I may have just broken the cauldron

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Re: I may have just broken the cauldron

Postby Lujo on Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:19 pm

ChasGB wrote:Just tried this out with a halfling warlord, except instead of using EM I used an early JJ - probably not quite as crazy good as killing plants with EM, but considering that JJ piles on the debuffs via exploration, you're collecting piety instead of losing it, and you don't have to "waste" 45 piety on Petition. It's ridiculous!

Try it with a non warlord halfling and EM, trust me. EM means you don't need mana potions, 2 debuffs is all you need, and you get to be a warlord on top of what you are allready (you do need to find the cydstep). If scumming is an issue, go wizard so you at least know where the glyphs are, or transmuter so you can lemisi them. For raw power go Rogue and pad out your health with a Vine From ar two right at the start, but you do need to scum up a cydstep.

Elso, JJ warlords work with the cauldron, go gnome and have fun ^^
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