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Jehora Jeheyu speculation

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:27 pm
by Esoteric
I'm seeing something like this:

Jehora Jeheyu - Likes exchanges of damage, enjoys a little randomness, dislikes dirty fighting.

Brawler - 10 piety
Removes poison ability
Removes death protection
Removes dodge
Removes first strike
Removes life steal
Adds 10 max hp.

Strength - 25 piety
+5 physical damage.

Fight Club - 25 piety (repeatable)
Creates a random experience-giving enemy of your level, carrying a random item, nearby. It will disappear (and piss Jehora off)if you level up without killing it.

Lovin the Shovin - 30 piety
pisorf deals an extra 10% base damage.
fireball is replaced by a pisorf glyph(whether it is on the ground or in inventory.)

Whirlwind - 50 piety
You deal 25% of your base damage to enemies adjacent to your target.

Polymorph - 50 piety (repeatable)
Randomly change the type, but not level, of all enemies.

Piety start: Random between 10 and 5+ yourlevel*5.

Piety loss: (All avoidable if you use brawler)
Poison enemy, benefit from death protection, dodge, attack an enemy while you have first strike, steal life -5
Might as well make it a double whammy when intentional: use apheelsik, use cydstepp, use quicksilver potion,use getindare -5

Piety gain:
Use enddiswal, Use pisorf, use weytwut +1
Every 150 cumulative damage dealt +(random, 1 to 10)
Every 100 cumulative damage taken +(random, 1 to 10)

Desecration Penalty:
All enemies attack and hp increased by 0-15%.

Re: Jehora Jeheyu speculation

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:38 am
by Zaratustra
Eh, that may step a bit too much on Taurog's clodstompers.

I suggested Tikki Tooki be the "gamble god", but it fits Jehora better. Here's a set of powers based on the "blind god of destruction" theme:

+piety for killing an enemy you just uncovered
+piety for converting an item from the ground
+piety for teleporting into an unknown square
-piety for breaking a fight midway to explore
-piety for casting spells or using potions when not in the middle of a fight
+/- piety on level up because CHAOS

Juggernaut - Gives attacks 25% knockback power. Hides monster HP.

Bolstering - Immunizes against permanent effects of attacks (weaken, corrosion, resist down, etc). Hides monster special abilities.

Retaliation - Adds mana shield ability. Hides monster attack power and how much damage they'll do to you.

Polymorph - Same as original DD.

Polymorph Self - Changes your own race/class to a random combination.

Punishment - Hides monster levels.

Re: Jehora Jeheyu speculation

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:40 am
by platypotamus
Zaratustra wrote:
Punishment - Hides monster levels.