Make achievements for each class for yourself

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Make achievements for each class for yourself

Postby choongmyoung on Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:07 pm

Seeing through DD's steam achievements, I thought that the achievements is hard enough to most people but is not very extreme for beterangs. There are even more fancier tricks we can do!

So, I want to think about achievements for each class. Fortunately most classes (except for the first tiers?) have very original traits. So here's my own achievements. Feel free to make any better ones which comes to your mind, and try them if you need something fancy!

  • Comradeship: Never kill physical attack foes and win the dungeon as a BERSERKER.
  • Reap of Faith: Evade final incoming attack which could kill you and win the dungeon as a ROGUE.
  • Armadillo: Reach both 75% physical and magic resistance at the same time as a MONK.
  • Reflective: Kill every single monster with your mana shield and win the dungeon as a SORCERER.
  • Invincible: Chain 15 death protections while not consuming any blackspace as a WARLORD.
  • Cheater: Never hit by anyone nor use mana and win a dungeon as an ASSASSIN.
  • Fanatic: Make your inventory full of Prayer Beads as a PALADIN.
  • Bloody Mary: Reach 70% sanguine as a BLOODMAGE.
  • Headshot: One-shot-kill a 10th level boss as a CRUSADER.
  • Infinimuter: Reach 1000 maximum health as a TRANSMUTER.
  • Collector: Buy/translocate 9 shop items in a non-vicious dungeon as a TINKER.
  • Mutant: Never uncover blackspaces without health or mana form and win a dungeon as a CHEMIST.
  • Eye Contact: Kill Medusa with deathgaze attack as a GORGON.
  • Facepunch: Reach 200% knockback as a HALF-DRAGON.
  • Roly Poly: Refill your health and mana bar 10 times in a run as a GOATPERSON.
  • Biggest Hunt: Kill two bosses at level 1 as a RAT MONARCH.
  • Fresh Flesh: Stack 10 levels of prestiges as a VAMPIRE.
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Re: Make achievements for each class for yourself

Postby dislekcia on Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:43 am

Hehe, these are really cool :)
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