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Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:37 pm
by The Avatar
It's no problem.

Part 69: Random runs are fun. You lucked out on that random pick. If it had been goblin sorcerer this would have been so much harder. You tend to always prep the compression seal and not use it. Wow. Nice start. Always use the compression seal immediately. It is a good decision. End of story. Wow, MA! MA is incredible for gnome spell casters. The refreshment boon is incredibly powerful as you can save glyph conversion until the boss for little or no penalty. I'm glad you didn't fully heal. That would have been a mistake to do so. You can definitely win that. Sorcerer's a great early. In cramped maps save your subdungeon exploration as much as possible. Wow, tough luck. This is one instance where you probably shouldn't cast LEMISI too much. If it reveals the other boss you are in trouble. Oh, that was a BIG mistake. LEMISI is great in this dungeon (because of the bosses special ability. Good. Always kill the first strikers as popcorn when possible. Red sparkles are Dracul. On a side note, JJ is GREAT for gnomes. Mystera into JJ (or vice versa) is even better. With drac you could smack a vicious dungeon. Seriously. You use JJ for Mana Boost (TWICE!) and MA for Refreshment and maybe mystic balance. Then out to drac for extra boss hitting. Good. You remembered burning pop off. Ugh. Zombies are not fun opponents. Zombies and dragons have identical stats. So do golems, goos, and snakes. Yeah, you got that right. A minotaur. And a mean one at that. REFRESHMENT! Woah. You just totally glossed over refreshment. It is Mystera's best boon. Sorcerer's are actually slightly worse with B2P because they have the ability. Now, this is what blocked off is. Actually, Rex is a pretty wimpy boss. Yes, Rex always teleports orthogonally (the non-diagonal directions) to you when you kill a monster. That means you can get past him using corners ocasionally. That was well summed up. You get ONE hit. You do 35 damage per fireball, so this is fine with refreshment, except you only 2 glyphs. At least use B2P. Good. At least use B2P before you convert it. Come on! Good. Thank you for realizing that. NOOO! THAT WASTED MANA! That was poorly done. You wasted so many potions. Correct. You can wait and take home whichever trophy you prefer. Dracul is the only reason you could win this after such a poor first boss fight. How lucky of you. The labyrinth is considered one of the nastiest dungeons out there (along with shifting passages, the slime pits, and cursed oasis). You really kind of lucked out on this. As long as you are just exploring you might as well be fireballing anyone just to gain piety from MA. Of course the tower shield won't let you take a hit from the dragon. The dragon deals MAGIC DAMAGE! Yeah, you aren't out of the woods yet. Frankly, the only reason you are having so much trouble is you haven't found 2 of the health boosters. One important thing you should never forget: the sanguine boon costs 5 hp. That means a hit from him should leave you with more that 10 if you want to get good use out of sanguine. You should really explore past the goblin for the other health booster--never mind. Game over. You MAY have won. It wasn't as easy as you thought. You would have needed to score a good amount of sanguine from dracul. Frankly, you can live with Rex for a good while without having to deal with him.

KEY POINTS: Use the compression seal immediately. Refreshment and JJ are both much better than you give them credit for. Always explore the whole map (or at least get all boosters, shops, and glyphs) before you fight the final boss. Use B2P more. It's good. Always make sure you are under 50% mana when you use refreshment. Save all glyph conversions until the boss for gnomes (especially if you find MA), unless you really need the space.

Transmuter Bronze: Ah, this is a good learner's challenge. Wow, Bloodmages and Monks are both incredibly top tier classes. Speaking of the explorer's guild classes, you are missing one. The one behind the wall in double doom (and sometimes in other ones). Good, you should always use LEMISI immediately just to find boosters, glyphs and altars. And you didn't notice he was cowardly. As I say, look at the panel. Everyone is cowardly because that is how the challenge messes with you. You are an elf. Converting glyphs should be done frequently. You don't need CYDSTEPP and WEYTWUT. You can toss one for the mana and spirit sword. You don't need a potion when you have spirit sword up your sleve. Sprirt sword is great with CYDSTEPP, but only if you precast CYDSTEPP. That was a very good kill. Just precast CYDSTEPP and they are both easy kills. It may have been a mistake (and you must ALWAYS watch your conversion bar as a transmuter, but at least you can capitalize off it. Attack boosters (and any percent-based attack increase are going to be incredible for the transmuter. Your spirit sword increases your base damage for one turn, so your percent increases increase the spirit sword. Just use burning pop-off. Well, better accidentally than not at all. You should find better targets. You could kill a level 8 or an easy level 9. You weren't at full mana and he has magic res. What were you thinking? You have much more exploration than you think. Those water tiles are your exploration too. I hope you noticed that you are about to spirit sword. CYDSTEPP. It will be better. It would have been the kill. A POTION! It's okay to use potions sometimes, but you didn't have to! There are TWO health boosters right in there. This is an easy challenge. You just played poorly. YOU HAVE SO MUCH EXPLORATION! THE REST OF THE MPA IS MADE OF UNEXPLORED WATER TILES! You should kill the bandit, get the health booster, cast CYDSTEPP, cast BURNDAYRAZ, and convert the glyph. CYDSTEPP! WHY?! The one time you refuse to use CYDSTEPP is the one time it would be GREAT! 16 mana is the magic amount for CYDSTEPP and BURNDAYRAZ off a mid fight level up. You made tons of mistakes, but this is bronze challenge. Wait, why wouldn't you unlock him now?

KEY POINTS: Always use your conversion power at 0 mana. 16 mana is CYDSTEPP and BURNDAYRAZ, not BURNDAYRAZ and BURNDAYRAZ with 4 mana left over. Don't always accept that you shouldn't explore sometimes the smartest thing to do is look for a better target (even if you could just take a 2 level higher kill. Make sure you get all your boosters. As a human or elf, use the conversion to level up. As a halfling or gnome, use the conversions to CRUSH the boss. Still, either way you should have some conversions for both. Balance that as needed (whether leveling or the boss is hard).

Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:08 pm
by JayPlaysIndieGames
Of course since you mentioned shifting passages the gods of random came down and smacked me with it. It was above ick swamp on pretty much everyone's list of "HARD" and I haven't beaten ick yet so it was a pretty scary get.
Still a very fun run.

Sorry for the sparse updates lately, I wish I could reassure that this will change anytime soon but I will promise that the series will continue even if updates are no longer 100% daily

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:12 am
by The Avatar
Sorry I'm so behind right now. Things started coming up and most of my Desktop Dungeons time was dedicated to defeating the Triple Quest (props to the devs for making a "campaign", and eventually making three). Also, the reason Shifting Passages is above Ick is because Ick is very easy when you know how to deal with plants.

Crusader Bronze: This is a fun one. It also has a great boss. It's such a shame you are scared of the monk and bloodmage. They are both such incredibly great classes. Rats are actually one of the more annoying enemies out their. Dwarf Crusader is a very bad combo. Crusaders are all about racking up a ridiculous amount of damage. That means you want a human or the race you haven't unlock (AND REALLY NEED TO). Also, goblins are great. Since leveling up halves momentum, the more levels you can score without killing monsters, the more momentum in the long run. Fireballs are also pretty terrible for the crusader. They half your momentum. The thing is, you really can't play the crusader like other classes. You have to be much more liberal with your popcorn munching. You use *some* popcorn to get a momentum bonus then kill higher level monsters in one shot. It is less about conserving popcorn, rather than balancing it with damage. I'm glad you remembered your poison. It makes the snake a legitimate target. Good choice of where to ENDISWAL. Always use it where it is a wall one space wide unless you are trying to get as much exploration as possible. Retaliate: Fireball retaliates with half damage (rounded up). You actually can't really fireball Ke'eng Ra'at to death because he has Magnet: Fireball (masked by the fact that he is slowed). The gimmick of this challenge is stuff converts for 13. That was good proper use of LEMISI. Very well done. Of course you can also just save it until the end if there are lots of walled off tiles. Never forget momentum. You are playing this like a thief (a class that must play with virtually NO class traits that affect gameplay until the boss fight). That does mean that you will have tons of popcorn for the boss, but you will be weaker in the long run (at least normally, without conversion it is debatable). That regen fight is very dumb. It isn't working and there IS a level 3. Right at the top of the map. You always must look over on the map. Scan it one line at a time if you must. Well regen fought, although you are totally misplaying this character. As a crusader, the best targets are wraiths and bandits. They have worse than average stats and you are immune to their main effects. Why would you kill popcorn when you could use ENDISWAL? Warrior's pact is lame for you. You should go for spirit pact because everything is shorting you on CP. Alchemists isn't a half bad choice, because your potions are meaningless against the boss. Then again, Scholar's is nice for leveling. It's a personal preference thing. Scholar's pact is a spiking pact. Everything you get from it is a one off (you don't get back overheal or might), so you want to spike something, making meat men TERRIBLE targets. IMAWAL isn't really great for the crusader. It is giving away 15% damage in the long run. You are much better off IMAWALing something you won't kill. Good. That was a very well done regen fighting. You considered your options and didn't lock into one particular avenue, instead choosing the best. For tiles, usually the best place to ENDISWAL is a concave section (where the wall goes inwards), as it can score you up to 5. You know why you could get 2 hits? ENDISWAL. Never underrate that stoneskin effect. It is usually good for an extra hit. The answer is MOMENTUM. Actually, if you are just short of killing it in one hit, you will be able to after you gain a little more momentum. You can easily overshoot this. A good crusader can hit 200 pretty commonly. Very true. Actually, you have 3 bronze challenges left (you have yet to unlock the final secret class).

KEY POINTS: If you play a crusader, always be a goblin or damage gaining race. To play a crusader, either stockpile popcorn for the boss, or use it liberally to be able to score very strong kills consistently through momentum. Never underestimate Stoneskin. It has saved my life many a time.

My computer seems to be messing with me, so I'll do the rest tomorrow. I saw the next two are Ick and Shifting Passages. If you won both, that leaves you with 1 trophy left to get. Go ahead and finish the main storyline.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:49 pm
by The Avatar
Wow. That sucked. An hour of work looking at Part 70 was destroyed by the Login screen. Well, here's what I remember:

KEY POINTS (Extended): You can and usually should use Pactmaker in tandem with another god. Binlor is great for Shifting Passages, and MA is great for Warlords (also, MA gives out boatloads of starting piety and piety overall, so you can defiantly afford mystic balance at the very least). NEVER FORGET THE ON WORSHIP EFFECTS OF THE VARIOUS GODS. It will hurt you. If you want to get the most out of your warlord damage, level up with a DP, and whenever you will need potions for more CYDSTEPPs, use one potion the hit before you need the mana, and then the second necessary one the for the hit that you get from the potions, so you get the might bonus twice. There are two bosses in basically every hard dungeon. You need to get the last race. There are more than two more classes, but I won't spoil things.

Okay, this better not get eaten alive.

Part 71: Perpetual Questing Initiative (PQI for short), is a perpetual quest that gives you bonus cash to use races and classes that you don't use much to your least completed dungeons. Anyways, since you're going back to Ick if you win that leaves two trophies. One from the labyrinth and one from the berserker camp. Dwarf is the best rogue you will get (at least until you unlock the last class. In Ick you should almost ALWAYS take Magnet: Fireball. The sword is a pretty lame item. It is better used early and then converted. Conjunction (the four altar prep) does not necessarily spawn Pactmaker, but it does spawn 4 random altars. The apothecary prep actually gets you 2 extra apothecaries. Platemail will screw over your rogue. Wow, this is a great start. One small quick note: Your burn salve clears ALL layers of corrosion, so when you are out of space because of plants, kill everything corrosive and use the salve. SmackleFunky's spawns a same level monster for 3 gold. It is repeatable as soon as you kill the spawned monster. Seriously, WEYTWUT those wizards. Why wouldn't you use MA is the better question. She provides only upside. Uh... one small thing. Generally use up all of your mana BEFORE you clear the plants, saving only the first strike hit before you level up. Wow. You are smashing these monsters. Actually, you can kill that level 4. You just need to use BURNDAYRAZ and explore 1 tile. What a waste. That was well done. Now that you know how to deal with plants, you can see why vets rate this place so lowly. Seriously, just BURN HIM! WHAT?! ARE YOU EVEN AWARE YOU HAVE BURNDAYRAZ? JUST BURN THEN FIRST STRIKE! That was sad. You can fight stuff WITHOUT taking damage by just USING BURNAYRAZ AND FIRST STRIKE! Sorry, that isn't enough. Without stacking burning or getting one more mana, you can't kill him. Poor choice. You should always clear the wizards in Ick because they give you extra damage. You should just level up. You have good reason to and it gives you more damage. You never seem to consider that you can get a kill by never taking damage. Just burn him and use first strike. Thank you for finally seeing that possibility. It is a shame you forgot to clear plants last level. You can see what a pain it is by just looking at the amount of poison pods on the map. Because you have no resists or DR, it is totally fine to kill curse plants. You do know there are areas where there aren't any plants right? All you have to do is convert the sword (although eventually you want to convert spoons). Seriosuly, you are overusing your physical attack an underusing your mana. You should fireball and then first strike, eliminating the need for you to heal up. Good, you remembered the plants this time. There is no reason not to remove all of them (except maybe time). Lol. It is definately not the same scenario. You had a luckier start, but even still, you played MUCH better. You can do this if you stack burning up to 10 or use a mana potion. Just because your bosses don't have physical resist doesn't mean you can use potions. That was totally not worth 3 potions. It isn't the difference between winning and losing, but it was totally unnecessary. Forunately, the other boss does 45. No. You're wrong. You should fight Itsssama Itsssa first. He is much easier and you just need to stack a bit more damage+a mid fight level up for the win. WHAT WAS THAT?! You could have just hit him again for the kill! You didn't need to regen or anything. You seriously overuse your physical attacks and underuse your mana. Good, you are sing the possibility of totally avoiding damage. That was poorly done though. You could have killed both with 1 loadout of health and mana. You used two fireballs and first strike the naga and then just hit and first strike the wizard. That would have saved you a considerable amount of tiles. You really should just take out the naga boss. He has as much hp as the dragon with half damage. He is easier by far. Then you can just use a fortitude tonic to negate the weakening. It is good early. It sucks late. That would not be smart unless you literally could get no more use out of it. That was poorly done. You should have crushed all of the corrosive creepers and then used the burn salve. This is a little bit sad. It would be so much better to kill Itssama. You forgot your fireballs. You are throwing away all of your health potions. Scratch that, you don't have to. WAIT, NOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU HAVE FIRST STRIKE. He really isn't that hard. You can take 2 hits from him before and after leveling, so it isn't a problem. You can kill him so easily. It doesn't even matter how much you wasted. Actually, you could regen fight him a little bit. Save it! Dang. Don't forget your SUBDUNGEON! It doesn't matter. You are just shorted one fireball. You can take poison now. Wow. You lucked out there. He isn't even a problem. You should have killed him earlier. Wow, you are 4 damage short of a third shot. You just have to potion then convert BURNDAYRAZ. You don't even need the potion without the dodge. Good. Actually that is the third time. There is a meat man that is level 9 RIGHT THERE! You could purchase a mana and strength potion or worship JJ and go for a last chance. That's a shame, it was possible if you forfeited faithless. Well, whatever. Faithless is pretty darn awesome. You'll understand later. That just leaves the labyrinth and berserker camp. I wouldn't use him until later. Those are actually extra super difficult TRIPLE QUESTS! That means you do three successive dungeons in a campaign style keeping items. You don't get to choose race or class for any of them too. They are pretty nasty.

KEY POINTS: When killing popcorn in Ick, always choose warlocks above all. Never convert a burn salve or fortitude tonic. Use them instead by killing as much corrosion and/or weakening stuff as possible (depending in which you have or both) and then use it. NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST STRIKE. You can kill stuff without being hit. Balance mana and attack use for rogues. It saves tiles in the long run. Itsssama is a weaker boss if you just by a tonic to negate the weakening afterwards. Try to never forget to clear plants; it will hurt you a lot if you don't.

My recommendation for the next two runs are labyrinth and Complicated Tasks pt 5 (not necessarily in that order). I would also recommend finishing bronze challenges and doing silver ones.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:43 pm
by JayPlaysIndieGames
you say that as I upload labyrinth :)

I am really looking forward to unlocking GT as everyone seems to talk highly of it. And Horatio lives there so I assume I will be unlocking it soon by going to the berserker camp.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:51 am
by The Avatar
And when you go to the berserker camp, be a warmongering sorcerer. That is complicated tasks part 5. You can do it, especially if you just prep Taurog. As long as you don't get beaten by the goo. Alternatively you could go GG so you can't be screwed by the goo or wraith.

Part 71: Yep, a bunch of them. Plus challenges. And puzzles. Yeah, you have quite a few left to unlock, and if you count class challenges, a WHOLE lot more. You have been to Creeplight Ruins. That's how you unlocked the halls of steel. Yeah, you have a good amount of dungeons left to score. The run wasn't THAT good. It was nice, but not incredible. Elf fighters are great. Goblin Fighters aren't a half bad combo. Remember, strength potion at the START of the run. The fighter isn't that great for the labyrinth unfortunately. Wow. Elven Boots? This ought to be a walkover. Frankly, that strength potion was a total misprep. The Schadenfreude is way more useful, as it is worth 3 fireballs (because you have the elven boots). And fail. You totally blocked out a path with that snake. As a goblin fighter, it is going to be tough to get more than a two level higher kill. Well done! You are done popcorn bowling basically everything. You already have a DP, so CYDSTEPP cannot be used. You should definately not convert until the boss. Before you convert that glyph, consider WHY?! You should save WONAFYT for much longer. That was a poor choice. You shouldn'y have convert anything. Nice job remembering that. I was about to put it down, but you seem to remember perfectly. It really sucks when that happens. You aren't behind because you are a goblin. OHMYGOSH! That would be INCREDIBLE for your fighter. Tikki's Edge stacks so well with the fighter, dodging is always good, Poison is frankly mediocre, and reflexes is OP for the boss. Ironically, while that would normally be a great choice, the fighter is one of the very few instances where you want TT early. That way you can get as much use as possible out of your boosted learning. You could use a strength potion to kill him (HINT HINT). That would have done it. Shameful of you. Well, you can always go Taurog. He is usually enough to steamroll all of hard. This is one instance where that was smart to fireball first. If you are not going to regen fight, always fireball first. That way if you are a few damage short, you don't have to hit another monster to discharge burning. Aaand you should have hit him first. Since you have to regen fight, fireball SECOND. First strike is not an issue. It is MEANINGLESS. You have not way of gaining first strike, so it doesn't matter in the slightest. It is painful leveling up as a goblin. You really feel the lower stats. Fortunately, as a goblin fighter with WONAFYT you should be able to score 3 mid fight level ups AT LEAST. I can see you scoring up to 5 if you really wanted to, through TT. Alchemist Pact is nice for extra level ups. YES! That was what I wanted to hear. Once you are REASONING, you are in very good shape. A good desktop dungeons player should question why he does things. A great desktop dungeons player should question every move they make. See, I was talking about on worship effects earlier--they're key. If you are going to level, you might as well use it to get a nice kill on the zombie. Uh... WHAT?! YOU ARE LEVELING UP! USE IT! AT LEAST USE WONAFYT! Tikki's Edge is great. The MAX fighter has 6 layers of learning and a balanced dagger for a total of +9 exp on higher level monsters. It is possible, though only very situationally. A run-of-the-mill fighter of TT has 3. And she has first strike. You are totally going to win this. You just have this strange phobia of over-exploring. You really need some luck for exploring in the labyrinth. Of course, using WONAFYT screws with how you explore labyrinths, making you over-explore a bit. This is a clear win. TIKKI'S EDGE PART 2! There. That is what an average TT fighter gets. You are too scared of TT. It is only the SECOND hit and afterwards that screw your piety. Quickly. You can beat Rex. Almost. With a mid fight level up and reflexes? DEFINITELY! I actually really hate this subdungeon. It may be totally GREAT in this situation, but it is painful when you need exploration. Wait, why would you kill the gorgon? It would do 164 damage because he KNOCKBACKS you. The only reason you don't die is knockback can't kill. NO! Wow. That was a far to close kill. You have glyphs you can convert. And popcorn. And if you take reflexes this will be a joke. YOU GET AUTO FIRST STRIKE ON LOWER LEVEL MONSTERS! THAT IS THE FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCK OF THIS WHOLE STRATEGY. All you do is fireball. You clearly need to be taught about the reflexes boon. It is an incredibly boon that makes two hits out of 1 health potion. Hits that work even on a monster that one-shots you. It is a shame that you didn't buy it. If you use a mana potion that counters it. Or just level up. Why are you totally forgetting that the gorgon has first strike. I told you you could do this. And you didn't even need reflexes! OR YOUR DP! Maybe this is just me, but I almost never kill rex immediately. You know you do have potions right? Wow. You dodged. That's amusing. USE REFLEXES! You can kill the gorgon in one hit. Whatever. That just means no reflexes for you. That was a massive waste. That was 13 piety. And the extra health. The key it that you use your DP when you have low hp. As in 10% or less. You can level again. Just convert BURNDAYRAZ. WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU THINKING?! You just needed BURNDAYRAZ and anything weak. And you are 7 damage short. You should GETINDARE. It doesn't piss of TT. Your pact just costs piety. Wow. You won without accessing a third of the map. That leaves just one trophy. You actually already have Gaan-Telet. You just can't go there. You really haven't noticed the new dungeon at the top of your map? Okay... whatever.

KEY POINTS: The reflexes boon is incredible. Tiki doesn't punish for potions--that was your pact. You don't have to kill Rex immediately after he finds you... YOU ALWAYS HAVE FIRST STRIKE ON LOWER LEVEL MONSTERS (unless they supersede it with their first strike).

Do complicated tasks part 5. It really isn't that bad.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:13 am
by The Avatar
Part 73: Yeah, the goatperson is a nightmare. And the triple quests are hellish. I would do vicious first. Horratio may be CALLED the final boss, but there are many challenges more difficult than him including all gold challenges, vicious, and a couple of the nastier silvers. That's a shame. Berserker camp really is easy and you definitely could have won it warmonger with Taurog. Seeing the boss was bleaty would have just made things easier. Halfling Priest? This should be VERY EASY. As a halfling priest I would either get more damage or even more health. Fine Sword and extra attack boosters is a fine choice. Still, it is a shame you aren't doing complicated tasks pt 5. It lets you buy a shadenfreude potion, which is GREAT. Are you ever going to prep a god? Oh yeah, I may be wrong, but I've always pronounced it Gaan-Telet with a sharp T as in Tart. I think it is a play of Gauntlet. Not sure which. You seem to have this strange notion that you are wasting so much exploration. It may so, but sometimes "wasting" exploration is the best option, whether it is even wasting is up to debate also. You may find some game changing glyph or item or god. ENDISWAL and CYDSTEPP?! You sir, have an incredibly lucky start. ENDISWAL is a guaranteed extra hit, CYDSTEPP is a guaranteed extra hit, and if you get GETINDARE YOU WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE! The bandits getting stronger is actually a helpful gimmick, giving more exp overall. You could ENDISWAL past any of them. YAY! YOU FIGURED THAT OUT! If two sides of a 1 block width wall (two almost adjacent corridors) are blocked, ENDISWAL the wall in between tehm so you can get both sides. FAIL! Always ENDISWAL on an indent for the most exploration. The bloody sigil would actually be great for you. Why would you need to be at full health? You can already take a hit and a CYDSTEPP, so why waste tiles? ENDISWAL past cowardly--never mind, you got that. Unfortunately, frozen trolls do magic damage, nullifying your stoneskin. I hope you are realizing the power of ENDISWAL. WHAT?! Why would you not ENDISWAL around the level 4 coward and kill it? Generally kill the visible good target instead of searching for a better target which may or may not exist. And there's the crossover. See, that wasn't THAT bad. You have two +10% items and 3 attack boosters. Along with your boosted base damage. But you do have a way of getting past enemies: ENDISWAL! Bjorn is REALLY WEAK. Always CYDSTEPP immediately if you are relying on it as a combat glyph. You already purchased a +10% badge. You're very right. ENDISWAL and CYDSTEPP can both be precasted for a hit. The key word in there is precasted. They are nice as is, but precasted means they can be used IN ADDITION to in-combat glyphs such as GETINDARE and BURNDAYRAZ. That means with those 4 glyphs and 15 mana you can score an average of +4 hits against a standard monster. Of course, one of these will often be ruined (a monster with magic attack, first strike, or magic res), but it is incredible nevertheless. Why would you fight it now when you can fight it later and not be mana burned? One small but incredibly important note: CASTING ENDISWAL MID-FIGHT IS SMART! In a ton of these fights, casting ENDISWAL once would make it so you don't lose your CYDSTEPP, and since ENDISWAL is cheaper it saves 4 tiles. That adds up, trust me. This is a perfect example of why you should immediately use your compression seal. You just converted when it was perfectly fine to use a compression seal. Use a mid fight level up, stoneskin, and CYDSTEPP to immediately kill Bleaty. You lucked out on that guess. Just do the math. It would be very easy to kill Bleaty. USE STONESKIN! See, you are dreaming of a third hit. T+Just think of how great GETINDARE would be. Good. You overuse pactmaker. You should pretty easily hit parched, faithless, and you could have hit hoarder if you had used your compression seal off the bat. Just sayin'. You do need your mana. You should cast stoneskin in battle twice before you level, then once after your level, thus saving the four mana I discussed earlier by not using CYDSTEPP. What a joke. Grab that booster, get a bunch of stoneskin, hit him twice and use your DP. Why level? It's more fun to kill the boss early. Thank you for looking at the panel and checking yourself. That was very close. You don't even need that level up... Need I present more proof of how easy this dungeon is? You have excess mana, USE ENDISWAL. Come on, you've played rather well this whole time! Dang. Well, whatever. I just saw a hidden subdungeon right above the river on the rest. Do you see how there is a walled in tile? That's it. WAIT, YOU CAN GET IT! YES! One small note: Now that you have found the tinker, "secret" (walled in) sub dungeons will appear on many maps. They are great if you can find them. They have lots of great stuff. Well done! Now you just have to fight it out with Horratio. Tinker's are actually not that luck based. No matter what items turn up, it is good. Whether it is weaker stat boosters like fine sword or the pendants, vs some crazy unlockable and elite items, the tinker is good. No matter what he's great. Trust me. Gaan-Telet is in the top right corner. Gaan-Telet is actually one of my favorite hards. It is one of the harder ones, but it is lots o' fun. The vicious token. I love that thing. It is incredibly painful. Anyways, have fun there tomorrow or whatever. I hope you win!

KEY POINTS: Always always always ALWAYS use the compression seal immediately. Casting ENDISWAL mid battle for an extra hit is a good strategy. If you have a good visible target, seize the day and beat it (burn it, shove it, slice it, smash it, obliterate it, or good ol' fashioned stomp it) to death, instead of looking for a possibly non-existent better target.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:26 am
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The finale has arrived!

Part 74: This is going to be VERY interesting. I hope you win. This is tricky. Halfling Priest? Not a bad choice. I went with Paladin in one profile, then monk in another (although monk was for the challenge). No doubt thief would be good too, or any of the third tiers. Looks like a regular dungeon? Oh boy you are in for a surprise. That wraith is too tough for you without some more boosters. That was a bit of bad luck on the fireball spawn. Of course, you will have to kill all of those enemies regardless (unless you find a glyph to get past them. That was a poor wall break choice. Always break the center of a T seciton, or even better a cross, because it allows acess to 3 or even 4 areas. Actually, the smart move is immediately checking out the subdungeon. It is where you will find the gods and that is VERY important. You are overexploring. The one time when this is true you don't remark upon it in the slightest. You have already used up a third of the bottom floor. You better hope you don't get the reveal curse or the small areas. That would screw you. That wraith is a good kill! YOU HAVE BURNDAYRAZ! YOU SPECIFICALLY USED ENDISWAL TO GET IT! THIS IS A WASTE! GAH! This is excruciatingly painful to watch. You are searching for something nonexistent while you give away EVEN MORE exploration at level 1. This is a terrible start. Simply because this is a great race class combo you might win, but this is flat out bad. You are overfocusing on ENDISWAL and using it to justify your over exploration. There is no might. There is only win or lose. You are right now far to much of an ENDISWAL fan. That was so wasteful! YOU JUST USED 30 TILES FOR NOTHING! THAT IS A LOT ON GAAN-TELET! Seriously, you should consider using BURNDAYRAZ. You may have gotten a fantastic set up, but that is common in Gaan-Telet. All of your pick-upable assets or cramped in the smaller exploration space, so it seems good, although you waste incredible amounts of exploration. You are level 3 with a little more than half your first floor gone. NO! NO NO NO NO NO! That GETINDARE was far more valuable. Wow, I'm really ranting now. Sorry. I wonder if you are ever going to look in the subdungeon. Good, that was smart. Only fireball once unless you can score a kill. Oh dear god, you are in trouble. If you spend all of your exploration on a level 6 meat man while looking for the boss, you are screwed. This is painful. You are almost out of exploration. You wasted so many tiles overENDISWALing totally unnecessarily and attempting regen fights that work, but cost far to much. Already level 5?! THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THE DUNGEON! To be fair to you, you don't know, but whatever happened to ALWAYS CHECK THE SUBDUNGEON! Oh wow this is sad. DRACUL! HOPE HAS RETURNED! You can totally still win this now, as ridiculous as that might sound, Dracul is the difference between victory and defeat here. Of course, you may still be totally screwed and probably are, but you have a chance if you play it right. And you played it wrong. You are way to preocupied with ENDISWAL to realize that you are being totally wasteful. It isn't a meat man. It is called a gelatinous thing. It says so right there. You have so much popcorn. If you convert ENDISWAL for GETINDARE, and (ab)use your mid fight level ups you can do this. But instead you are throwing away the last vestiges of your exploration for more ENDISWALs. Lot's of exploration? Maybe 7 tiles at most. Make that 5 or something. ARGH! TO MANY USELESS ENDISWALS! CONVERT THE AWFUL GLYPH! BLOOD TITHE! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU THINKING?! YOU ARE A HALFLING PRIEST! YOU USE YOUR POTIONS BEFORE YOU WORSHIP DRACUL! And you are out of exploration. You can still win. Actually, you might have thrown it away by worshiping Drac. For your convenience, when you worship a god you are sent to the hud floor. Look. All of the level 8s have boss blood pools. That is the idea. You kill all of the level 8s. Then the level 9s. Then the level 10s. Then Horatio. The troll heart? This is painful. I am losing hope quickly. You've made so many mistakes. The game gave you so many resources and you threw away so much because of ENDISWAL! The thing about ENDISWAL, is it only works when you have plenty of exploration. The only wrong thing right now is the amount of wasted exploration and you not looking into the subdungeon. Now you see what happens when you utterly disregard essential things. Wow. This is sad. You are killing so much popcorn with so much life. That you could steal. With LIFE STEAL! If you had taken one level of lifesteal you would have been able to kill both goblins. Also, you totally mistargeted by attacking the meat man. Since you will end up leveling past the monsters to kill the last one, you could have used your automatic first strike on the meat man. You better hope you score at least pactmaker or binlor. If you had just taken 1 level of lifesteal. Or not wasted your exploration. Or not overused ENDISWAL. Or used your potions before worshipping dracul. Any of those things would be enough to smush Horatio. Instead this will probably still be enough. I can imagine you still being close, but you will lose. That goblin dropped you a blood pool. WHY DID YOU WASTE IT?! EM's. That was a bit of a bad luck pull. That is one of the smaller subdungeons. Why do you always want to take on the meat man first? There is no good reason to kill the meat man first, although I can put forward a good reason for the wraith or snake: that kill will almost level you up. Also, you could actually kill the wraith without wasting more of your incredibly precious blood pools. I'm crying on the inside right now. You've had lots of terrible runs, but things were looking up. And now we've plunged back into terribleness. I hope you come back next time and kick Horratio's tail. You have 3 mana left. 3 mana is a GETINDARE. THANK YOU FOR DESTROYING THAT GLYPH! Smart bit of work there on the BICEPS. NO! DO NOT SAY YOUR ENDISWAL WAS USEFUL! IT WAS GAME DESTROYING! Without that ENDISWAl, I believe you would have won. You were kind of off an ENDISWAL high from the last game. You were still starstruck by it and convinced it was the most useful thing since fireballs. And that destroyed you. Well, let this be an important message to you. ENDISWAL is like many things--good only in moderation. Good. Health potions would piss off Dracul. Why kill that goblin? Why further destroy your painfully hurt cause. Yeah, knockback is effectively meaningless in this situation. NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! If you had converted a health potion you could gotten out of Drac and into EM. And another potion. Tough luck. There goes another mana potion. Well, if you had CONVERTED a potion earlier, you could already be in EM. Anyways, you are over-glorifying EM here. You really have no way to generate piety with her. You can't stone any of the mini-bosses, you can't plantation, and you only get 25 piety from conversion. Ah, you do not comprehend. The "overwhelming sense of confidence" is one of the many plague that besets people when they enter floors of Gaan-Telet. Wow. If only you had taken that about 10 minutes earlier. You still could have won... That long rant is a huge luck out for you. That means one of the enemies is a golden statue. That may have saved your life. You can't blood curse at level 10. Oh yeah, about Gaan-Telet being insane, to put this in perspective, there was a time when you thought the banker was insane. That guy with 47 or so damage and something like 450 hp. There will be a time when you think this is a joke. I can't wait until you see VGT... WHAT ABOUT GETINDARE?! GETINDARE WAS AN INCREDIBLY LUCKY FIND! IT IS ENOUGH TO SAVE YOU RIGHT NOW! The boss is a JOKE! I am slowly dying inside right now. 1. You should have used GETINDARE. 2. You should have used Consensus to go to EM. 3. WHY WOULD YOU BLOODSWELL WITH POTIONS THAT ONLY COST 5 PIETY AND DON'T CURSE YOU. You'd be surprised how painful 5 extra damage can be. Be glad you found that golden statue. It saved your run. You have no right to complain about anything the game throws you right now. It has set you up with SO MANY RESOURCES! You had enough to beat this and 10 Horatios. 10 HORATIOS! A dodge and then a gorgon?! The game really wants you to win. Another dodge. You should be thanking the randomness generator. You should have used BICEPS. OUCH! That was a spot of bad luck with the flush of insight. Actually, you can almost beat him. You will end up being just a bit short. If you use the long rant, you will be SOOOOOO CLOSE! Heck, it might be enough to win. If you'd casted it at the beginning and used the long rant ASAP. Well, as mean as this sounds, you totally deserved this loss. Wow, you've thrown away your last chance. That makes it only one hit. YOU COULD HAVE CONVERTED A WALL CRUNCHER OR OM NOM! THERE WERE SO MANY PATHS TO VICTORY! And you totally could have won from that ridiculously crappy position. If you had kept heroes helm that was a win. Wow, sorry, but that was absolutely terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if you went in and crushed it. I say Gan-Telet, instead of Gaun-Telet. That was a great strategy. You just totally misplayed the dungeons.

KEY NOTES: This is too hard to do, so I will make a list of the game changing mistakes you made:
1. Overvaluing ENDISWAL and hence overusing it. Painfully. Heck, suicidally.
2. You chose Dracul over your health potions. If you had started with health potions you would have not had to deal with the incredible amount of piety loss.
3. You totally underused GETINDARE, replacing it with ENDISWAL and then later just forgetting it.
4. You threw away both of your good chances to escape Dracul.
5. You didn't look into the subdungeon and thus totally overexplored the first floor.
6. You used Bloodswell, when a potion was much cheaper.
7. You did not use the long rant as soon as possible on the boss and converted your useful items instead of the random crap dropped in Gaan-Telet (wall crunchers and om nom in this case).

If you had done any one of these things properly you could have one. Frankly, although this sounds cruel, you should feel bad when you look at this list, for in the words of game designer Reiner Knizia, "If it does not hurt, you will not learn." Sorry if this is too harsh. Beat Horatio to death for me next time.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:53 pm
by JayPlaysIndieGames
lol, in my defense I went into it with no idea how the sub-dungeons worked. I knew there would be some trick making the dungeon bigger than the others just from other comments I read in the forums. I didn't know what that would be (and totally expected it to provide more exploration than it did). I did not expect to have rooms of monsters to clear simply because that has never happened before. Always it has been one or two bosses not like 10 monsters you have to take down and THEN the boss.
As much as did make mistakes and misplay in places I am kinda happy I came as close as I did. I bet there aren't that many people who beat Gaan-Telet on their first try, but I am proud of them if they do :)
And yes I totally misplayed Dracul :/ I forgot how to use lifesteal properly (on popcorn) and ended up getting it at the absolute wrong time. I should have held to him being "end game" and the only reason I didn't was I didn't know how close I was to "end game" I kinda thought when I cleared out the level 8s Horatio would show up. . .
Anyway the way I did conversions at the end was totally messed up and if I had done them right I would've squeaked out a win. This I have no excuse for. I totally should have converted things in the proper order and won (if just barely) I also shouldn't have forgotten about the convertables in the other subdungeons. . .

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by The Avatar
Yeah. I came off as kind of explosive. Well, I assume you'll win it this time, assuming you go with the same race class combo.

Part 75: That's a nice round number to end on. If you win... which you should, seeing you as a halfing priest. Yeah, frankly (not to rain on yours, or anyones, parade) Gaan-Telet isn't that hard. You think Horatio has nice stats? Boy are you in for a shock... It is a shame you have to repeat. Then again, for vicious you will have to do that quite a bit. Heck, there are only two introductory vicious runs and they both need berserkers. Which should be of the same race. And being a new player it will take a few tries each. Quite a few probably. Okay, here it goes. GETINDARE OFF THE BAT?! YES!!! It is a bit of a shame you killed that goat off the bat. What is even better is you can get BURNDAYRAZ too by just going left. You are set up to SMASH Horatio. Again. Maybe he's just weak so you are always set up to SMASH him. Good, just keep slowing. Still, don't get caught up in slowing. Your top priority is leveling. As fast as possible. Because the faster you level, the more remaining exploration which you will need. Probably. What? Why would you WEYTWUT a level 5 blob? It will never be popcorn, so WEYTWUT is a poor choice. That was much better. You are still wasting a little, but it is okay. Wow. That's bad luck. Good thinking on poison. As long as you never forget poison everything will be okay. No. Unless you can kill him without poison, DO NOT GET POISONED. You can regen fight. One thing I've found with purist is that BURNDAYRAZ and regen fighting are great tactics. There. Nicely done. This run is much better. I do enjoy being slightly less apoplectic than normal. It is just random that there is a block of monsters, although because there are the same amount monsters in a smaller space they are rather common. Platemail is a terrible purchase if you plan to use GETINDARE. Still, vs Horatio Platemail is incredibly valuable. The less damage, the more valuable DR and Lifesteal are compared to resists. Correct. You can kill him. Hit, burn, regen, hit, first strike. Why? Why would you explore another tile when you could have already GETINDAREd him? Wow, you slowed the golem? That was lucky. If that hadn't worked it would have been more valuable to kill it. In your item pool, the fine sword is a godsend. One thing about relying on GETINDARE is goblins become a major pain. Fortunately, you have WEYTWUT. Wow, that was very foolishly done. Just give up. Slowed only gets rid of first strike until he takes damage. If you can use GETINDARE and it will help you, USE IT! HALPMEH is very useful. Percentage-wise it is worse as a priest, but it is pretty useful and it nullifies poison.. One thing you did wrong was to not immediately look in on the subdugeon. The sub dungeons hold the gods, so if you want a god early, you should look in on the subdungeon ASAP. Frankly, a 2 level higher guy without first strike is almost as hard as a 1 level higher goblin. That's how valuable GETINDARE is, not accounting for dodge. Nicely done on the mid fight level up kill. You know how you always buy the spoon. I actually lost because of that once. One gold short of the potion. It was possibly the worst DD moment I have ever had. You are over exploring. You have HALPMEH sitting there. That means poison is NOT a problem. That goo is far to tough. A meat man will be too. When clearing up popcorn, always do it while using the least popcorn possible unless you have explicit reason not to (need more god piety). Heroes Helm too?! Wow. You're getting all of the really nice items in your pool. Wrong. You just convert WEYTWUT and buy the heroes helm. Or explore 3 more tiles. Well, that potion could have been avoided by just targeting the snake. Or buying the heroes helm. IT IS ENOUGH! You do one extra because of burning. Well, that was a wasted dodge. Nothing you could do. In case you hadn't noticed, all of the monsters are surrounded by little bloodstains, like bosses. Whenever it seems especially concentrated, that means there are two monsters each within one tile of that spot. So go there. Ah, a burn viper. I hate those thing. Nice job. You are a tiny bit short of 2 hits, so you can just regen a tiny bit. NO! REGEN AFTER YOU HIT HIM! Why would you need the mana. That mana just makes it worse. You must accept the inevitable of mana burn and explore one tile. Wow, GG is terrible for your priest. Even still, if you had checked the subdungeon early you would have been able to make good use of GG, then convert out to whomever spawns. I'm a bit surprised at you right now. I expected you to see the obvious. Well, using burning always works. Oh, if you are curious as to why that worked, you stacked burning. Every two fireballs adds a total of 6 damage to the next assault (2 extra on each fireball, and two more on the hit discharge. Frankly, between BURNDAYRAZ and GETINDARE, there won't be much use for BICEPS (of course you can always precast, but it isn't that useful. If you fireball for a kill and you have GETINDARE, chances are you messed up. GETINDARE is cheaper and stacks dodge. So use it whenever possible. JJ would have been great first floor. Frankly, he isn't much use in Gaan-Telet. There. Dead. Actually, it was before you were halfway through the first room that you ran out of exploration. Yeah, that was a tough run. Frankly, GG would have been great with the conversion out. Did you read the codex? Two notes: 1. Slowed removes Retaliate: Fireball. 2. Monsters that retaliate do half damage when they retaliate. Yeah, regen fighting higher level goo blobs really doesn't work. Frankly, you need to level up. You are out of resources and this isn't working to well. Actually, I am fine that you are using mana potions. It was that or giving away most of your popcorn. Either way was going to be very wasteful, and frankly if you can score a mid fight level up on the boss it is more valuable than those mana potions. If you fail to score a mid fight level up on Horatio, then you made the wrong decision. You should hope you don't get the reveal curse. That would ruin you. You should be using HALPMEH. It would be much more valuable. You totally overexplroed the bottom floor. Let this be a lesson to you. If you are losing potions by only the second floor you are in trouble. Wow, that is huge. If you use Om Now that makes 170 hp at level 10, and 55x3 is 165. What about the new floor? You could look there. BINLOR?! You lucked out majorly with that. You forgot Om Nom didn't you. Damn. That would have been very valuable. Binlor isn't particularly useful to you. You should just join and stone skin a couple times. Wow, if you remembered Om Nom you could be doing so well. Platemail+170 hp+HALPMEH=PWNAGE! Frankly, you can let Binlor get totally pissed off at you. It doesn't matter. There is a level 5 goo that you can totally shove everywhere. Actually, although PISORF is a better piety to mana ratio, ENDISWAL grants Stoneskin. You can Kill him right now. Hit him, two fireballs, two tiles, one kill. Seriously, there is a red face icon. That means there is an enemy. A goblin?! Tough luck. Wow, you really should have been ENDISWALing the whole time. You can't GETINDARE. IT'S A GOBLIN! Wow, that dodge saved you from looking rather dumb. That golem is an ideal target. Nice use of stoneskin. Much more moderated. Frankly, you should just use Binlor's boon instead to save you tiles. You worshiped Binlor. You could at least look at him... There. It's pretty straightforward from here. It's pretty evident you already forgotten Om Nom, so you will purchase the Hero's Helm. Seeing how little you use HALPMEH and how you've practically forgotten it, that will just be potions. So while totally unideal, it will work. LUCKY! That bridge troll is a great find! Oh, you will definately win. If you had realized the platemail-om-nom-HALPMEH combo you would have destroyed him, but a win is a win. And the bridge troll drops ANOTHER ONE! If you used Binlor's boon 3 times and then BUNRDAYRAZ is would be much easier. USE BINLOR! COME ON! You didn't deserve that at all. You shouldn't have gotten that, as mean as that sounds. You should have had to use another health potion for not realizing what you could do. Since you know that you won't take platemail (foolishly), you might as well buy the heroes helm and one shot that goblin and then take out the dragon too. Did you know that you can convert stuff without picking it up? Just step on it to bring up the description then mouse over the conversion button and click. You can level by just using the cracked amulet or two enemies. There. Nicely done. Horatio doesn't stand a chance even with your ineffective method. Wow. Fail. The room of Horatio isn't automatically revealed. Well, that's a bit of a waste, but whatever. COME ON, REMEMBER OM NOM! YOU'RE ALREADY POISON! JUST DO IT. DANG! Soooooo much potential down the drain. That means you have to use an extra health potion every 6 hits (instead of taking 2 potions, it will take 3). What a shame. And that did not only make platemail worthwhile, it made platemail INCREDIBLE! I recommend Hotkeys for potions. It will save a bunch of time. Congrats and all that. You kind of beat the game. The cracked amulet isn't about starting at level 2. It is about scoring more mid fight level ups. Grab that spoon and get out of there! It all comes down to a spoon in the end. Now you can fight the real Horatio. But I wouldn't recommend going into vicious Gaan-Telet (VGT). Yeah, the end script doesn't entirely make sense unless you unlocked the vicious in each direction. Actually, you have done all of this, you just haven't put together the pieces. The monster classes are the last unlock ever. The single thing that should be at the top of your list should be getting the final race. Both of the easiest vicious runs require it, and you will only have a shot at the easiest vicious run. The second thing is finishing the witch questline (complicated tasks), and getting your level 3 witch. Also, you may never explicitly state or show the description of a certain can that is unlocked through this. Then third thing on your list should be unlocking the rest of the vicious dungeons. To hit two birds with one stone, go to the labyrinth with one of the required classes. Also, I would not use the vicious token unless you are doing a VERY EASY run (like Den of Danger or Hobbler's Hold even), because it effectively doubles monster and boss stats.

Okay, in case you choose to suicidally plunge headfirst into vicious (which you really shouldn't do) I will give you my little vicious talk. When you go into vicious, you have to change your whole outlook on the game. Think less about how to win the game, but more how to break the game and win as a side effect. If you think a halfling priest stands a shot against even the easiest of vicious, THINK AGAIN! You need to tailor your strategy to the dungeon and figure out how to make things as broken as possible. Stuff like high damage and 65% resist all. On a double regenning monk who has HALPMEH to ignore poison. Stuff that should be doing 120 does 30, and he regenerates twice as fast as it. Or a 25 mana gnommish warlord who has 10 mana potions and 2 schadenfreudes. Also, you need to perfect your regen fighting technique. It's not like you can specifically work on this (although I've found the monk challenges help), but regen fighting is essential to vicious. It is a simple statement of fact to say potions will not nearly carry you through vicious. You will need combinations of mid-fight level ups, god boons, and regen fighting. Okay, that was it. Good luck if you go.