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Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby failed2k on Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:36 pm

First time posting, but I was just trying to figure out what tactics people are using to get through the way of the fist quests as a monk, specifically the portion on Ick Swamp with the boss sseth, between his weaken, 60% resistance to both physical and magic and the fact that you can bring any custom preparations, I just cannot establish a way to do this.

I've literally attempted it over 50 times, utilizing a pile of different strategies race/diety selections, but the map itself is very monk unfriendly, and even when it looks smooth, I end up not being able to pull it off. I'm not a super elite DD player, but I've done the Vicious levels available in beta without losing my mind, but this is just stumping me.

I'm a glutton for punishment, but after trying this thing probably 30 times a day for the last 2 days, I'm hoping to hear what some people have been coming up with, because I am out of ideas.

By the way, I'm not bringing up the incredibly lame, click 45000 times dracul lifedrain strat because I'm considering this in a more realistic sense, it is unlikely the neverending piety dracul setup will last long, this monk quest will be around forever I would guess.
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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby Galefury on Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:13 pm

Taurog is great for the +10 damage which you can get at level 1. Being an orc also helps with damage, and goes well with Taurog due to increasing returns for conversion. If you find Taurog early you should be able to build on that early advantage and get a high enough level to outregen Ssseth. Switching to TT later to get more exp from the low level enemies and maybe buy something extra from the shops might be a good idea. Just make sure you don't trigger his punishment before killing the low level enemies. And spend your piety before you start fighting the boss (piety penalty incoming). There currently is no god that can compete with Taurog in the very early game, so I guess if you don't find him you're boned.

Also remember that you can take out lots of poison and burn plants before leveling. And whenever you get poisoned or burned you should kill all equivalent plants you can reach without wasting exploration. This can free up additional tiles for regen, which will come in handy against the boss, and of course it can open new paths.
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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby fall_ark on Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:31 pm

Got lucky with a HALPMEH spawning beside me and a Midas Glove in a shop. No god, no weapon, but finished without using any health potions. The final battle starts at Level 8, but I only attacked him twice before leveling up to 9. No mid-battle exploration. It's all-out attack with HALPMEH + mana potions.

Here's some tricks that can hopefully shed light on your own run:

1. Orc is the safest race choice. Higher damage means quicker levelling up and fewer hitting Nagas.
2. Don't be afraid to kill low level enemies especially in the beginning. Explore the map a bit while you are level 1 or 2. Hopefully you'll get enough gold/equipment/glyph/conversion to make your life easy. Plus this means Vampires don't get lots of extra health. You can also chop down all poison/mana burn plants at this stage. I used my two starting potions here.
3. Pick a few warlocks first. They drop +5% damage thingies, and they are good. Especially you're doing a no god run.
4. Don't buy the fine sword if you see one! Chances are the shop will spawn a Troll Heart, a Blood Sigil or both. With a few potion/warlock drops that's two conversion levels. And that's infinitely better than a +5 sword.
5. HALPMEH is probably the greatest glyph for this map. It makes exploration easy.
6. Avoid nagas until you can one-shot kill them. For an Orc Monk this is quite possible. In the end I was able to one-shot level 6 nagas. Of course some luck is required.

Of course, if gods are involved it'll be very different.

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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby failed2k on Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:53 pm

super nice replys but I am getting the feelings you guys think i'm a bit more newb then I am haha, I know my gods and the map things, I've only tried it 60 times or so. I know to clear the plants when im low level and about to level up and to kill warlocks like crazy.

My Best attempts to do it legitimately have all been Orc into Taur then from Taur into something else(Drac or Tikki), but i've come close a few times, but could never seal the deal.

This particular step in the quest feels like a total crapshoot of what you get spawned around you, how well you play and predict. I hoenstly don't enjoy it, its frustrating in a negative way, while you need a good strategy, it seems like the luck of the draw heavily heavily outweighs it, I have probably 70 legit attempts now this morning, and I'm just quitting when I dont get a decent start since it seems like there is no recovering.

At least you guys are telling me what I've been doing SHOULD eventually work, but I'm really wondering if this step of the quest is meant to be more difficult then even the Vicious dungeons(all of which I've beaten in a not too cheesy manner) because no matter how good your plan is going in, 49 times out of 50 it won't work out anyways.
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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby Styrix on Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:26 pm

I agree. I know all those tactics, and have tried it too. It seems the monk/way of the fist has been made too tough. Now it feels more like grinding for a good start with Taurog, and less like solving a puzzle.
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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby q 3 on Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:25 pm

Well in a no-preparation run it's really about adjusting your strategy to what you find. If you run across HALPMEH and a Mystera altar early on, you might want to go ahead and kill all the Warlocks you can, convert all the glyphs you don't want, then worship her for the vastly improved healing ability (very useful for a Monk). If you find Taurog and a bunch of useless glyphs, worship Taurog and go crazy. If you find Dracul and not much else, worship Dracul and take one or two levels of lifesteal (even if you don't want to use the broken Dracul strategies, 5 or 10 lifesteal makes a Monk incredibly resilient). If you don't find a good altar early on, but you have fireballs or HALPMEH or even better poison, you can use the time-honored Monk strategy of out-regenerating everything - hit a slightly higher level monster until you're near death, then fireball or heal or poison, then regenerate just enough to hit him again and see if you're reducing its HP faster than it can heal. If you find Gloves of Midas and shops with useful items like Bloody Sigil, Troll Heart, Fine Sword, etc., pick off lesser enemies for the gold and then use the items to catapult ahead.

It is a hard dungeon, of course, and this challenge is supposed to be particularly hard. So if you're not having fun with it, take a break and try a different dungeon or a different class, or a different game, or go outside and frolic. :)
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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby fall_ark on Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:11 am

failed2k wrote:I have probably 70 legit attempts now this morning, and I'm just quitting when I dont get a decent start since it seems like there is no recovering.

Don't do that. My run started in a little corner with one Level 2 Vampire blocking my road (too strong for me) and no other openings. I said screw it and start chopping plants without hitting a single enemy. I explored about 1/4 of the map before getting HALPMEH and Gloves of Midas and imbibed my starting potion kit. Seeing no viable God choice, I started killing Lv 1 Warlocks and then finally the Lv 2 Vampire. If this is any other run I'd probably give up before any of those things happens (seriously, I have never ever drank a potion before, say, Level 5). Give it a little time before deciding it's not worth it.

Hell, I did the first and second Monk missions in one go. I'd say some sort of luck is involved, but nobody's that lucky, right? As q3 says, it's about changing how you perceive the map with each step, like a chess game.

Also take a break. 60 times can frustrate even the best mind. Who knows, maybe after a little rest you can conquer it with ease! :P
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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby Darvin on Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:35 am

The key is deity selection. And by deity selection, I mean Taurog and Dracul. Get Taurog's sword (which is fricken awesome for monks now that they have low base damage rather than low attack bonus), build up some piety, then jump ship to Dracul. Coasted through all the missions easily with these tactics, and only needed to attempt the final mission three times before I got it.
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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby bla0815 on Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:23 am

Well in a no-preparation run it's really about adjusting your strategy to what you find.

I absolutely agree and that's a huge reason is enjoy this game so much. But given a certain level and a certain class, some ways work out easier than others and if you find yourself having trouble, why not just try to get a little bit lucky and go for the runs with higher success propabilty. Restarting whenever contained by plants might be relying a little bit too much on luck. This will happen all the effing time. When included, i will desecrate Earthmother's altar repeatedly just for those effing plants.

For strategies i personally i don't think going the magic path fits the monk very much in this level (except Halpme), since you get burned all the time (or poisoned, but getting burned seems better for a monk). So i go all-conversion with the orc monk (surprise, surprise!), which works out fine

On god choices:
Found MA? In the pure melee path MA is actually really helpfull. I use her as an additional source of piety, since she doesn't require to slay monsters for it. I worship her exploring using up mana with fireball, wall buster, lemmisi or regen fighting (healing, death protection, first strike, damage enhancement) on the way. At 100 piety i convert. It's worth it, especially if worshipping a hard to please god (GG, Dracul). Desecrate later, if needed.

Glowing Guardian: Quite useful for monks and quite useful for orcs. Do some exploring which requires hitting the shrubbery before and get cleansed on worship. Worship him on early levels only, get poisoned and burned before every levelup from plants or to reach exact piety scores. Further adjustment can be done by converting small items. If going melee only that's foremost mana potions, but one or two wisp gems are are disposable if in dire need. He feels much more like a liabilty this version, but with all the burn and poison plants it's quite doable to get the 155 piety to get all the boons and leave him.

Tikki Tooki: That's quite a jackpot. Tikki's Edge will help get ahead of the annoying Naga's and it's your another way than midas' gloves to more sophisticated items. Needless to say Poison is probably the best boon in fighting living bosses. Also it grants piety on plants (as does dodging plants), which is something i should probably post in the bug thread. TT can be taken very early (lvl2) in order to abuse Tikki's edge or later on for just the poison. If you plan on doing so keep 5 low levels around.

Dracul: Having some lifeleach and high resistances is usefull. Mana and resistances higher than max not so much. If you have an indulgence the potion restriction becomes a little less harsh and bloodswells were always fine in boss battles, so why not? Desecrating is a very valid option on level 1 though. Do it before dealing the last blow to leveling up, because having 5hp is quite annoying.

Taurog: He just fits the monk so well. In this particcular level, Skull**cker, Armour, Shield, Boots, is the priority of items. Taurog should either massively enhance your early game or allow you to make use of your potions in the boss fight.

Item choices are limited with the money unless you get TT or midas. Top priority are conversion points. In case of GG the obvious spoon for piety. If you get very unlucky a potion isn't half bad.
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Re: Way of the Fist Help/strats

Postby PeaceChaser on Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:38 am

I used Turog early and didn't have too much trouble. I also really used the the monk's heal-faster-than-the-enemy-hit-and-run tactic.
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