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Postby Lujo on Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:22 pm

Ah, I see, that's not how Brawling was used (I think Darvin orginaly came up with it as a synonim for regen fighting). I call that res stacking or just a health spike. It is a health spike, just a really efficient one :lol: I call those guys spikers, because, well, that's exactly what they are. Just with health and attacks and not with mana and glyphs, or freebies.

But, err, yes, dwarfs really love their resists, put Martyr Wraps and/or Whurgarble on a Dwarf Monk, who btw can actually regen all that health, and it kills stuff dead. That JJ Monk of mine takes more mana boosts for the lols from JJ than health boosts most of the time. Well, not just for the lols, but because all the Martyr wraps on a big resist dwarf who regens 2X fast makes you fireballs big and your dings deadly.

And also, for such static health unloading, I'm kinda convinced that if you could stack res on a Dwarf Thief you they should be scary s**t. Because you get an extra potion & health booster if you find it (and being a dwarf you do find it), mana regen for whatever (Endiswals, Byceps, You Name It) from health potions, and bloodpool-sized health for your big health from mana potions. And also more gold (something dwarves really need) and more shops for more CP junk. AND popcorn munching power for ding regening your big resistant health from stabber (which is only 10% off from being a Rogue for popcorn munching purposes).

I think we have thieves all wrong, Elves (Michael Bay ones in particular) and Res stacking dwarves are the way to go, I just need to get all the hoarders and such out of my PQI before I take a crack at that. I'd be super delighted if it turns out I'm right on this.


Ahem, as for the topic at hand - halflings do what you describe only when you need it, with less effort put into it, and never have to regen the health. They're spikers - which is why the sinergize with Berserkers so well. Rogues have a health penalty so the potions don't work as well, and Monks and Paladins don't have the damage so they actually do need a different race, berserkers have both the damage and the resists, which is what makes that particular combination flow so much.
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