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Race Ideas!

Postby Sslazze on Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:11 am

So these will likely never happen, but I thought it would be fun to brainstorm more race ideas.

Golem: Gains +5% magic resist for every 80 CP, start with 10% magical resist

Troll: Gains 5% Phys Resist for every 80 CP, start with 10% phys resist

Wraith: Converts health to mana on hit, 5% starting. So if take 25 damage to a monster, you would receive 1 mana back Increases by 5% for every 100 CP., at 20% Manadrain, you will steal 5 mana from that 25 damage attack taken instead, even if you are manaburned.

Animated Armor: Start with 4 starting damage reduction, gain 1 damage reduction per 50 CP. Gain 5% damage for every 2 damage reduction. e.g., 20 damage reduction, no matter from where (Earthmother, Taurog, shield prep, etc.) will provide 25% damage multiplier.

Imp: Randomly starts with 1 of the 4 monster class perks. (Poison, Corrosive Strike, Knockback, Lifesteal), cycles through each one afterward. Any conversion process down to one perk is only applied to that perk, which will go away when you level up, then come back when you cycle back into it. The cycle and starting perk will be randomly, it will be set in stone. For example, if you start with Poison, and you randomly get Corrosive Strike on level 2, then Lifesteal on level 3, and knockback on level 4, here is how 5, 6, 7, and 8 will go. Poison level 5, Corrorsive Strike level 6, Lifesteal level 7, Knockback level 8, Poison level 9, Corrorsive Strike level 10.
Obviously the first rotation is randomized since the level 2 perk will be your level 6 and 10 perks, both important levels. This race will reward players who convert properly and plan ahead.

Please critique and try to balance my ideas, and shoot your own! This is just for fun.
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Re: Race Ideas!

Postby Zazzlegut on Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:42 pm

Cool idea, but I think the balancing would take some time to get right. For instance, that Troll could get pretty invulnerable pretty quickly....especially if it had some way to get magic protection.
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