Namtar's... glare?

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Re: Namtar's... glare?

Postby Darvin on Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:19 pm

The joys of actually having a simple rogue CYDSTEPPer actually succeeding.

Basically, it's the ideal class/glyph combination for bosses that deal above 120 damage and don't have mana burn or physical resist. Also, being in a subdungeon you're free to use Mystera's magic boon without fear of raising his resists :roll:

I bet there's even a 'How to banish an evil endboss' book around here somewhere.

It has a picture of a rogue holding a CYDSTEPP glyph.

Guess they're too focused on bashing near innocent monsters to go read a book. Oh well, their loss.

Let's not forget the precious inventory space that must be kept open so their remains can be carted to the nearest taxidermist!
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