Money-grinding in the late game?

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Re: Money-grinding in the late game?

Postby choongmyoung on Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:54 am

Sorry for checking this late.

Basically, you need
- Bet on Boss: Of course! And also, you're going to flamming dungeon.
- Goblin: You don't really need this, because the major meaning for this is get to lv2. You want to grind gold as fast as possible. I recommend gnome if you want to level up to 2 by yourself. Being goblin will bring you one additional levelup (prestige) during bossfight.
- Titan Guitar: No worry about the map layout, and +1 exp for everything. Mainly for faster map wandering. Generally, you can use up all your blackspaces on the main map. LEMMISI spam is favorable, but if you don't find it you can fastly wander the map with arrow keys.
- Tikki Tooki: You need 2 levels of learning asap. Together with Titan Guitar, you can reach lv10 without extra conversion. All extra piety goes to Reflex. You can desecrate some other altars if you see a good one. If you have extra piety, get a dodge so you can get +10 gold.
- VT: If you want! I generally prep VT. General bosses' damage is 120 this way, so you can't tank a hit under 10. It is a LOT easier if you don't prep VT.

You don't really fight anyone other than the boss(es), so I'll talk about boss tactics. There are three different kinds of tactics for bosses. I generally insta-reset when I see SMM/Frank.

- Fireball caster: High damage/low Cast BURNDAYRAZ from lv2 to lv10. If you find BLUDTOPOWA, you want to leave some of the blackspaces.
- Reflex: Use your reflex potions and quicksilver potions to kill the boss. Don't forget to poison him. You generally want to poison the boss when you're low levels so you can use BURNDAYRAZ. If you don't use Fireball Caster approach, you can use GETINDARE that TT gave you 20 time during leveling so you can have additional free dodge.
- Poison fighting: Only for Super Meat Man. Don't forget to leave quite a bunch of blackspaces. Also keep your eye on your piety, you should tank piety panelty of TT, or convert out.

Even with VT it's not difficult to kill 2 bosses. One with Fireball plus some of the Reflexes, and One with Reflex plus some of the poison fighting. When I see flamming Rock Garden, I don't prep VT.
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Re: Money-grinding in the late game?

Postby Phyre on Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:01 am

I know you mentioned this, but I do think PQI is fun to do for the vicious dungeons; just don't do every one. If you don't think you can do it, then just do a burning dungeon and check it again. Sometimes you'll get really easy ones like Vampire as faithless, Orc Paladin as a Specialist, Goblin Thief as "Ding Max", things like that. Straight up grinding gets boring pretty fast, and the extra challenge of the vicious dungeons can be much more exciting!
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