VGT Goat - How to do it?

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VGT Goat - How to do it?

Postby devilchn on Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:08 pm

So I have made all vgt runs except Goat & Rat Monarch. I've been trying Goat for 20 some runs now and I don't seem to quite get there. I had one pretty good setup without Halpmeh wehere I almost got to Horatio. So first question: are my preps correct:
Dragon Shield
Att Boost
Quest Items
Extra Gold
Fort Pot, Burn Salve, P, M
No God

2nd quetion: What do I veto?
3rd question: What do I scam for? I think the obvious choice would be Halpmeh, Getindare and (Piercing Wand or Biceps). What else do I want from the shops. Is it possible without Getindare? I found that Midas and Dragon Soul were both awesome in my more normal runs. Probably the same is true for Goat. What are the best items in general? Soul Orb seems quite good.
4th question: What do I want from the gods? What is the correct god to start in? I sometimes found it difficult to get the first kills with bonus xp. GG obviously helps there but that seemed tight on the food. Mystere gives a lot of Piety which is nice but does not help with kills. Taurog doesn't seem to help as I struggle to get to 20/25 piety.
What do I need midgame? In some runs I took Humility on level 4/5 bfore the first level 8 kills but I got quickly starved on exploration. Do I need to take it later? I also took Taurog Armour, Drac Shield and two tithes. However I think more tithes are necessary.
Lategame? Well, I don't think you have much of a choice there. Drac would be optimal I guess.

Thanks for any advice!
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Re: VGT Goat - How to do it?

Postby Gakato on Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:16 pm

First of all: Welcome to the forum!

Now to your question: I think you might want to have a look here and here and somewhere before (or in another thread?) there should also be Astral's run. For vetoing, just veto the quest items you don't want to see, apart from that I think the screenshots give a good overview.

Good luck! :)
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Re: VGT Goat - How to do it?

Postby flap on Wed Nov 18, 2015 10:26 pm

"VGT Goat - How to do it?" From what I read : Painfully.

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Re: VGT Goat - How to do it?

Postby Tinker on Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:08 am

flap wrote:"VGT Goat - How to do it?" From what I read : Painfully.

Goat was for me one of the most fun badges on VGT. The downsides of the goat are non-trivial (most notably, you can get screwed by Mana Burn and/or Poison, or a sucky altar conversion sequence especially early on or for the bossfight). Luckily, food is abundant; so there are two pretty cool things you can do with the goat: pick & choose boons from several deities (I mean it, I had at least boon from every single deity in my run), and pretty much refill Piety whenever you end up under GG or JJ, by converting your excess food (not recommended early on, but pretty safe later on).

EDIT: Oh, and the Goat has probably the strongest conversion power in the game. When refills are really scarce on VGT, the Goat can pull several full-restores out of thin air, even on top of the usual refill options like Protections, Clearances, Sanguine.
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Re: VGT Goat - How to do it?

Postby sitnaltax on Sat Nov 21, 2015 5:42 pm

  • I ended up taking Patches on my successful run. If you manage to find a Soul Orb and poison solution, it's a good power boost. If you don't, you are going to be in trouble anyway.
  • You don't need to prep both Fortitude and Burn Salve. These are the cheapest potions, so take one in and buy the other. Take Reflex and Quicksilver and use them against something dangerous like an earlyish Illusion, Dragon Elite, or Warlock.
  • I took Bear Mace. It's powerful, and if you happen to swap into Binlor early it's a big piety boost.
  • Take Extra Altar for the extra piety sparkles. Every bit helps.
  • As Gakato noted, veto bad quest items in all the available slots to improve the chances of Soul Orb and other important ones. Agnostic's Collar is a no-brainer. Other good choices are Venom Dagger, Mage Plate, Hero's Helm, Trisword, and Rock Heart. (Note that these aren't necessarily bad items in general, but bad for this particular run.)
  • This character starts more difficult than it ends, so don't be afraid to blow quite a few of your resources in floors 2-6. Once the boons and items start adding up, you get very powerful.
  • Critical boons are Humility, Blood Shield, Taurog's Armor, and 3 levels of Blood Tithe. Take Humility as soon as you can because you might not see GG again for a while. (The bonus XP is nice but the extra attack and HP is the main draw.)
  • Nice-to-have boons are Dodging, Stone Fist, Boost Health and Boost Mana, and a bunch of levels of Vine Form. Health-boosting boons synergize very nicely with Blood Tithe.
  • Food can be a little tight at the beginning, but it doesn't end up being a problem because, as you've surely noticed, VGT is skimpy on blackspace. You have leeway to convert lots. Most of the floors are 7x7 with 9 squares preexplored (so 40 food needed if it's entirely accessible) and have 5 monsters = 45 food provided.
  • Having Drac at the end would make the endgame a gimme, but any god is fine. Only GG is a problem, and even then, you can convert enough stuff to drink your blood without being punished. Remember that Earthmother doesn't mind drinking blood, only lifesteal.
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Re: VGT Goat - How to do it?

Postby choongmyoung on Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:15 pm

Here's my most successful but failed run. I really need your comments.
I can't learn microscopic stratagies with only screenshots of successful run. When should I convert things, should I take that boon under this much piety, what glyphs I shouldn't pick up/convert, When should I not consume blackspaces, etc.
I want to veto tons of items to make my shops better >:(

Here's the video:


EDIT: JUST DONE IT! I'll upload my vid soon!
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Re: VGT Goat - How to do it?

Postby choongmyoung on Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:22 am

This is my comments for VGT goat.

  • Dragon Shield.
  • Perserverance Badge. I prefered RBS but PBadge looks working better.
  • Extra Attack Boosters
  • Quest Items
  • Patches the Teddy
  • Can of WHUPAZ, Reflex Potion, Fortitude Tonic, Burn Salve. I prefer to use cures right after fighting Golden Statue or Illusion so I needed two Fortitude Tonics, but this isn't necessary.
  • Extra Altar. Mainly for piety sparkles, and if you meet extra Dracul it means increased chance to lategame Dracul.
  • Compression Seal.
You need all of these:
  • Soul orb. Especially if you are carrying the Patches.
  • HALPMEH. Or at least Viper Ward.
  • Taurog's Armour. You need this gear only.
  • Blood Shield.
  • 3 stacks of Blood Thite. At least two.
  • Petition. You should convert foods madly under JJ, so you need this first.
  • Something to erode H's resistance. I just learnt that lategame Binlor works pretty well.
And you may also want many of these:
  • Humility.
  • Greenblood under curses.
  • One shot of Boost Health.
  • Stone Fist.
  • Dodging.
  • One shot of Entanglement.
  • And you already know what are good items.
You don't want these:
  • Vampiric Blade. Earthmother can kill you.
  • Skullpicker. Inventory space is tight.
  • Body pact. If you find Soul orb and solution for being poisoned, you will carry patches for the end of the game and
    you don't need any more resistances.
  • Chaos Avatar. You already have solutions for debuffs. There are many other good boons for 80 piety.
Your behaviors:
  • BE CRAZY about converting your food under GG or JJ even at low levels. Convert food as many as possible whenever you are under GG or JJ. You'll end up with enough foods anyway. Try to have like 90+ piety whenever you're done with them.
  • Petition, Blood Thite, Taurog's Armour ASAP. You might not want to pick up the armour immediately.
  • If you are at tower 6 or more, ready for the Dracul's sanguine. Use the bloodpools at tower 8 and 9 and conserve blackspaces for H.
  • Convert glyphs/Sensation Stone first than foods if you are not under GG or JJ.
  • Refill your bars when facing Bridge Troll, Illusion or Goo Blob. Their resists make regen fightings awful so use blackspaces to better targets. Bridge Troll's level will have another Sensation Stone, so fight another monsters while searching for it.
  • Before converting LEMMISI, use every bit of unreachable blackspaces via the glyph.
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