Some Improvements for the Beta

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Some Improvements for the Beta

Postby Intoxicatious on Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:06 pm

I like the game, but I hope I can say some things that could be used for improving the quality.

The Kingdom Screen:
- It's a little too menu-based. I'm hoping it could be more like the Adventuring map with icons to click on. It's a shame that there is an artist's rendition of a kingdom being blocked by menu tiles.

- I'd like to see the Racial Bonuses from my Kingdom screen rather than having to start an adventure just to be brought back to the Kingdom screen to see them.

- Please put the "Change Profile" button inside the "Menu" button on the right. And maybe even move the Kingdom owner's name somewhere else, or make it less bland.

The Dungeons:
- I assume that purchasing from a shop will have a sound in the full release, but it's hollow right now.

The Score Card Screen:
- This is minor, but I was able to kill enough enemies, without leveling, so that the score card couldn't properly display all of my kills in one level. The enemy icons just ran right off the right side of the screen. I don't know if it needs to wrap, or what.
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