My Daily Losses

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My Daily Losses

Postby ~'(^ + ^)'~ on Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:08 am

Just sharing this, for AvovA17 or anyone who might take an interest.

My losses in dailies so far:

Daily Losses:

1. Shifting Passages (stuck after completing map, cleaning remaining monsters caused walls to close me in)
2. Shifting Passages (Rat Monarch, Bleaty, super tough map, made mistake in the end, could possibly win,
but just wasted dodge and reflex, dodge didn't activate and yet I just clicked attack)
3. Rock Garden (Tinker, stupid loss, died within first few minutes to Retaliate Fireball from JadeTooth)
4. Shifting Passages (Sorceror, just got stuck at early level, walls closed me in between a high level monster
and the boss)
5. The Labyrinth (Vampire, only managed to beat Rex, had nothing left to beat the second boss)
6. Slime Pit (Monk, Died to ultra-sensitive mouse, Meat Man boss left, 1 more fireball and a slow from
Earthmother and Win, Cast fireball and my mouse clicked an attack next and I just died)
7. Magma Mines (Gnome Monk, died to misclick, attack while I don't have enough HP, lost a 74 win streak, the
longest at that time)
8. Berserker Camp (Rat Monarch, died to misclick, may be hard as there is Bleaty, but should be doable. Lots
of chokes at the start. I only brought 1 prep, should be doable with all 4)
9. Cursed Oasis (Vampire, played carelessly, made stupid mistakes, hence lost. So close to winning in the end)
10. Grimm's Grotto (GoatPerson, just 2 days from Loss No. 9)
11. Den of Danger (Orc Paladin, stupid misclick death at level 1)
12. Grimm's Grotto (Elf Tinker, should have just stayed with GG instead of converting to Taurog. Also if I
had not converted off Burndayraz, I would also have won under Taurog!)
13. Shifting Passages (Not careful, got myself stuck by walls after leveling up. Could have survived if
I had taken 1 more mana potion or Refreshment from MA)
14. Grimm's Grotto (Vampire, didn't play properly. Should have left popcorn for overheal to be able to hit
boss. Or should have leveled up more efficiently to reach level 9 to be able to take
boss' hits)
15. Northern Desert (GoatPerson, just too bad a setup, no low level monsters near the start)
16. Shifting Passages (Vampire, just too hard, with bad blood cows like magic damage monsters, and Frank,
ran out of steam in the end)
17. The Labryinth (Halfling Crusader, got careless, forgot I had Avatar's Codex, and died from Retaliate Fireball)
18. Western Jungle (Dwarven Berserker, got the bug, clicked play and couldn't go in, after closing
app and going in again, it just says that I have already played)
Streak didn't seem to break though, weird. It did break actually.
19. Dwarf Transmuter in Grimm's Grotto (Stupid, misclick death on second hit, wtf!)
20. Hafling Transmuter in Doubledoom (Stupid, almost complete already, then not careful and misclick!)
21. Dwarf Thief in The Labyrinth (Played Purist, wasted too much blackspace, couldn't kill 2nd boss)
22. Vampire in Rock Gardens (Played Purist, so close to winning, needed like just 1 more HP to be able to deal
final killing blow)
23. Half-Dragon in Grimm's Grotto (Stupid Misclick death!)
24. Half-Dragon in Eastern Tundra (Stupid Retaliate Fireball death!)
25. Vampire in The Slime Pit (Played Purist, couldn't even kill SMM, much less say Tower of Goo)
26. Rock Garden (GoatPerson, just ran out of food...)
27. Rock Garden (GoatPerson, just ran out of food...)
28. Shifting Passages (Gnome Berserker, no choice but to worship EM, got stuck later when forced to kill a plant)
29. The Labyrinth (Elf Rogue, played badly, plus wrong preps)
30. Hex Ruins (Rat Monarch, buggy mouse, double click death, totally cannot be prevented!)
31. Magma Mines (Goblin Monk, death to buggy mouse again!)
32. The Slime Pit (Elf Wizard, death to buggy mouse again!)
33. Den of Danger (GoatPerson, forgot that was playing GoatPerson and overexplored at level 1, also worshipping
JJ, and had ailments to cleanse)
34. Creeplight Ruins (Vampire, death to buggy mouse again!)
35. Cursed Oasis (Vampire, just too hard, could only barely kill the boss below)
36. The Labyrinth (Goblin Chemist, hard daily, forced to take Flames boon with MA to kill him early,
also made mistake with Yin Yang sub, found Iron Man late, no way to win)
37. The Labyrinth (GoatPerson, impossible daily, made couple of mistakes, so even with spoilers of revealed map,
just couldn't beat 2nd boss, Super Meat Man)
38. Halls of Steel (Gorgon, got careless, and something wrong with the battle prediction also, didn't show that
I couldn't take a hit, anyway, died)
39. Magma Mines (Halfling Chemist, somehow moved my mouse one position off and attacked a level 9 wraith when
I wanted to attack a level 2 goo blob)

I recorded my "misses" also, as in when I missed doing the dailies, but that probably is not accurate (probably forgot to record some). And anyway, nothing much interesting there to share, in the end, it's pretty all much the same: "Missed due to oversleeping", :lol:
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Re: My Daily Losses

Postby ~'(^ + ^)'~ on Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:17 am

I guess what I can gather from my record is high number of losses due to

1. "Difficult" classes like Vampire, GoatPerson, Rat Monarch, etc.
2. "Tough"/ Tricky maps like Shifting Passages, The Labyrinth, Cursed Oasis, etc.
3. Technical problems / Careless mistakes

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Re: My Daily Losses

Postby AvovA17 on Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:04 am

Interesting list...
I guess the most obvious lessons are:

1) Have a working mouse
2) Learn how the walls form in Shifting Passages
3) The Labyrinth is a bitch.

You did not mark on the list when you lost your 133 streak :)
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Re: My Daily Losses

Postby ~'(^ + ^)'~ on Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:15 pm

Yeah, I do not remember. Also, there was a short period of time I was just playing Purist for dailies. Couldn't even get a streak up to 50 I think, can't remember.
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Re: My Daily Losses

Postby Vemb on Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:18 pm

~'(^ + ^)'~ wrote:1. Shifting Passages (stuck after completing map, cleaning remaining monsters caused walls to close me in)

That should not count as a loss for daily. Only requirement to complete a daily is to kill all bosses.

Sure if you just quit the game the game doesn't report it as a completed run. Definitely counts as win if you die and I remember that somebody once reported that giving up from menu (I think the option is called "retire") still counts as a win.
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Re: My Daily Losses

Postby ~'(^ + ^)'~ on Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:06 am

I don't quite remember, I think I had to choose retire game from the menu options.

As to whether it was counted as a loss or not, I seriously do not remember, but I presume it will be so.

Yeah, I know about the part on killing all bosses, then dying after that still counts as a win in a daily.
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