Update! Chinese localization and a couple of bug fixes.

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Update! Chinese localization and a couple of bug fixes.

Postby dislekcia on Fri May 12, 2017 12:39 am

Been working on this for a while. The Steam version should be updating as I write this, I'll send new builds to GoG and Humble over the course of the next few days. Web build update is irrelevant because the fonts don't work in the webplayer ;)

  • Added Simplified Chinese localization options to the game. Either select eng/chn via the new in-game menu, have the game auto-detect your Steam language settings, or force the game to a language via command line with “-chn” or “-eng” flags.
  • Fixed issue that prevented interaction after drag-casting a glyph with not enough mana.
  • Fixed spacebar erroneously worshipping the Pactmaker multiple times even though the Worship button wasn’t enabled.
  • Added language selection menu to the startup screen.
  • Fixed lots of non-localized text.

The mod isn't dead!
Until the mod can be updated to work with the new version (zayyeh is sensibly waiting to see if any rapid patches happen) the old version of the game that the mod works on is available via the Betas tab in Steam. Just select the Legacy version of the game and you'll be able to set that up for the mod :)
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Re: Update! Chinese localization and a couple of bug fixes.

Postby shouji2000 on Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:05 am

Allow me, on behalf of all Chinese players, to say thank you for the Chinese localization version! I speak English, but many of my friends / fellow players don't read much of it. A Chinese translation version would help them a lot!
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