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Postby Darvin on Fri Dec 20, 2013 9:54 pm

Sidestepper wrote:I would be okay with it if it offered better exploration. I've never liked the "trade one resource for another" dungeons that don't also offer useful amounts of exploration. The trade isn't always worth it, or oftentimes requires a resource that you've already used, and you get stuck with nothing.

Temple of Knowledge after having spent all your gold is another obnoxious one. It's not that uncommon to run into a great item early on (dwarven gauntlets at level 1 is a great find, but pretty much costs everything you have) leaving nothing for when you discover this one. I really liked the idea someone had of adding an extra option "I prefer ignorance" that costs nothing but partially shrouds the subdungeon, although this would overshadow the current 1-time XP boost option pretty noticeably.

Anyways, back to the topic of Wizard.exe: most of the trades are actually really good, the problem is that there aren't enough of them and you're liable to have already converted the items by then.

Wargasm wrote:I guess I only like it because it's my habit to leave most glyphs on the ground until I absolutely need to convert them or use them.

My conversion behavior is based on my race. My favorite races are human, elf, and orc. I'm a little more relaxed as human, but as elf and orc I convert stuff early and often to leverage their racial bonuses. I rarely leave glyphs on the ground as elf or orc; either I need them and put them in my inventory, or it's not worth giving up the immediate benefit of the conversion bonus. With humans I'm less conversion-happy, but still more likely to convert than leave on the ground and the number of glyphs I keep around is basically the amount of free inventory space I have. Naturally, this means that the glyphs on the wizard.exe list are often gone before I find the subdungeon.
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