So I've finally figured something about Elves out

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Re: So I've finally figured something about Elves out

Postby Darvin on Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:14 pm

ArcticMetal wrote:A bit off topic, but I've been having great success with Less Glyphs and the Transmutation Scroll for tons of CP. As long as you can find a poison ward/mana orb you get a 65% bonus to that 150 cp glyph and all your gold back too. I use it all the time with the vampire for an extra level of lifesteal.

You're still coming out behind versus extra boosters, even with a T3 class with a bonus glyph.

With 6.65 glyphs (counting for your 65% bonus from transmutation) at 100 each you get 665 CP.
With 5.65 glyphs at 150 each you get 847 CP.

You're only netting an extra 182 CP over what you would have gotten without the preparation. Even for a warmonger who doesn't care about glyphs, the advantage of prepping fewer is dubious compared to prepping extra boosters. For characters who actually do want to use glyphs (albeit sparingly) the reduced availability of glyphs decreases the odds of finding one that synergizes with your strategy.
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Re: So I've finally figured something about Elves out

Postby Lujo on Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:27 pm

I've been sceptical about fewer glyphs along the same lines as Darvin has, on top of my own scepticism about the reduced chance to find all the glyphs to capitalize on all the CP ASAP. Also, more glyphs give more burst piety for certain gods, and allow for more precise timing with goblins (if you want to convert a glyph for inventory space but not ding off of it).

However, what I've discovered is that Fewer Glyphs work nicely if with classess which start out with glyphs and pick a glyph up from a god (which you can then use and if you prepped a god it's likely you want it).
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Re: So I've finally figured something about Elves out

Postby TheSchachter on Thu Apr 03, 2014 5:36 am

TheSchachter wrote:EDIT: Writing this has made me realize that I should definitely try an Elf Bloodmage of JJ with a prepped Keg of Mana, grabbing mainly health boosts from JJ. Maybe with Quest Items for likely Crystal Ball, though Apothecary for the potion variety would also be nice. Hmmm...

Tried this out and successfully beat Vicious Token Slime Pits on my second attempt. It's pretty good, but blackspace goes out really fast. Also I think that part of what made me lose my first attempt was getting one shot of Boost Mana as well as 2x boost health, which caused piety issues: It's pretty hard to accumulate lots of piety with JJ in vicious token runs since killing monsters is a large portion of your piety. 2 shots of boost health at level 1 then saving up for Chaos Avatar was enough (then pactmaker consensus into Dracul, though that was a bit overkill).
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