An Ode to the Adventurer

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An Ode to the Adventurer

Postby OneMoreNameless on Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:23 am

Oh so far from your counties! the priest with a smirk prayed
That land of beasts and bounties grown wilder than murkshade
Stand fast against the rumours, trust God, ignore the nine!
Shall I tell what his humours let slip while kissed with wine?
A kingdom torn from pages of fairy tales made whole
A world of many ages where magic smelts the coal
Of bear maces for battle and glphys to call the flames
Though lockers tend to rattle with gold-encrusted frames
Potions are free for all sworn to fight wicked and sly
So I watched a hero born; I did not see him die

I could not guess his travels for many cross the lands
O'er bridge to magma gravels or north to shifting sands
Where in goats dwell the devil with serpents as their whore
Five kills will earn a level of respect, maybe more
For veterans of fighters, or foes thought higher tier
And all pay heed to writers of myths when bosses rear
Their horned heads at smells of death; enraged, gore to the bone
Or bewitchers with a breath would turn the world to stone
A dispairing call? No these have been wrested from high
I've seen the halls of trophies; I did not see him die

I too was once a hero - a moniker in doubt
The undead would rightly fear; though at times Dracul devout
A collar of veiled blessing kept calm Their holy gaze
When altars cracked for pressing boons cleansing from malaise
For I was only mortal; mistakes had left me chained
Pall safety gone I'd sought all treasures while foes remained
Perhaps had I the wit like the thieves I once abhored
A cast, conversion, quick strike weak foes to feel restored ...
But all legends confronted men much braver than I
I saw the foes he hunted; I did not see him die

Goo stood like they were soldiers, the priest began to slur
Now hunched beneath his shoulders, sometimes I fear they were
For baring a darker heart: whispers, an unknown name
Tower high, the world apart and gone should it proclaim
That heroes stopped their marching into the dungeons' maw
But swords are ever parching and minds with cunning draw
Then should a hand too guide them, as witches oft address
It keeps from our horizons raw salvation unless
The presence wearied to spurn one hero's breath turned shy
No, I viewed a body burn; I did not see him die
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Re: An Ode to the Adventurer

Postby Darvin on Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:53 pm

A link to the earlier Desktop Dungeon Haiku thread, for your DD reading pleasure.
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Re: An Ode to the Adventurer

Postby OneMoreNameless on Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:13 am

H- Haikus. I suppose I should have guessed that appreciators of hardcore procedural logical puzzles would not often intersect with appreciators of high poetry. *sweatdrop*
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Re: An Ode to the Adventurer

Postby Lujo on Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:07 pm

I'm a comparative literature graduate, and I see it was a labour of love, if that's any help :) Quite proficcent allthough not being a native speaker i'd have to decode it quite heavily to get to the meaning of some stuff ^^
I almost got pwned by Shifty Brickwork!
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