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Postby Lujo on Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:55 pm

Dear god, you got parched there XD My, my, warlord really is broken...

Ok, so since there are so many new hardcore veterans, I get the feeling I ought to pull something out of my aviator hat just to put you whippersnappers in you're place (which is trying to one up whatever the current insanity posted here is :D).

But I can't since what I've seen is pretty screwy. I ought to cook up a silly bloodmage non-EM non-Mystera combo of some sort. Hmmm...
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Re: Supreme Slayer

Postby JayPlaysIndieGames on Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:04 am

all you have to do is get supreme slayer on a vicious run. . .I don't think anyone has done that yet :p
It is 100% doable in Naga city, I've been trying and trying, but I can't do it and then proceed to kill the OTHER 9 bosses. Best I've done is get to the third group.

All you have to do to put me in my place is "beat VGT", I still haven't done that. . .though it has been awhile since I tried.
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Re: Supreme Slayer

Postby The Avatar on Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:36 am

Eh, you can supremely slay Namtar fairly easily with a rogue, as long as all you need to do is kill the first form at level one. Same thing with the Demons. You can get a 6 kill game.

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Re: Supreme Slayer

Postby Lujo on Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:57 am

JayPlaysIndieGames wrote:all you have to do is get supreme slayer on a vicious run. . .I don't think anyone has done that yet :p

Oh, I've done namtar, no probs... He's actually fairly easy, I've done the vicious token smm, too, now that's silly. (And VGT. With anything you can name*. A lot of it many times. Invented a few things about approaching it**, now that I think about it. Several times***. It was my favourite dungeon in a few incarnations! They buffed it (in part) because I was bugging everybody with obnoxious "bring it on, this is a puzzle not a dungeon, make it more dungeony!" attitude about it. I've possibly done it most times on the board because of... the Unity Bug! It drove me insane! At one point me and a guy who I don't see much anymore accounted for about 25% of all sucessful VGT runs... worldwide! And not early in the beta either... And, and this is actually :D, an argument about why they should remove mana burn from the end boss revolved around me representing the "community of DD players who love Gaan'Telet which might as well consist of solely me" and begging them on "our" behalf to remove it so we don't have to scum for soul orb**** if we want to make a video for you-tube that ends in a win. True story, I even made a few vids on it. I think they were the first vids from the boards, too :) (or maybe q3 beat me to it, not sure) )

Haven't been to ole VGT in a while though, I got very tired of it at some point. Might revisit, hmmmm.... I remember people talking about doing it with warmonger berserkers, I might try that one day.

And no need to put anyone in any place, you're all here and that's the best place to be ^^

* except Goatperson, before Wald0 gets his hopes up. I'm as lost there as you are, buddy. :( But being inclined to try to do ridiculous trickshots, I'm sure to attempt it at some point.

** like figuring out both what the current transmuter is all about and how ridiculous he can get in VGT, as well as navigating it with a priest on a dare ^^ And I did manage to get Martyr Wraps nerfed to what it is now by systematic abuse of the old ones after I've figured out how good they were in VGT.

*** including a TT paladin and a mystera paladin of all things. Oddly enough I did use Binlor with the Gorgon sucessfully much later, but it was wald0 who clued me in on the Binlor Paladin right before the last time I was in there looking for the VT VGT run, bless the man

**** another fun bit of history is that the veto slots were unlocked after we blew the "slectively unlock stuff so you rig the monster/shop/god pool" out of the water, and that started when I ran out of money on a profile where I blew heaps of it on unsucessful VGT runs. I started a new profile designed to rig the shops to always give me a soul orb and it got out of hand. Tons of stuff was nerfed and many textwalls were written ^^
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