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Good work QCF

Postby abcabcabc339 on Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:46 am

It is amazing that a game this hard can have so many creative strategies and room for experimentation e.g..

"As general strategy, I gear all my early exploration towards the glyphs, leveling up on the way if possible. Once I have all of them I convert the ones I don't want and keep the rest. If I am feeling confident (I would not recommend this for new players), I convert my potions to leech the extra CP of my remaining glyphs. Then I use my glyphs (particularly BURNDAYRAZ) to spike and regen fight higher level monsters. For deities I go EM or MA. If I go EM, I use Greenblood to facilitate easier spikes and then clearance for extra fireballs for the boss. If I use MA then I save all of my glyphs (converting potions and junk instead for CP leech), and use refreshment to spike the boss, and use excess piety on mana or weakening. There is also the unique Punchomancer™ strategy which is (I believe) a human or orc wizard who preps lots of junk (patches, sword, shop scroll, etc) to leech CP for great damage while keeping ALL of your glyphs."

-Avatar on Wizard strategy

Very fun stuff. I am still working on the WEYTWUT puzzle with the retaliating Djinn. Can someone good tell me if it is possible or glitches without telling me the strategy?
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Re: Good work QCF

Postby Naoya on Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:31 pm

It's possible. Also, after a few tries a bonus signpost should show up with a few general tipps on the puzzle.
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