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Postby subanark on Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:48 pm

I like the idea that there is no move you can make that has no benefit, and no move that can be made which is completely free of charge. In that ideally, every move you make is a risk choice.

For the death protection glyph it might be nice to provide feedback that you can't use it when you already have the buff. I can see a beginner confused that they can't use the glyph at all, not realizing that their warrior starts out with the buff.

Maybe something that could help the user out is a "stuff on the ground" interface that contains all items and shops which are visible, reachable, and don't touch unexplored regions... that is anything that can be interacted with for free. Then a user can simply click to pick up power ups, or visit shops (if there is some monster that punishes the player for running away then this window would simply not be active at the time).

I also think the reveal tiles buff (from the thieves den) need to provide more info or cost less; e.g. provide level information for these monsters.
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