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Re: Northernlion review: Disgusted

Postby Blovski on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:08 am

Lujo - while I agree on the puzzle/roguelike dilemma - I think it's kind of obvious that he should be trying to get a little more experience in actually playing the damn game or looking at what the possibilities of the game further along are to corroborate his twitch response before reviewing it rather than this just being things not obvious to newbies.

The penalty for dying is restarting a lengthy dungeon right now. I think that's fundamentally pretty different to SMB's very quick, no delay in getting back to the game twitchy gameplay. I think some of the nonsense he says is partly because on the first few dungeons, monster sensing, fighting same level monsters etc. etc is not actually a huge drawback. Having played the tutorials and start again recently, I kind of think they've done as well as they can in introducing these very challenging concepts without ramping the difficulty to levels kind of prohibitive for new players.
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Re: Northernlion review: Disgusted

Postby Lujo on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:56 am

Oh, sure about the death - the guy probably has a narrow reference pool and came into it with a certain mindset. And the devs HAVE done quite a lot about making the game more player friendly (which is sort of hilarious considering all the people over at the steam forums still crashing and burning when tryign to tackle bankers). In my personal oppinion they could've done about 6k% more hand-holding or so, but what do I know, right?

And yeah - in the first few dungeons you have quite a bit of a margin of error, and there is plenty of standard reactions among those the reviewer exibits.

As for concepts being challenging - eh, meh. I never bought into it and very few things in this game would've been challenging if the game didn't mislead you into consistenly not even immagining them possible. I agree that the ammount of mechanics can be overwhelming. I'd agree with gods only being balanced at the hardest hard and vicious levels. But as far as confusing fundamentals go - this game has a tendency to expect you to pass brick walls by breaking stuff that look like solid rules. Sure, in the ammount of time spent to adress that, it was adressed admirably, but in terms of is it enough, on a bad day I'd call it at least very problematic in this regard... IDK.
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