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Re: Illustrators: Four Things Your Indie Coder Wants You To

Postby Darvin on Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:47 pm

Some coders are as thick as two bricks being rubbed together when it comes to graphics lore

That'd be guys like me. I work on a legacy corporate database and develop in-house applications and modifications for it. For most of the software I work with, "graphics" amount to little more than ascii art, tables, or forms presented in a monospace font (which have their own challenges and do need to look aesthetically pleasing). It's not that I know nothing about graphics, but the technical aspects are just outside of my daily experiences. If I suddenly had to do something graphically intensive I'd have a lot of learning ahead of me, not unlike those artists who are encountering the world of software for the first time.

As always, a good read.
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