Normal edition vs Special Edition - help me decide

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Normal edition vs Special Edition - help me decide

Postby mkn on Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:16 pm

Hey everyone,

I've played alpha version some time ago and i loved it. The paid version looks 10 times better and since the beta will close and it will be released on steam soon i want to buy preorder. The problem is I can't decide which edition i should buy.

I've spent many hours with alpha edition and I planing to spend much more on paid version so I don't mind spending 9$ more on special edition but except spacegoat character i don't know what exactly i will get :-) I'm a little afraid of getting unbalanced stuff that is more a curiosity than something usefull.

I've read about additional spacegoat character and seems very interesting. But i can't find anything about "Commemorative building". What it will be? And what about "extra challenge quest"? Sounds great but i can't also find any info about them. And lastly "little something extra" - that's a total mystery...

Please help me decide :-)
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Re: Normal edition vs Special Edition - help me decide

Postby berpdreyfuss on Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:45 pm

I would go for the special edition. The extra character is different to play and I think worth it alone if you plan on playing this game a lot (His home on the map is the building I guess). He comes with three long multipart quests. I only have seen one of them which is challenging but very well designed. Maybe others can say more about the later quests.
The little extra is not announced yet.
Also, more goat.
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Re: Normal edition vs Special Edition - help me decide

Postby The Avatar on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:05 pm

Yeah. It doesn't break anything either. The special character is, if anything, a little underpowered. He also comes with his building which has three fun, well designed and challenging quests that add an ability to the building. Overall, it adds more fun and challenging content. It is totally ignorable, but I recommend it if you enjoy the game a lot. Plus, the devs deserve that money. They could have marketed the normal game at the special price and it would have been fair.
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Re: Normal edition vs Special Edition - help me decide

Postby TheSchachter on Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:44 am

I bought the Special Edition up front, simply because the time I spent with the free Alpha was well worth the 20$ they were asking, even if it had turned out I'd disliked the Beta. Of course, turned out I loved it even more and become completely obsessed...

To touch upon what has been said above, the Special Edition content seems to exist to challenge the players in interesting and different ways. For instance, I wouldn't use the word "underpowered" to describe the special character (though it is kinda true) as much as I would call it a "Challenge Class". Forces you to change the way you normally play and often makes for very difficult (and constantly changing) runs.

Similarly, the special quests range from "pretty difficult" to "OHGODWHATWHY" in terms of challenge. They really feel they're made for the players who are more invested in the game, which is quite fitting of course. I've beaten the first two and loved them, and though the second one really pushed me, figuring it out and executing my strategy successfully was really satisfying.

So yeah, basic consensus (I think) is, if you really like this game and want something a bit different and even more challenging, the content is worth it. I certainly didn't regret getting it.
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