines. I don't know how, but magma mines seems to waste a lot of your tiles, so you almost always run out of regen space. IMAWAL can prevent that. As a low level EM worshipper, you should basically ALWAYS take a couple shots of vine form. There is no way you can get that kill without taking damage. Refreshment would be incredible. It is a great combo for the goblin. That is 5 (or is it 4) extra fireballs. Of course it is way better with a big mana pool (refreshed warlords FTW). You can totally regen fight him. There is no point in exploring around him if he already has first strike. Why aren't you using IMAWAL? And you remembered it! FINALLY! That level 5 is out of your league. Cave snakes are some of the worst targets in the game. They are like spawning poisonous meat men. It's TERRIBLE. How on earth would you kill him. WAIT! Dang. You didn't need CYDSTEPP to win. You could have just hit, fireball twice and first strike. Okay, well at least you aren't using CYDSTEPP to kill that level 4. A level 8 cave snake is terrible. You practically have to use swift hands. You could kill that meat man. If you just keep using APHEELSIK, this will work. Even still, I'm not sure that it's worth the amount of tiles this will take. 5 tiles is the magic number. 5 tiles is the amount of tiles it costs to cast APHEELSIK AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT! Why does this never occur to you? There still is reason for GETINDARE, but you don't really need that dodge chance. NO! USE APHEELSIK AGAIN! THAT WAS A TOTALLY VIABLE KILL! You are totally misusing APHEELSIK! The whole point is you keep casting it throughout the battle so the enemy never stops being poisoned. As long as APHEELSIK nets you 5 tiles, you can keep APHEELSIKing until you WIN! Seriously, unless you are going to properly APHEELSIK, you have no shot against that level 8 meat man. You are totally wrong. Without properly using APHEELSIK, you will never win this fight at such as low level. Why do you have such a strange problem with APHEELSIKing again. YES! YOU GOT IT! JUST KEEP APHEELSIKING! And mistake. You could have just fireballed twice and first struck. Don't get so wrapped up in your APHEELSIKing that you fail to kill him. Please do this right. Don't forget the true value of APHEELSIK. That's not just an extra glyph, that's 100 CP. NO! APHEELSIK IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT BURNDAYRAZ! If he is going to run out of poison and you can't kill him right then, you use APHEELSIK! You could have explored 1 tile and used IMAWAL. All you need is one BURNDAYRAZ. Why would you explore 5 tiles when 3 was sufficient? Precasting IMAWAL and CYDSTEPP is like tilecide. Seriously, you are totally throwing away your black space. WRONG! :_(. If targeted the magic one off the bat you could use your clearances to finish him easily and then first strike the physical one. See, if you had put your divine resources first and foremost (as you should), you would have chose the physical immune one. That was creative, but unnecessary. Guess what magic immune means? YOU CAN'T USE SPELLS! This fight is going to be tough to watch. You could have killed the physical immune one feeling parched. PHYSICAL IMMUNE ALREADY WAS EASY! EASIER THAN THE MAGIC IMMUNE! You can and one hit which does less damage than two fireballs, and you had to throw away a level up to get that hit, and your god boons don't help you, and you miscalculated you damage. That was a good use of the strength potion. The only shame is now you won't be able to immediately kill him. When you kill one, the other is reduced to 1 hp. Corrosion on bosses barely matters unless you can't take a shot. Why would you get to level 9 first when you could start the battle now. The thing is, you should almost always be scoring two level ups on a boss. You might be able to score 3 mid fight level ups. You still don't understand the true power of the assassin. Why would you not try for yet another mid fight level up? How lame. You had another level up. You are limiting yourself. You missed a level 9 goblin. That's on you. Anyways, nice win on your first good try on magma mines. It could have been better, but that's okay. The main terrible thing it you virtually never used your god. You were riding on max piety and not even looking at EM. YOu could have avoided purchasing both items simply by taking two hits of vine form. You could have scored feeling parched by using clearance.

KEY POINTS: When regen fighting, APHEELSIK IS TOP PRIORITY! If the monster is going to run out of poison (tile count is under 5), you have 5 mana, and you can't kill it right now, CAST APHEELSIK! Never forget your god. You will always regret it. You tend to overvalue CYDSTEPP--it is far to resource intensive.

Part 61: Magma mines is a fun dungeon. The thing about the immune guys, is you only really need to kill one. The rogue, warlord, and berserker all have fairly easy times in the magma mines. Generally, any character who is really good at physical or magical fighting are good at this dungeon, although it is generally easier for physical guys because mages can't always take a hit from the magic immune guy. Ah! THE PACTMAKER! Yeah, you've seen these altars. One thing is the pacts cannot get you punished. They just don't activate without the piety. The best pact for your rogue is the warriors pact. An exp valuable enemy is any enemy that gives exp. The thing is you need to find a reliable source of piety. That level 3 is way out of your league. If you use that strength potion you can almost kill it. It isn't just +damage. It is +BASE DAMAGE. Anything that says +damage is +BASE DAMAGE. That means it is modified by your huge attack bonus. You need to explore around him so you can WEYTWUT him without him fully healing. Just restart. Take the strength potion off the bat so you still have enough mana for WEYTWUT. Always have the strength potion for the first hit. Thankfully he didn't have a few more hit points, but if he had that would have been a colossal waste. You don't get punished, instead you don't get your pact effect until you can pay for it again. Always WEYTWUT the lowest level thing (unless you are moving something out of the way). This is one of the few instances where you might want to take drac off the bat. You won't really get any boons out of him, but you will get a bunch of hp. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? WHY WOULD YOU THROW AWAY THE MORE VALUABLE POPCORN ON PURPOSE?! You don't get that hp without the piety. You can't just cheat the pactmaker. That is a poisonous level 5 that won't level you. Better known as a BAD target. That's a guitar, not an axe. How smart of you to save the guitar. I was going to comment on how you should. You can't hit anyone because you're only looking at targets you can't hit! You don't need to keep WEYTWUTing guys. You can just use the titan guitar later. That is why you always take magnet: fireball. OH MY GOD! THE LEGENDARY PACKROG EMERGES! Packrog is the unfair combination of Taurog and the Pactmaker. The insane amount of piety taurog generates is enough to abuse the pactmaker's pacts and still get all of Taurog's stuff. NOOOOOOO! WHY WOULD YOU NOT ACCEPT THE MIGHTY PACKROG?! If only you had. This would have been a shut out. You really should. You see, you don't have to convert out of the pactmaker. You just have a symbiotic relationship with the pactmaker. You feed him piety, and he feeds you power. This ought to be a joke. You are smart to turn to the great Packrog's might. I hope you don't forget your compression seal. Yes, you better not make the mistake of converting BURNDAYRAZ. He is considered an exp valuable enemy. It just nets you 8 piety, or 5 with the leech. Taurog is giving you happiness. Why would you not choose the level 7 minotaur who has less hp. No, you should stick to level 7's. You don't have nearly enough. Unless you throw away your popcorn for hp, it's going to be very difficult to hit 97. Nice job! As unintuitive as that was, I agree with what you did. Congratulations on thinking outside the box. Okay, that wasn't so smart. You need to save SOME popcorn. NO! STOP RIGHT NOW! NOW THE MAGIC IMMUNE BOSS WILL FULLY HEAL AND YOU ARE OF TAUROG! YOU HAVE TO THINK! You just made the dungeon effectively twice as hard because of a rash, spur of the moment, not thought out decision. You could have avoided this whole thing and scored feeling parched. Why do you hate getting feeling parched. WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! Why would you throw away a mid fight level up? You could have gotten two mid fight level ups and been only 14 damage short of killing the goblin jerk. Meh, Taurog doesn't get that angry. You have to REALLY not be paying attention to get punished by Tauorg, unless you intentionally convert some of his gear. Heck, your rogue almost has average hp. Just two more kills and he will! No, you don't the popcorn you kill will compensate for the fireballs. It's only 2 piety. Seriously, he won't get THAT angry. He isn't very easy. It's 5 solid hits from the boss. A mid fight level up (?), some fireballs., and a first strike hit should be plenty. Why would you fireball when you don't need to. This is not easier than HHoS. For a veteran player, HHoS is a much easier dungeon. You just don't have the same skill set as a veteran. Seriously, the better you get at regen fighting, the more of a joke the indomitable becomes. I've killed him at level 4.

KEY POINTS: Never kill one bodyguard unless you can see the other. Packrog is unstoppable. When you have a choice between killing more valuable popcorn vs less valuable (and in this case damaging) popcorn, always choose LESS VALUABLE. Always precast (pre-use?) the strength potion, so you also get your full magical resources against the enemy. An exp valuable enemy is any enemy without the "No Experience" trait.

Part 62: I agree with you. Do it until it's done. It may be just doing the same dungeon over again, but every run is unique. Each class makes you play differently unless you use Taurog (Read: CLICK TILL IT DIES!), and there are so many random elements that it is so different ever. Southern Swamp it is the easiest dungeon in the game (not counting Hobbler's Hold). Seriously, you have an issue with plants. Why would you take a piece of popcorn over 10 or so mana burn plants that are ALL in the way. Binlor is the god of all wall destroying happiness. Actually, he gives you PISORF. His first boon gives you ENDISWAL for 35 piety. You pushed him into a "flyable" as the devs named them. "Flyables" are the uncrossable, indestructible terrain that is usually represented by liquid (water, lava, etc) or a pit of spikes (or whatever that red stuff is). PISORF only does damage if you push something into a wall or another enemy. Generally when playing Binlor you should immediately get ENDISWAL as fast as you can. Yeah, you never had a shot against the meat man. Wow, you moused over every boon except the one that gives you ENDISWAL. That was rather amusing. You can't beat that meat man. ACCEPT IT! You can beat a level 3 enemy at best without any more boosters/glyphs/items. The boss is always the same. That's partially why it's so easy. There, now the level 4's are good targets. This is painfully amusing. You just threw away a health potion, and you've foolishly limited yourself to PISORF. You should target the level 6 gorgon. You can't quite beat the level 7 snake (which you pushed into blackspace). TT is the yellow god. He's a fun one. Probably my favorite god of all. THE CRUSADER! YES! UNLOCK HIM! You need to score 100 piety to get the crusader to talk to you. You seriously overvalue poison. His best boons are Tikki's Edge and Reflexes. Tikki loves APHEELSIK. If you didn't want BURNDAYRAZ, I'd take it. PISORF is designed to be a pain until you purchase ENDISWAL. If you gain max piety now you can get the crusader! You aren't even close to that level 8 zombie. Why would you convert to TT before a big fight. You should always convert RIGHT before you score a big kill. Be careful. If TT punishes you you are basically screwed. I told you, the poison boon is inconsequential. You only score a piety for the FIRST hit on each monster, and it amounts to basically one tile per level of poison. You're screwed. Two hits and he punishes. Wow that was close. I'm so glad you were paying attention to piety. I'm glad you understand how TT is best played. He poisons you. You may get the kill, but it will leave you poisoned. There is no point in using APHEELSIK against a poisoner. You already get that 1 piety from the poison boon, and using ENDISWAL scores the extra hit. NO! USE ENDISWAL TWICE SO YOU CAN SURVIVE AN EXTRA--DANG! You are cursed, so no matter what he does enough to kill you. YOU ARE EXPLORING?! YOU ARE CURSED! PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU HAVE ON YOU! Lol, you would have survived that. YOU'RE CURSED! That was a terrible overall result. He didn't even level you. No, you are fine. You can beat that boss handily with what you already have. If you use Reflexes this will be even easier. You should be able to score two mid fight level ups if you don't waste popcorn. Which, of course, is what you immediately did. If you are trying to get close to leveling, DO NOT USE POPCORN TO DO SO. Do good reasonable fights to get close, then popcorn to make the 1-5 exp remaining, so you can score TWO mid fight level ups. You cannot regen fight a two level higher zombie without BURNDAYRAZ. You've thrown away so much popcorn that I'm crying on the inside. WHY DO YOU LIMIT YOURSELF TO 1 MID FIGHT LEVEL UP? WHY, OH WHY, OH WHY?! Dodge is not that valuable. Reflexes is more valuable in almost every fight (every fight under 20 attacks). Scholar's Pack is the late game pack. It makes your mid fight level ups vs the boss very valuable, especially later in the game. It is the difference between one and two hits. Take reflexes. Good. Here's the 5 second explanation of both potions: You use it and get an extra hit. Why would you not use your excess mana on ENDISWALs? There. See, easy. Reflexes is an awesome boon.

KEY POINTS: Never level up with remaining mana unless you literally cannot use it. DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF TO 1 MID FIGHT LEVEL UP. Look at taking early god boons. Seriously, you practically only consider late game potential, which is about 10% of the stuff gods can give you. And it isn't even the best 10%. Binlor's first boon provides ENDISWAL for 35 piety. I recommend it.

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:33 am
by The Avatar
Okay, it's time to get caught up. Here goes!

Part 63: It's generally good policy to stick with a quest, although later in the game you may want to abandon some of the quests and come back when you are later (vicious quests anyone?). Warlord is one of the few classes I don't take magnet: fireball with because CYDSTEPP alone is enough to carry you. You are often better off taking two extra attack boosters. That is a nice set of preps. One thing is the middle prep is not in any way connected to the pactmaker. It literally spawns an extra altar The first thing you should do is compress your locker item. I would start on either your entrance or altar to figure out where to WONAFYT, because those are the two worst squares to cover. Health is not very good for a warlord. You would be much better served with any mana boosting items. There are 10, so just count. I hope you start to like counting. This will help you later on. How is B2P useful? It allows you two do a focused fireball spike that would normally be only achievable through one off resources, and which also avoids any status affects you might have gotten from any non-counter-fireball enemy. I sound like a freaking dictionary. If it does nothing, why kill it? You could have IMAWALed it if you found IMAWAL. Don't forget to cast CYDSTEPP. Eh, you can use Taurog. It wouldn't be a good overall choice, but you would still win. Yeah, the speeches are buggy. It's a shame. They are rather amusing sometimes. He's a mana burner. How do you propose to kill him? Those enemies are both out of your league. And this will leave you poisoned. If only you would just do the math... You only get one attack on the wraith. You would have been able to kill him if you had just stacked burning. How did you not realize? It said BARELY ALIVE on the combat predictor. You clearly need to look at the panel more. You have might because you drank a mana potion. Don't complain. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? If you had just gone up to FULL MANA like you should that would have worked. You have to pay attention. This absentmindedness hurts you so much. It's already been a mana potion and 26 tiles. 26 TILES! Spirit pact isn't that good unless you go for more small conversion things. Like potions. Or spoons. There was really no reason to take a pact. It was smart not to, as you can save your consensus in case you need it. How on earth are you planning to kill a level 6 mana burner. You could kill him off a level up, assuming you took the health booster, but that's it. You had an extra 6 mana when you leveled. You might as well fireball something. Why would you kill the wraith if you aren't going to level up off it? Now you have to throw away popcorn and that's an unfortunate waste. You really should go for the magically immune one. It will be much easier. All you have to do is convert WONAFYT for an extra CYDSTEPP. If only you had thought. Thank you for regenerating exactly enough. Of course, you should have done the math in the first place, but at least you attempted to salvage it. You should go ahead and convert WONAFYT for 3 CYDSTEPPs. Wow, you just did that. That's like reading my future mind in the past. Or whatever. Nice job with that anyways, it was definitely your best choice. Actually, in a sense you really are wasting that exploration. Frankly, once you are good enough you should consider exploration unless it nets you BOTH health and mana. You can kill him rather easily with a mid fight level up. Good job seeing that. You are quite correct. You really don't have enough damage. I personally prefer damaging warlords. It will only put you at 21. The first hit dispels the slow and thus the extra exp. YES! YOU PLAYED IT RIGHT! THAT MEANS YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY KILL THE OTHER BOSS WITH YOUR EXTRA MANA! That, good sir, was VERY WELL DONE. One thing you should have done as soon as you saw the crusader subdungeon was take Taurog. Not for any of the boons. Just for a piety farm. Always explore out the map before tackling the boss in case there is any hidden popcorn or potions remaining on the map. For the final hit you should use schadenfreude. Good. You remembered. This was a very well done run other than the painful early mistakes.

KEY POINTS: Never forget to check up on enemies abilities (ESPECIALLY POISON AND MANA BURN). Do the math if you aren't sure. Add little mental checks before you start a fight to make sure you have all precasts, both stat bars are full, etc.

Part 64: Plant rage? This ought to be... interesting. Wow, that would be hilarious. I'm routing for gnome berserker in Namtar's Lair. Ick isn't that hard once you get better at dealing with plants. Goblin... bloodmage? That could be fun. You need more bloodmage practice (and appreciation for B2P), so I'm glad that got randomized. Purist is nasty for the bloodmage. Your game relies very heavily on BURNDAYRAZ, so not being able to prep it is PAINFUL. Elven boots are great for the bloodmage. It gets rid of your mana penalty. Those preps seem a bit overkill for a normal dungeon, but whatever. Hoarder is such a pain. Be very happy you brought a compression seal. I don't know where the quite a bit stronger came from, but you can at least beat level 2s. You can get 3 burns. That means you can score a total of 18 damage or 20 utilizing burning pop off. The pendant of health isn't terrible, there are just so many better items out there. You really need to do more class challenges to expand your shop pool. The bloodmage is a class that must be very delicately balanced. You have to balance between turning your blood into magic for fireballs and just beating stuff up. YOU CAN WIN RIGHT NOW BY FIREBALLING! Seriously, you need to account for burning damage. It is HUGE early. A level 4 would be a much better, but adventurers can't be choosers. There, you win. Wow, that's classic. Whenever you see an altar through some walls it means you'll have to go through about 1000 enemies to get there. You haven't even seen the labyrinth. It is a waste. Binlor isn't particularly good for your bloodmage. It wasn't worth killing popcorn to do so. IT ALWAYS GIVES YOU PISORF. That is what is says when you mouse over the WORSHIP button. I'm glad you realized GG would hate B2P. Thank you for using common sense. Every higher level kill is a victory. If you are grumbling about 1 level higher kills, I can't wait till you do vicious. Extra hp is actually very valuable for a bloodmage. Of course, you need to remember to take consensus first. DANG! That means your pact will be virtually useless. You only have the piety to score 2-3 hp off it tops. That golem has magic res. You cannot beat him. Every enemy is exp valuable if it gives any exp (which is almost everything). You may get off 3 fireballs, but at the price of half your hp bar. You are a level 3 with below average stats. He will totally beat you unless you score a mid fight level up. You can throw out 4 fireballs right now. With a level up and just a flat out hit you have won. That extra 1 health is the difference between 3 and 4 fireballs. How valuable. Yes, a level up kill is definitely the best way to approach the fight. Err, why would you potion? The burning pop off was good, but throwing away one of the bloodmage's extra powerful mana potions for 4 extra exp seems quite a waste. I hate to burst your bubble, but that magic resist kind of ruins your plans. I don't think it is worth throwing away 7 exp's worth in popcorn for a 2 level higher kill is worth it. There is a level 7 gorgon below your position. It is an ideal target. I'm glad you saw it. Either way, the kill requires you to use the blood pool, so you should choose the harder of the two. The level 7 meat man is NOT an easy kill. You can use B2P in spite of mana burn and gain mana anyways. Well, that's a bit of a waste, but it's a normal dungeon. WAIT! Each blood stain gives you a mana, so you didn't need to use 3. Two was plenty. That golem is far to tough of a target for you. You have a compression seal. You really aren't in trouble. You could kill the boss right now between popcorn and blood pools. He actually does a lot of damage. Why would you not be burning him. You can totally destroy Cha'Dylan with BURNDAYRAZ. You should have used your fireballs and saved your hp so you can pass over blood pools. You could just burn it and then first strike. You can totally own this boss. Just punch it repeatedly and use level ups and blood pools. Hoarder and miser are not that bad together. Oh yeah, on a side note, you can pick up that sensation stone and locker it. I recommend just hitting bosses. It is more effective than B2Ping. You can just use a bunch of blood pools. You are blowing the difficulty of this boss out of proportion. You did make a fairly stupid and embarrassing mistake, but it happens to all of us. WHY? You seriously underestimate the power of blood pools. You already have feeling parched, so you could use all of your mana potions to fireball and increase your sanguine percent. YES! Don't give up yet! Always burn while you can. Good choice. Don't B2P. Several more hits consists of 4 or so blood pools. Potions would be quicker, but you are losing cash out of game whenever you do so. Wow. Plant Rage was a very apt name. Well, nice win and all that (I feel like I'm being unoriginal because you never lose...).

KEY POINTS: If you are only going to use a pact (and or don't foresee purchasing any high cost boons), then take consensus beforehand. If you are going to use a potion to get a good kill, think about how much more exp you get using that potion vs a level up kill and ask yourself: "Is this potion really worth less than X exp?". Golems are terrible targets for a bloodmage.

Part 65: Well, at least it looks like you're going to get the crusader. Wow, this is set up to be a joke! Only... one? And it's cheeky? You could score specialist and unstoppable I bet, and I wouldn't be surprised if you could get warmonger. This is actually one of the easiest dungeons out there, and you are a berserker, the ideal class. A fine sword is a fine prep for your berserker. Wait, magnet: fire as a berserker? I would just prep Taurog and get warmonger instead. The smuggler's den is a mediocre prep. You are basically trading slightly worse stats for extra regen space. They are both level 1 magic attackers. What a waste. TAUROG! You can definitely score warmonger then. It's good you forgot your fireball. Again. Just keep forgetting please. Scoring warmonger will make things much easier in the future. Go with warmonger. You won't regret it. Warmonger and miser makes a tough combination. Actually, Taurog makes it fine. That is a terrible target. Why on earth would you not just convert some of the glyphs lying around? You aren't picking them up! You can kill popcorn for Taurog piety, but only as a last resort. Yeah, you might cry over the curse. All monsters but two deal magic damage, so curse is terrible. Thank you for noticing the strength potion. Now convert BURNDAYRAZ and take the helm to get the kill. CONVERT BURNDAYRAZ. You CAN out explore him. YOU'RE RIGHT! THERE ARE PEOPLE ON THE FORUM UNHAPPY ABOUT THAT! IT WAS TOTALLY UNAVOIDABLE! You had a convertable BURNDAYRAZ, you are going WARMONGER, and you were 1 piety short of 65% MAGIC RES. You could see from the outlook that wouldn't have worked. On the other hand if you were to get one more Taurog item... This is an instance where killing popcorn is okay. 1 popcorn exp to score 8 bonus exp is a good trade in my book. You got the iron man? You lucked out. You have over 25 piety and you haven't gotten all of Taurog's items. That is a problem. If you take one, JUST ONE item from Taurog you would have enough damage to kill without wasting tiles. YOU CAN TAKE TWO TAUROG ITEMS! At least you noticed. Although noticing a little bit earlier would have saved you tiles and the hassle of regen fighting this goat. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! IT SAID WIN. THAT MEANS CLICK ON THE ENEMY. You (once again) are forgetting to factor resistances into your regen fighting calculations. You know what would be a great target? The indomitable. You could kill him at level 5, and you'll be able to kill him at level 6. Seriously, do the math. You could have saved a ton of tiles by just doing the math or regen fighting more cautiously. You can't beat the iron man right now, so take out the indomitable. He is so easy. In fact, I would purposely NOT level up, as to score the extra bonus exp. Seriously, is this run not case in point that HHoS is too easy? Rather easy? One of the easiest. You should take Unstoppable Fury because you don't want to accidentally waste piety by going over 100. Just on principle. Feeling Parched WOULD be doable if you hadn't already used a potion. Health potion will do it, you just don't account for resistance and DR. There, this is all clean up. Congrats on unlocking the crusader. They're quite a unique class... Anyways, good win on an easy hard with an ideal class. It was super fun and easy. I'm glad you noticed the walled in area. Just prep a transmutation seal to clear through that.

KEY POINTS: Before you use a potion make sure it is necessary. If you are of Taurog, have over 32 piety and have not taken all of the items and a DP, there is something wrong. Do the math. AND CALCULATE RESISTS FOR REGEN FIGHTING!

Part 66: It is the last one! The crusader isn't particularly good for magma mines. There aren't even curse guys. On the contrary--crusaders work greatly with goblins. You level up a bunch IMMEDIATELY, then since you have extra popcorn and less level ups for momentum you can really get your damage going. Unfortunately, BURNDAYRAZ ends your momentum. That is JJ. And you found him very early. And you are immune to a bunch of his punishments. This ought to be great. Flames doesn't half your attack bonus, it subtracts 50% from attack bonus. That means it leaves your average 30% attack bonus adventurer at -20% attack bonus. Because you are CORRODED he can kill you in one shot. Weaken just lowers your base damage. Did you even lock at momentum. I'd mouse over it. You can just keep stacking that. Momentum is tricky. You have to balance it properly. GETINDARE is quite nice for the crusader. The boss is magic immune. You can't WEYTWUT him. Good. Petition is huge. Boost mana is actually rather lame for a crusader. Unfortunately, JJ isn't THAT good for a crusader. A crusader wants damage above all, and that is the one thing JJ does NOT provide. You don't need to level up right now. You should be fishing for a good target rather than throwing away popcorn. You just need to look for a better target. WAIT! Make sure the direction you are pushed does not shove you into blackspace. Why are you so intent on killing much higher level targets? Your crusader is simply not good enough to kill that level 6 wraith, or any level 6 for that matter. On the other hand the one level higher level 4 is a good target. How on earth do you plan to whittle a 3 level higher guy. You regen ridiculously slowly. If you had pre-quaffed the strength potion that was viable. It was a good plan. If only you could remember your strength potion. Or an extra mana and a piece of popcorn. NO! DON'T YOU DARE WASTE YOUR GETINDARE! Good. You did waste popcorn. but it's okay. The crusader always starts slow. You just have to get your momentum going (both literally and figuratively). Wow, that only leaves the walled in secret class. Taurog is GREAT for the transmuter. Just remember to save BURNDAYRAZ. 1 level above you is fine. If that is the best your character can do, then JUST DO THAT. Ick is really easy with the crusader, although the plants eat your momentum alive (unless they fixed it/changed it). You have a compression seal. For your shop pool that hero's helm is great, but as soon as you get some good items, you'll see. How on earth is your level 5 going to beat a level 9? Wait! NO! STOP! You should convert into Taurog who is VERY EFFECTIVE for your crusader. 19 mana isn't even very good for a crusader. You might as well be playing a guard. If only you had strength potioned... What a waste. If you had just converted to Taurog this would be so much easier. How were you going to kill him? Stop complaining about how you can't kill anything, killing some 1 level higher targets, and STOP WASTING YOUR TIME TRYING RIDICULOUS KILLS! You are destroying yourself in a desperate attempt to get a kill that your crusader cannot manage. Wrong. If you level up, clean up a good amount of popcorn, throw back a strength potion and hit and first strike. I'm going to be honest: you are playing badly. The majority of your run has been you attempting far to difficult kills and complaining about how lame your character is. I always stay honest here (although that might have been a bit too harsh). A level up kill is suicidal. Wow, that was accidentally quite smart. If you just level up now you can kill him without taking damage and save tiles. Why is your DAMAGE FOCUSED crusader going for a PHYSICALLY IMMUNE boss? Just harvest some popcorn, throw down a strength potion, regen 3 tiles, and kill the magically immune boss. That would level you and you can fireball the last one. Then use the exploration in your subdungeon to regen up for the final kill which you can use your remaining resources to defeat. You should just kill him. Throw down the strength potion to destroy this guy. Look at that. you can practically kill him right there is it even worth leveling? Why does it matter when you have GETINDARE? Taurog can deal with you throwing a fireball or two. Grab the armor, clean up as much as possible (and the momentum from killing weak popcorn lets you kill strong popcorn). You'll definitely win, but this was a painful run. Why would you not use your strength potion? You have extra regen space. Taurog takes away mana. Throw down the strength potion after a mana to do a cool kill. And there goes your GETINDARE. That's why you have to THINK. That was a very poorly played run. At least you recognized it though. You never looked at the subdungeon. Also, you really need to look for the last race. It is out west.

KEY POINTS: Seriously, take the best kill you can get and don't try kills you cannot get. JJ is bad for the transmuter. You want DAMAGE. Don't just remember the strength potion--USE IT! Wow. Those are my only two big points, but you have to realize just how big the first point is. That is basically the source of how terrible that run was.

If I might make a recommendation, Jay. I recommend you take a break and take out a bunch of class challenges. Especially do silvers and the bronze challenges for classes you are BAD with, as it helps you learn them a bit. If you are up for a normal run, I recommend out west for the final race. Also, you really need to do the gnome and halfling puzzles. The two items they give are ridiculous.

Oh, and one final note: Even though you hadn't noticed (clicking too fast through your trophy sales), that last goblin bone sold for 30 gold. 30 GOLD! That means the devious and mysterious trophies marked with a bloody "H" (which have been talked about in previous story banners) are starting to really hit your economy. Since the (IMO) under-communicated goal of the game (as in what ends the main storyline) is to collect all of the trophies, I recommend you do that as fast a possible.

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:57 pm
by JayPlaysIndieGames
I do lose actually. Ick swamp is the latest example, I don't remember did I lose three times in row there or was it just two?
I lost against the Stheno dungeon twice before I beat it as well. I would say I am about 50/50 on whether I beat a hard dungeon without losing a few times first. Then after I figure it out I stop losing mainly because I play with classes that I think will do we there.
Magma Mines would have probably been a nightmare with the paladin for instance, so I didn't try that.

I expect as I do more and more "completion" stuff in hard dungeons I will lose more often. I have never done "purist" in any hard dungeon for instance.

Yeah I should be doing challenges and puzzles, but whenever I sit down to play I am just drawn to the adventure map even if I am thinking "okay challenge run today". But never fear I will do them all eventually.

By the way is it possible to "purist" run all the vicious dungeons? Just wondering I assume people here have done it if it is possible.

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:18 pm
by Lujo
JayPlaysIndieGames wrote:Yeah I should be doing challenges and puzzles, but whenever I sit down to play I am just drawn to the adventure map even if I am thinking "okay challenge run today". But never fear I will do them all eventually.

Do the item unlock ones at least once if you haven't. I totally understand the sentiment and stuff, but grind it out, it's worth it. :)

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:37 pm
by The Avatar
Vicious is doable with all of the badges. That statement may seem crazy now, but you will realize just how insane it is after you unlock a certain item.

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:14 am
by The Avatar
And we're back! Just one a day now (secretly jumps for joy).

Part 67: The transmuter is a great generalist. It isn't your conversion bonus, you just gain 3 CP. Right then and there. It is basically a strength potion every time you convert. Go west! Dang. Eh, venture cave is fine. Wait, you can just get Miser. Northern Desert is one of the easier dungeons. Once you get better you can see Aequitas is more of a sack of exp than a boss. Goblin isn't a great transmuter. The best way to play a transmuter is to use them to get great stats. There isn't a bad transmuter, but human, the race you don't have, and elves. As long as you are going back for easier runs you don't really need to totally deck yourself out with preps. You ALWAYS take some LEMISI early. It is never bad. You get glyphs, gods, and subdungeons. Do you not see that? There are TWO staircases down. No, look at your CP. You just get 3 CP. Ouch. So much for feeling parched. It goes to 68 because you just get the CP. The CP is injected into your character. Yeah, NO. The LEMISI(?) is a mistake waiting to happen. You're transmuter is not nearly good enough to kill a level 3 this early. That's fine. I usually convert LEMISI early too. Save that transmutation seal. You tend to overvalue exploration. You should't. You are poisoned. NO! SAVE THAT TRANSMUTATION SEAL! YOU CAN SEE THE SECRET SUBDUNGEON! NOOOOOOOOOO! WEYTWUT! Don't forget what you threw away a new class to get. You can kill the golem... Don't be so worried over early game exploration. Some classes just need a while to get off the ground. Everything is base damage. Good job waiting for conversion. Although, by converting WONAFYT you score two conversions and waste a spirit sword. If you had just IMAWALed a monster that would have gotten you a conversion to kill the goat. It's 3 CP. WEYTWUTing is super inefficient if you want to get CP. You can still reach the secret subdungeon! If you convert PISORF, I am not going to be happy. It is not worth popcorn bowling just for the sake of it. If you have a target, just kill that target. This is ridiculously inefficient, and now you are wasting one of the spirit swords if you convert a glyph. DO NOT CONVERT PISORF! You are a level 3. You are not good enough to deal 120 damage at level 3. It seems crazy because it IS crazy, but still doable. If you use a mana potion to WEYTWUT you could, and frankly that is worth it. You just switched yourself to the middle of nowhere. Lol. There, one spell will throw away your mana. No, that is smart. IMAWALing first wastes some mana and therefore tiles, but you get your mana in fight. It's hard to lose in normal, but this is a a painful waste of tiles. Wow, that goo blob is lined up for optimal PISORFage, and by that I mean it will break a path to the secret subdungeon. You never ever account for having to pay for WEYTWUT. It was still an immense waste of exploration. You are running VERY low on tiles. Why are you so insistant on using mana potions to kill guys? NO! DO NOT CONVERT PISORF! AT LEAST SCORE THE SECRET SUBDUNGEON! You are playing an elf vs a physical resistance boss and you have virtually thrown away all of your mana potions (managing to preserve one), you've thrown away almost all of your tiles, and you have given away your shot at unlocking the last special class. If this was anything but a normal dungeon this would be a loss. The other boss is a joke. You can get a 5 level higher kill on this boss without potions. You got 4 level higher kills on enemies USING POTIONS. Use mid fight level ups rather than potions. It will help you immensely in the long run. WHY WOULD YOU USE A POTION INSTEAD OF A LEVEL UP? Eploring is a terrible idea. All you had to do was pick up the attack booster sitting there on the map before you hit him. You can go ahead and kill the blob. This dungeon is such a joke. And then use schadenfreude to win. You won, but you gave up on a secret class. NO! YOU ARE WRONG! THERE IS ANOTHER STAIRCASE IN PLAIN SIGHT! That is just walled in water tiles. There is only one hidden thing and that is the staircase.

KEY POINTS: Don't be so worried about exploration at level 1--some classes take awhile to get of the ground. On the other hand, if you are exploring a lot still at level 3, you are in trouble. Don't just popcorn bowl with exploration if you have a good target. Don't forget you can use PISORF to break walls. Oh, and please do class challenges. Seriously, you have 4 done. And you have 14 unlocked. And most of them will unlock another as soon as you do it.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:53 pm
by JayPlaysIndieGames
Okay so from tomorrow I am going to do bronze challenges until I have the cash to get the goat upgrade. I have about 1000 now so it should be several challenges. And that will help me push into the challenge runs.
Eventually I will look at the puzzles again, but not for a while.

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:15 am
by The Avatar
I love the idea, but first you need to upgrade your bank. You can't hold the 3000 necessary to upgrade the goat glade.

Thief Silver (1st Try): I'm so glad you're doing class challenges. Thief Silver is one of the more interesting ones. The trick is there are NO level 1s. The monster compositions reversed! Those highlighted monster icons on the maps are level 2s. The chests are essential. The most important one is the level 5 one which has ENDISWAL. You have WEYTWUT, so you don't need GETINDARE. You can convert LEMISI to get that extra attack. CONVERT LEMISI. You need the tiles much more than you need LEMISI. Ugh. This is hurting you so much. You know that converting glyphs gives you attack power, so convert the LEMISI! You are effectively killing your run right now. All you need to do is convert the LEMISI glyph after you find the level 2 and 1 attack booster to win. You're right. This isn't the best. Converting LEMISI was the best. You don't need exactly 8 mana. The health potion will give you 2 or so mana. It's okay to use that potion. It is the correct way to win the fight. It should be pretty obvious from this challenge that you cannot beat 2 level higher monsters. All you have to do is hit, regen 2 tiles, and kill him. There, now rinse and repeat. You aren't thinking. You have to double check. The tiles you regenerated from WEYTWUTing gave him too much hp. You're already down 2 potions? You might as well give up. Wait, what? There is an almost infinite supply of level 9's that you will not kill, so IMAWAL one of them. There are about 5000 level 9's that you will never fight--IMAWAL THEM! When things are 3 hits, convert a glyph. There is a difference between those 3 hits. One is like 2 and one eighth. The other is literally 3 hits. AGAIN! You need to think about the ramifications of your actions! You will basically not be killing 2 higher level monsters unless you want to use stoneskin, and you have some many IMAWALable level 9's, so you should be IMAWALing 1 level higher stuff. You really should look over the chests. I'd bet one of those is GETINDARE or ENDISWAL. If you cannot explore exactly enough, explore the minimum. As soon as you see the chests you should check them. You haven't even looked at the ENDISWAL chest, which is the single most important chest there is. If you would just kill the chest sitting there in plain sight you would have ENDISWAL, which is the single most important glyph. It lets you score 2 higher level kills and convert WEYTWUT. Wow. This is terrible and amusing at the same time. The key to making the whole challenge easy has been sitting right in front of your face the whole time and you STILL haven't seen it. Remember, slowed goes away after one hit or fireball. And you miscklicked. Well, you would have won. Just look for the level 5 chest and you will have an even easier time of things.

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:20 pm
by JayPlaysIndieGames
My bank says it can hold up to 4,000 which seems to be plenty.

Today's run is a bit short. . .but hilarious in its own way

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:06 pm
by The Avatar
My mistake. They changed the caps.

Berserker Bronze: This is one of my favorite challenges. I would not recommend using the goatperson until you win the game. You want to show off what people will be able to use (special edition content is closed once the game is released). Wow, you still don't have the final race (who is great for berserkers, rogues, priests, etc). This ought to be interesting. This challenge basically makes you go hoarder. I love the names in this dungeon, and frankly the whole dungeon. It's got such great flavor. Why don't you like killing goats? They are born fodder. These monsters are all weak. It's a bronze challenge. Frankly, you can do two a day. They only take about 15 minutes at the most. There's not much to comment on. You are doing admirably. I don't know about that wizard. It is close, so unless you do the math, stick to a level 7 goat. Just do the math PLEASE! Dang, that won't work without a potion. Frankly, the boss is easy enough to do parched, so it's fine. You should kill a level 7. Good. Just make sure you don't limit yourself to weaker kills. What? Always kill the lowest level popcorn possible when you are forced to eat popcorn. That goat is to tough. You did the right thing. Just remember to explore exactly enough. You should check monsters abilities. He had fast regen and cowardly. That basically means you can't fight him unless you is surrounded. You could just regen fight him. That was a waste of potions. You could have won rather easily just by leveling up once more and punching stuff to death. If you want Ding! Max kill the higher level monster, not the lower level one. Why not? You get more exp, that's why not. You could lose this run. You get this pretty early in the game. Anyways, smackdown is fun and all that. I really don't get much to comment on in these bronzes. They are sooooo easy!

KEY POINTS: Always make sure you are getting the best kill possible. Always check monster stat panels for abilities. If you aren't sure do some math.