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DD ideas

Postby Astral on Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:40 pm

There have to be dozens of similar topics out there, but I don't feel like necroing now.
So if you could add/change/remove things to DD what would those be?

I'd like to add some new monsters, abilities, item pools, vicious and hard dungeons, even a new difficulty or two.
I'm only going to show some monsters & abilities, the rest are half-baked yet.

Btw feel free to share your ideas too!

PR/MR = Physical/Magical Resistance, PS/MS = ... Sensitivity
DP = Death Protection, KB = knockback
Sensitivity works like this: a monster with 30% PR and 30% PS takes 0,7*1,3*total damage.

There are places where I use variables for abilities, L means it equals the monster level, X is something else (increases with level but not in linear fashion).
Monsters in purple are exclusive to vicious dungeons. Unique abilities are in green where explained.

- Ancient Horror -
? stats, 20% MR, 1 DP
magical attack, lifesteal 50%, undead
aging touch X: puts X stacks of aging on player (-1 max HP/stack)

- Ancient Vampire -
vampire with increased health, lower damage
lifesteal 20%, spirit link: puts the stat effect 'spirit linked' on player and self when hits the player
while active, all healing sources* of the player have halved effect (rounded down) and the monster is healed by the lost ammount
* potions, boons, regeneration,lifesteal, glyphs, unique abilities/items etc.
debuff is removed when the monster dies/is removed/petrified... or a higher lvl monster with same ability hits the player
debuff does nothing when the monster is at full health or over

this debuff gives the player and the monster a bluish glowing aura

- Apparition -
very high damage, normal health, 1 DP
mana burn, retaliate fireball, bloodless, undead
incorporal: cannot be petrified, or killed by swift hands

- Barbarian -
normal stats, 50% MR
ignores 25% PR (like RBS), furious: deals 50% extra damage to every nearby monster, player, and self (cannot kill)

- Battlemage -
normal stats, maybe decreased damage
dual strike: deals 2X damage, half of it is physical other half is magical

- Blade Master -
same, 30% MR
double strike: hits twice (can kill you if at low health with a DP on, second hit isn't reduced by stone skin etc.
The 2nd attack comes after the player's hit. Slow temporarily removes it)

- Dark Robe -
ignores 100% PR, curse bearer, 1st strike, bloodless

- Evil Eye -
50 % PS, 1st strike, curse bearer, inflicts random debuffs on hit

- Giant -
high health, medium damage, halved regen, slow strike
100% KB, colossal hit X: player flies x tiles straight when hit, taking full KB damage for each broken wall/hit enemy. If an enemy is hit, player stops and the monster is pushed away by 1 tile. If nothing is in the way the player hits the ground (dust effect), taking only half of the KB damage.

- Glass Armor -
dragonspawn stats, 100% PS, L DPs
reflect 25% damage (includes the extra damage from PS, stacks with ret. FB), retaliate FB, bloodless

- Hobgoblin -
goblin stats with 120% health, 1st strike, double strike (2nd hit still comes after player's hit)

- Mummy -
20% PS, curse bearer, 1 DP, undead, bloodless

- Paradox Armor -
high damage, low health, X DPs, retaliate FB
losing DPs increases damage, decreases max HP

- Pyromancer -
double strike, magical attack
retaliates FB x2 (slow only removes 1 ret. FB)
fire aura: deals L magical damage when hit (like manashield)
(drops fireball amulet: small item, +1 FB damage, + 10% PS)

- Rotten Zombie -
zombie stats with lower damage, 25% MR, 20% PS, halved regen
corrosive, weakening, undead, bloodless

- Sacred Serpent -
90% both resist, Double XP
pure blood: blood is white and glowing, when you step on it, it clears all your debuffs.
Can't be consumed without debuffs, deals damage if you have sanguine or if you attack the monster with life steal.

- Skeleton -
50% MR, 25% PS, 2 DP, undead, bloodless

- Statue -
30% PR, anchored: cannot be moved from it's tile. Automatically takes damage if you attempt to use KB on it, in addition to possible collision damage with a wall/monster.
Used to seal otherwise unreachable areas.

- Treant -
20% PR, 50% MS, 25% KB, plant, XP valuable
protective roots: has 8 roots around it (no xp medium damage, barbing bush palette swaps), and replaces these when hit
roots can only spawn next to the treant, on unoccupied tiles

- Unicorn -
dragonspawn stats with less damage, cowardly
magical aura: 30% MR: all nearby XP valuable monsters gain 30% MR as long as the unicorn is alive, they drop a sparkle on death. Auras can stack.

- Will-o-the Wisp -
1 damage, 1 HP, magical immunity, X DPs, incorporal, no XP
curse bearer, blinks, glowing: always revealed, and makes nearby tiles 'half explored'
has 2-4 random abilities as magical aura (giving mosnters these skills)
every monster killed around it drops the same amount of sparkles
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Re: DD ideas

Postby Lujo on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:09 pm


I just want to add the old idea about treants - if they hit you you get stuck with pine needles in your inventory, lol.
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Re: DD ideas

Postby collapsinghrung on Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:29 pm

- take out Bet on Boss and increase the value of trophies. Or lower the gold cost of things. It doesn't make sense that Thief Den preps are so expensive and it feels bad failing Purist when the only thing you prepped didn't make you any stronger.

- Class challenges for the monster races. As is, you unlock them and there's no direction for where to take them or how to use them.

--- The existing class challenges are too difficult to be teaching exercises. If there are definite strategies you're intended to learn from them, maybe some informative signs helping you with what you're expected to do.

- I kind of wish the dungeon class completion readout would show the race you first used to complete the dungeon as that class, instead of always showing human.

- I wish pressing space wouldn't activate the dungeon exit, instantly killing you if you happen to be standing on it. I've confused the dungeon exit with the subdungeon entrance too many times.


- advisor tasks in the pattern of "4 crusader victories". I think doing the same class a few times in a row can help a lot with getting a feel for it; a task prompting the player in that direction might be nice.
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Re: DD ideas

Postby FDru on Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:44 pm

collapsinghrung wrote: - Class challenges for the monster races.

I only came to post this. +1
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Re: DD ideas

Postby squirrelnest on Thu Jul 31, 2014 10:47 pm

- Weather effects. Idk why, but like rainfall over the troll bridge level strikes me as perfect. Steam around lava would be cool too.

- Advisor comments drawn from metrics. Example: "You just defeated shifting passageways with the thief! Did you know that only 14% of players Won there with thief before paladin?"

- Level generator. Make non-randomized dungeons to challenge your friends.

- Moar. More classes, items, races, dungeons, gods, badges, challenges. MOARRRR.

- Inescapable endless dungeon. This would feel definitively different from the other super challenges as a) no backtracking would encourage blackspace consumption and b) there wouldn't be any need for the first 10 floors or so to really be hard so that even scrubs like myself have a low-frustration end game. (I'm not going back to VGT for at least a few months. Frick that place.)

- More active forums. =)
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