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Postby Kestrel on Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:12 pm

Double vicious HoS, half-dragon:

Brought a dragonshield, was hoping for Platemail but it didn't show. However Earthmother spawned instead so I took a few Binlor boons and converted to get Vine Form. Levelling was a pain so I had to kill all my low level monsters and start the fight at 6. Wore indomitable down to about 12 attack, dodge + whupaz on Blahblah, then kicked indomitable into him for something like 800 damage:


At this point I messed up by fireballing the vampire because I had full mana and was about to level up from the Indomitable kill, and, well, he blinked away. (I had a level 5 AA ready to kick into him too, oops.) Still finished with a lot of resources left over.
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