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Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

Postby JayPlaysIndieGames on Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:08 am

I'm pretty sure being a dwarf was part of the PQI requirement. . .
Check out the Desktop Dungeons Review, let's play, and tutorials :)
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Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

Postby lolQuaff on Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:02 am

I enjoy the videos Jay!

You know the vicious token is hard when killing popcorn is a pain in the ass on Hobblers Hold.

Enough of these shenanigans, time for you to defeat VGT!
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Re: Video Review of Desktop Dungeons and a Let's Play!

Postby The Avatar on Wed Dec 25, 2013 6:50 am

@Jay: Ah, my mistake. Forgot you were PQI-ing.

Episode 43: You've NEVER USED the Gloves of Midas? I hope that means you've never unlocked them, because they are great. Orc Thief is better than human thief because of the thief's backstab ability. Why on earth would you take a shop scroll? That literally makes the quest MORE DIFFICULT. Wow, nice early set up. I just hope you don't fail the quest because of your idiotic shop scroll prep. You should have hit the level 2 revenant before the level 2 golem so you have one less revenant to deal with. All excess health on levels should be dedicated to killing revenants. Dracul is suicidal on this map. You should always cast BYSSEPS at least once before you convert it. Nice ENDISWAL+PISORF kill. Binlor would have been proud. And unlike a CYDSTEPP+ENDISWAL kill it took NO EXTRA RESOURCES! You should be ENDISWALing as you explore. Wow, this really shows off the power of nice early game stats. Two level higher kills without even using mana. You are not going to be able to regen fight that Meat Man without BURNDAYRAZ. TIKI TOOKI! You better unlock him. It would be a huge waste not to. Don't force the level up with potions. Force it with popcorn. Wow, you have done some very impressive PISORFing so far. You really should have gone orc (although of course that is retrospective commentary). You should just ENDISWAL out. Nice finish on Gobb with the ENDISWAL I would have done the same thing. You MUST have constant vigilance with your APHEELSIKs. You really need to check out that subdungeon if you want TT. You should hit first then PISORF. You lose your stager bonus when you pre-PISORF. CYDSTEPP is not as amazing as you make it out to be. It is good for a couple hits at most this run. And it probably isn't den a good choice to use it once. You won't be able to get TT. His guy level up. You need to fight him over a couple levels, preferably early as an assassin. That was a big mistake. You are better off taking 12% resists on the boss rather than throwing away all of your hp. The 12% would have made not difference. You shouldn't have converted the Troll heart. You should have transmuted it. Good win on Stheno. That was a mistake.You can sell the goblin bone for 25 gold, bout then you failed because you decided to take the shop scroll. Good luck on TT. You have no shot. You need to check EARLIER. What a waste of Feeling Parched. Well, time to win with the Tinker. You could have beaten TT if you had originally worshipped JJ instead of Drac and gone Chaos Avatar ASAP, while burning down the zombie.

KEY POINTS: Try to explore out your subdungeon ASAP (do it when regen fighting or something). Be vigilant with APHEELSIK. You can use Transmutation on items for more gold. In Hexx, you are usually better off leaving the boss with 12 or so resists instead of fighting level 8s and 9s.

Episode 44: Thank you for not prepping the shop scroll this time. Always beeline for the subdungeon, purchasing items along the way. Why aren't you exploring towards the subdungeon. Subdungeons are never bad. Bloody Sigil is one of the best early game items. ALWAYS PURCHASE IT EARLY. Medusa? This ought to be really easy. Or you can suicide. Both work. You should never be exploring randomly. Only towards the the subdungeon. Why did you stop WONAFYTing to kill the Meat Man. You didn't need to. Why did you need to level up there (HINT: You didn't)? You are about to be a level 3 Tinker and you haven't even seen the subdungeon. That is a crime. There is an incredible amount of good locations so summon. You just need to checkerboard your summons. WHY DO YOU GO IN EVERY DIRECTION EXCEPT THE SUBDUNGEON? Failure. You have to watch your revenants. Don't potion. Dig your way out with a Transmutation Scroll. YES! YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT! It actually looks like you are determined not to go into that subdungeon. You have managed to explore every place EXCEPT where it is. GO INTO THE SUBDUNGEON. WONAFYT! You can totally BURN him. Really? You ignore the man? He has a SENSATION STONE! The single best item in the game to transmute. This is actually one of the few cases GETINDARE is barely superior to BURNDAYRAZ. Because of your mystic balance, GETINDARE costs 5. With CYDSTEPP and GETINDARE you can kill that level 8 snake. See, there is danger in leaving glyphs on the ground. You tend to forget about them. Wow, tower of goo? This is the one time you should be glad to see him. You can spike him RIGHT NOW! Refreshment is a truly broken power. You know what's useful in all of these shops? Over 200 CP! You should have bought the other cheap items just for some GREAT conversion fodder. It would have gotten you an extra fireball. If you are so confident in your win, just hit Stheno and kill her with all of the resists. It actually isn't that hard considering your great set up (you came in a BIT over-prepped). Kill the stupid lake guardian! Good win. Please kill the lake guardian. You will be doing yourself a big favor. YES! I hope you realize you can locker the sensation stone. It is a great prep.

KEY POINTS: As a tinker, you MUST beeline for the subdungeons. Bloody sigil is an incredibly early buy.

As long as you are doing complicated tasks, mix in a couple silver challenges.
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