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Extreme Pre-West Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 7:14 am
by shade_of_ox
Hello! The Avatar's second in command here, bringing you the latest news on the Extreme Edition mod.

A new patch has been released. This isn't the West release yet, but a smaller content update that fixes a lot of bugs, rebalances a few dungeons and classes, and restructures how players access the mod as a whole.

Here are some highlights:
A whole new EE Central dungeon, designed to be an introduction to the EE for new players, has been added. This dungeon is easier than others and has built-in tutorials explaining new EE traits that appear in the dungeon. Note that unlike all the other EE dungeons, this is an EE Central dungeon that has a random monster pool. Be ready to adapt! If you find it too easy, you could try the Curious version for a real challenge...

We threw in a teaser for the upcoming EE West region. The Darkwood Fringes are the EE West Normal dungeon, akin to Ancient Scrapyard, Deadman's Pass, and Goblin Settlement. Darkwood Fringes stacks up corrupting aura to add a whole new way for your adventurers to die horribly, and is fully playable! The rest of EE West will have to wait until, well, EE West is released.

Speaking of Ancient Scrapyard, the boss fight has been reworked to be less confusing. We also tweaked Goblin Settlement so there's no confusion about how the boss steals from you. We've reworked Forsaken Temple to be friendlier to more builds, and balanced out the choices the dungeon forces you to make to make them actual choices. Finally, the final boss of Flooded Foundry has been tweaked to be a more viable target for mages, and slightly less susceptible to Cleansing abuse.

As part of Odd Depths, we've added several new EE monsters to the game! A number of EE regional dungeons' monster sets have been modified to include the new monsters we added, such as Oasis Town, Lekon's Table, and Frigid Battlefield. Additionally, we've nerfed several EE monsters who were overstepping their bounds, such as Nameless Beasts, Freezing Wraiths, and Flint Golems.

We've made the more punishing quests, such as Come Unto Your Maker, easier to complete.

We lifted Troll out of its post-nerf slump and into a new niche. Rather than reshrouding blackspace when taking damage, the new Troll reshrouds when his death protection breaks. We think this encourages using his class traits in a more intentional way, and buffs him without allowing for infinites.

Troll is the most dramatic change, but Heretic, Abomination, and Magician have also been tweaked.

Have you ever noticed how if you look through the codex to read the game's lore or whatever, it lags really badly? Well, so did we, and we fixed it. We write a lot of custom text for EE bosses in the codex, and now there's nothing stopping you from reading it!

The piety secret subdungeon has always been a bit of a bad roll, so we changed it. Now, instead of 32 piety sparkles, this secret subdungeon will contain an extra altar, allowing you to have up to six altars in a single dungeon (with Crusader and Conjunction).

You can get a full list of changes and learn more here: ddmod.weebly.com/news.

IMPORTANT FOR EXISTING PLAYERS! The Odd Depths dungeon locks the directional EE Normal dungeons. When you beat it, the game will display these new dungeons as if your existing completion within them has been lost. To fix this, enter a run a dungeon and exit it again. This should reload the progress in your save file and your completion will be back. Also, we've changed the Scrooge unlock quest, so you will need to complete it to unlock Scrooge, Again, this should not harm any of your prior completions with the badge, you just need to unlock it again (the new quest is just Hobbler's Hold, so it shouldn't be too much trouble).

Re: Extreme Pre-West Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 2:48 pm
by Bwrgarbl

Re: Extreme Pre-West Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:30 pm
by Bwrgarbl
I've noticed a couple problems.

The description of the bewich ability on monsters is wrong ("set player to n if less than n"), it also hasn't entered my codex.

Also, I've redone the Scrooge quest and reunlocked Scrooge. But the badge is never listed at the end of dungeons or on the menu progress page. It can be prepped, and the dungeon is there and can be completed, but credit is never given. A possible cause occurs to me... I have the badge on Hobbler's Hold so I had revisited and redone it after unlocking it in Vicious Steel and before the update. People testing this may not have bothered to do that.