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DD World Records

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DD World Records

Postby choongmyoung on Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:25 pm

I'm curious about what can be done in this game. I've seen many super difficult runs and crazy strategies. It would be fun to collect those, and record who managed to do it. And, personally, I claim anyone who nominated their name here should be called a veterang.

There would be three categories - the first two are Super difficult runs and Super crazy strategies. Please report if you know something like these. The standard for this ranking is subjective, but I hope you all understand. The third is, a checkbox for VGT VT or Purist for different classes. (Because VGT Olympics thread is dead.)

I hope this thread motivates advanced players.

It should be harder than simply rainbowing everything in the game. The runs like only less then 5 people managed to succeed will be recorded, to say. Multiple people can record their name in one category, in temporal order. If you won something and you think it is harder than rainbowing everything (VGT Rat would be the most difficult one imo), please comment it. I'm curious that things like sniping the Avatar can ever be done.

Vicious Gaan-Telet, Rat Monarch without Binlor: ~'(^ + ^)'~
Vicious VT Purist, non Vicious Steel: Darvin - Dragon Isles(Dec 09, 2015, link), Tinker - Namtar's Lair(Oct 03, 2015, link), Tinker - Naga City(Nov 24, 2015, link), Tinker - Demonic Library(Nov 30, 2015, link),
Vicious VT based on Naga Cauldron: Spleen (Nov 23, 2017, link), Spleen (Nov 25, 2017, link)
No (effective) resists VGT, non Vampire: srid - Gnome Bloodmage(Oct 04, 2019, link)

The inventer of an "insane" strategy should be nominated. Only one person (or, so-called the "Inventer") can nominate their name in one category. The strategy should be valid enough for a whole dungeon to win the dungeon with itself. There are some uncertain cases like Gob Assassin of TT (I'd mark it not). Please comment if you think a strategy is well worth be nominated here. As an exception, strategies that are only viable for Hobbler's Hold would be excluded.

Acid caster:
TT Punchbag infinite piety: Nurator (Jun 02, 2014, link)
L1 double bosskill without CYDSTEPP based on Binlor: Tinker (Oct 14, 2014, link)
L1 double bosskill without CYDSTEPP based on EM: choongmyoung (Sep 23, 2017, link)
Infinimuter based on HALPMEH + BLUDTUPOWA + Fire Heart: Astral (Jan 18, 2014, link)
11 Badges in one run: William (Sep 02, 2015)
L1 double bosskill Half-Dragon plantomanser: srid (July 27, 2019, link)

VGT Purist / VT
Being the most interesting and ultimate dungeon in the game, the Purist and VT badges are nominated. Only one person can be nominated in one class. For an exception, infinimuter is excluded.

VGT Purist Rogue:
VGT Purist Paladin: William
VGT Purist Wizard: ~'(^ + ^)'~
VGT Purist Monk: choongmyoung
VGT Purist Sorcerer: dusty
VGT Purist Tinker: dusty
VGT Purist Thief: Magic Rabbit
VGT Purist Crusader: The Taplr
VGT Purist Vampire: choongmyoung (Jan 3, 2018, link)
VGT Purist Transmuter: Spleen (Sep 20, 2019, link)
VGT Purist Priest: shade_of_ox (Sep 28, 2019, link)
VGT Purist Warlord: srid (Sep 29, 2019, link)
VGT VT Vampire:
VGT VT Paladin: dusty
VGT VT Rogue: Phyre
VGT VT Sorcerer: dusty
VGT VT Bloodmage: Spleen
VGT VT Crusader: Spleen
VGT VT Berserker: Spleen
VGT VT Chemist: Phyre (Aug 9, 2017, link)
VGT VT Tinker: Phyre (Aug 27, 2017, link)
VGT VT Monk: choongmyoung (Sep 11, 2017, link)
VGT VT Gorgon: choongmyoung (Dec 26, 2018, link)

(Phyre claims that he have also done VGT VT Fighter, VGT VT Assassin, VGT VT Thief, VGT VT Wizard, VGT VT Priest, VGT Purist Half-Dragon. Will add here if screenshots are found)
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Re: DD World Records

Postby Spleen on Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:08 am

The 6-years-dead thread not current enough for ya?

So, what kind of crazy tricks are you after? How crazy even is "use blood curse to make heads roll w/ assassin"? Doesn't everybody grab it for first strike or fireball damage anyway? (or, am i the crazy one for always doing that?)

Are Titan Guitar strats crazy? L+9 Rat plays? Fabulous Treasure? Codex Monk? Monk in Cursed Oasis? My personal favourites, Dwarf Bloodmage and Halfling Transmuter of Dracul? Halfling anything, in a half-difficult level?

I've got some fun, terrible VT Vicious Naga Cauldron builds which would only be strengthened by the removal of the Cauldron.
These 2 (of 5) were more painful than any rainbow for me. Probably even more than all the Vicious VT Purists, the thing's so worthless! I'll submit those, and some crazier runs to your court before long.

The final frontier is still VGT VT Purist, which probably needs a seed too perfect to be reasonably ground out.
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Re: DD World Records

Postby choongmyoung on Thu Jun 20, 2019 7:53 am

Oh, I didn't read that thread. But I guess the thread is quite different from this.

For the Blood curse Assassin - I'm talking about assassinating EVERYONE except the bosses, starting at level 1 + Blood curse. The build don't really fight anyone except the bosses. It's an ultimate version of taking a Blood curse to assassinate a few more enemies or increase the fireball damage.

For the craziness - yeah, that's subjective. But the goal of the thread is to gather what crazy and effective strategies are found, and give credits to the inventer. It's like a Guiness world records. I guess something (at least looks like) lying beyond the intention of the devs would be proper. However, for the both harder runs and crazy runs, I should say the run should have a point which makes the run so special; and the point should be intended before starting the run. Otherwise, any super close run will overflow here.

I personally think L+9 rat plays are nice, but if that's based on CYDSTEPP I don't really think that's special. And there are a bunch of L+9 kill tricks, it even exists as an achievement for the Steam version. The VGT Halfling was really satisfying to watch, but there are Hoarder runs (which isn't very hard) so the category isn't very good to be nominated imo, unless it's purist or something. Fabulous Treasure is only made to use with a Transmutation seal, so I disagree that's special. However, it would be proper to be added as a difficult run in some degree, I guess. I'm not quite sure of the other things though. Need a discussion for them.

I'll add your two runs as a "Vicious VT based on Naga Cauldron". (However it needs some kind of a line, a Gob Assassin of TT can easily do the Dragon Isles VT with prepped Naga Cauldron, totally not using it. We need to spot the difference.) It was great to see those runs! Feel free to submit those if you think the builds are special enough to be here.
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Re: DD World Records

Postby srid on Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:40 am

We made an expansion and it is awesome. Really, you should check it out, especially if you're looking for some extra challenge.

Download over at ddmod.weebly.com!
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Re: DD World Records

Postby choongmyoung on Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:52 am

I don't have enough knowledge for the EE mod so I can't do that. Maybe another person can start a EE world record thread.

About Assassin, I know what you're talking about. That's one of my favorites, and that's exactly what I do when I need to grind golds for my kingdom. (~1000 gold per 3 minutes in burning dungeon with Bet on Boss and VT) However, I didn't see any assassinate-everything run based on Dracul not TT. That's my original build, and I claim it's different from TT run because TT is basically screaming for Assassin but Dracul is not. This is not in a difficult runs category, it's in crazy (creative) tricks. I know it's not difficult and that's why only one person (inventer) can be nominated per one category. I guest Assassin of TT shouldn't be included in the category because everyone must have done it, I suppose.

Daily's out of record because one cannot try to beat it when they want to. But I think we can open a new one called Daily Records, rather than those three, to keep track of the amusing records.

But disclamer: I don't want to advance this thread purely based on my own opinion. If other forum members disagree with my opinion, their opinion should go first and I will edit the opening post.
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Re: DD World Records

Postby The Avatar on Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:35 am

Nice to see someone's compiling records again, although it brings me some level of personal shame that all of my achievements are so outdated that I no longer have a place on the list... If only I could nominate a historic category to be relevant again. :lol:

That aside, nice compilation! I think your characterization of difficult runs might be quite a bit too stringent, however. I can easily think of at least five people more than capable of going Vicious (non VHoS) VT Purist, and Vicious VT based on Naga Cauldron is quite literally that category but made easier by allowing all preps as long as you select a subpar locker item. Still, what I see as the problem is the requirement and not the runs. All the currently listed things are meaningfully noteworthy, if nothing else, although I'm tempted to say that 11 badges in one run belongs more in the camp of 'crazy' than 'difficult' due to being absurdly stringent in its requirements. It's more a case of happening upon the right combination with the right strategy, as opposed to a technically tricky run.

As for crazy tricks, I'd definitely question the inclusion of Assassinate Everything with Dracul especially compared to sometime like Infinimuter. Infinimuter was a complex to execute, strange strategic masterpiece that could fundamentally break the game. Assassinating everything with Dracul is just a passable alternative to doing the same with TT. I'd also point out that it can be optimized much further than your video shows. The prepped Titan Guitar offers less than Yendor, and its effects could easily be added to Yendor's by a prepped JJ and/or an early WEYTWUT pickup. B2P would also allow you to get much more out of your health bar at early levels (although this is less relevant if Yendor to level 5+150% overheal lets you smack the boss). Basically, I'm not really sure what makes this run or strategy stand out as special (especially relative to the TT variant which isn't included), and doubly so when the strategy has much room to grow or evolve. I'd say you could probably grind out a few VT Vicious pretty reasonably even with Dracul instead of TT, although not with the current iteration in that video. Still, theorycrafting aside, I'm definitely in the camp of not getting what makes this crazy (especially when the TT version isn't).

Moving on to the VGT category, I'd probably make it just that: A category for all insane VGT runs, whether Purist, VT, or Rat Monarch related. Just seems like a simpler way of organizing things, as arguably right now the difficult runs category should just have all of the harder VGT VT/Purist runs in it.

Well, all that's my 2 cents as someone who's spent too much time with this game over the years. Perhaps it's out of touch or date, so take it with a grain of salt.
We made an expansion and it is awesome. Really, you should check it out, especially if you're looking for some extra challenge.

Download over at ddmod.weebly.com!
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Re: DD World Records

Postby choongmyoung on Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:49 am

Many thanks for your comments, The Avatar!

Yesterday I did the 11 badges run, and I now think it should be included more in crazy tricks, not difficult runs. You're right, I'll move it.

Hmmm. It seems like I should re-work the categorization of the runs. My intention of the caterories is like this. Difficult runs are for those which no other ones could ever do it even if the same preparations or restrictions are given. Crazy tricks is which is effective and creative enough that really works to beat a dungeon but nobody can ever think of it. Totally breaking the game isn't required; just a single circumstances should be enough. (For example, L1 Double Bosskill with rat would be only possible in VS)

Back to the past, there were discussions about how can one can be graded for their playing skills. I recall that may of the forum members agreed that one with a highest rank should be able to win very difficult runs that nobody can ever do, or invented a creative and effective build that nobody ever thought of. This thread came from the idea. Though, if the same huddle applies here, too few runs will be nominated. It shouldn't be THAT tough. And this thread could serve a purpose of being a list of insane and creative tricks.

I believe TT Assassin build is super powerful and uncommon strategy, it's totally insane, but TT is screaming for Assassin to be worshipped in terms of the synergy of piety gain mechanism, bonus XP, and class feature imo so that it isn't really creative. The reason that I've included the Dracul Assassin run is that TT Assassin is too easy to come up with; and I thought Dracul isn't. But two people are claming about it, and I might be wrong and it's easy enough to think of. I'd better just remove it. I think we should discuss about the huddles and standards.
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Re: DD World Records

Postby Nurator on Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:29 pm

Funny, the moment I saw this thread I thought "Didnt I do something like this a loooong time ago?" and then Spleen put the link in the description :D

Man, its been 6 years?! I am playing this game for so long now? Amazing...

And also, I invented the Punchbag Infinite Piety with TT, if you want to fill your list *shameless self plug* :D
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Man, this whole thread is a blast to read. We had so much fun breaking the game back then :D
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Re: DD World Records

Postby shade_of_ox on Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:02 pm

The exciting thing about the Punchbag is when JJ shows up. That's +12 mana and +80 extra HP as well as the 9 Poison Strike and all the other stuff from TT. By the way, is Acidcaster just corrosion from Martyr Warps and EM with a caster build? I don't think I've ever actually run it.

Sadly as a newcomer, I don't have any records myself, but this thread should be a good read.
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Re: DD World Records

Postby choongmyoung on Thu Jun 27, 2019 5:56 am

Acid caster is a build for L1 bosskill (according to the wiki). EM is enough, you can pull of ~13 corrosion stacks.

btw I added some triple vicious runs, they are amazing!
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