Dodge chance is missleading - getting hit with 100%

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Dodge chance is missleading - getting hit with 100%

Postby Dreamdancer on Fri Dec 27, 2013 12:37 pm

The dodge chance is missleading, one can easily get to 100% dodge and doesn't dodge. Think the problem is that the actual random number generation for dodge doesn't happen during the attack (or when GETINDARE is cast), but only after drink the dodge potion or getting damaged by a monster (for first time casting GETINDARE i can't say, since scumming for a 5%-chance is too annoying).
To reproduce: Assassin of TT. Level to level2. Drink a dodge potion (and scum for no dodge - 50% chance). Kill lower level stuff and cast GETINDARE. Repeat this until you have 100% dodge. Further casting doesn't increase this value. Attack something which can't kill or and which you can't kill. -> You'll get damaged (think at this point the random number for dodge gets determined a second time, first time was when drinking the dodge potion) and will dodge the next attack (we this this due to the dodge prediction of the pot).

Don't know if this is a bug or if it is intened. But it is very missleading if one doesn't know this.
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Re: Dodge chance is missleading - getting hit with 100%

Postby Gakato on Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:59 pm

Just reproduced this thing and I assume that for the dodge prediction a random number is generated and then its saved if it is a dodge or not, which overrides the usual dodge calculation. So for the dodge pot it would be better to save the actual random number drawn when the potion is drunk, which can then be used to recalculate the dodge as soon as your dodge chance change.

And yes I call this a bug.
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